Long Island officials warn of rapidly spreading whooping cough virus

June 30, 2011SMITHTOWN, N.Y. — A cluster of whooping cough is growing on Long Island, with dozens of people infected by the virus. As CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reports, a warning was sent out as children begin to head to summer camp – a certain breeding ground for the illness. Parents in Smithtown are on high alert, as the highly contagious whooping cough is spreading through their community. “It’s one of those diseases you don’t think you’ll ever hear about again,” parent Rick Vollkommer said. Donna Wilson said she’s not taking any chances with her daughter, Kayla. “She has been coughing a little bit here and there, so I’m contemplating maybe taking her to the doctor tomorrow, just to do a quick test,” she said. At least 40 people in Suffolk County, mostly children, have been diagnosed with Pertussis, the virus more commonly known as whooping cough. –CBS
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6 Responses to Long Island officials warn of rapidly spreading whooping cough virus

  1. Patti says:

    I had Whooping Cough in 2006 and it is a miserable disease. I was 46 at the time, so presumably my immunity had worn off. I highly recommend getting a booster shot if you are over 20 or so. I wouldn’t wish that disease on my worst enemy (not that I would ever wish I’ll on anyone anyway)!


    • Kathy says:

      I totally agree with you. I had a “suspected” case of whooping cough, last year. I was really ill. At the time of the exam, the Doctor wasn’t sure it was whooping cough (although there were reported cases in our area), but did give me a booster shot and recommended that I alert my family. I highly recommend that adults update ALL of their booster shots.


    • Sheryl Minns says:

      I also had a dose of Whooping cough, about 2005. I was wretched. We have had an epidemic of Whooping cough here in Australia since that year. It’s widely held that the cause is an increasing number of parents who refuse to get their infants vaccinated due to some bizarre superstitions.


  2. NickKo says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I suppose I’ll have to look into updating some booster shots.

    – Nick


  3. skywalker says:

    i live in uk and had this as a child, about 9-10 years old. i had been imunised but that didnt stop me catching it, but i didnt have the hoop when i coughed,but was very ill and off school for many months as i remember. i was told that the imunisation just reduced the effects of this dis-ease,by removing the whoop from the cough,which was usualy the potentialy fatal part of this nasty illness.
    Interesting that this has re-surfaced,just like many dis-eases have done so in the last few years.


  4. val says:

    If you notice, it says children are getting this. Sounds like vaccines do not work. Only for making some people filthy rich at our childrens’ expense.


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