Flames leap within site of Los Alamos Nuclear weapons laboratory

June 29, 2011NEW MEXICO – The wildfire that surrounds the nuclear lab in Los Alamos, New Mexico, has grown to at least 61,000 acres amid mounting concerns about what might be in the smoke that’s visible from space. Such fear has prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to bring in air monitors, along with a special airplane that checks for radiation levels. So far officials have not been able to find anything. “Our facilities and nuclear material are protected and safe,” Laboratory Director Dr. Charles McMillan told ABC News. The Los Alamos facility — the birthplace of the atomic bomb — was shrouded in secrecy long before it was surrounded by smoke after the Las Conchas fire began Sunday. “It contains approximately 20,000 barrels of nuclear waste,” former top security official Glen Walp said. “It’s not contained within a concrete, brick and mortar-type building, but rather in a sort of fabric-type building that a fire could easily consume. “Potential is high for a major calamity if the fire would reach these areas,” he added. The flames from the 95-square-mile fire have reportedly reached as close as 50 feet from the grounds. With a wildfire so close, lab officials, along with government officials such as New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, are trying to reassure the public of the plant’s safety. “I’m confident in saying that they are committed to making it safe,” Martinez told ABC News. After a mass evacuation, the city of Los Alamos remains a ghost town. Most of its 12,000 residents were evacuated Monday, some leaving their sprinklers on to protect their homes. Still, according to Police Chief Wayne Torpy, about 150 die-hard residents have stayed behind, unfazed by the danger presented by their nuclear neighbor. “I know the laboratory is secure and they’re ready for this kind of emergency situation,” Stephanie Chavez, a resident of Los Alamos, told ABC News. Firefighters have made progress in the past few days, and have said that the risk of the flames reaching radioactive material is slim. Still, they caution that winds Wednesday could change, as could their level of confidence. –ABC News
Clear and present danger: The U.S. appears to have been prepared for every type of threat from terrorists to its nuclear facilities except the assaults which can be inflicted by Mother Nature. Nature is sending a message loud and clear- and we wonder if anybody in the world is listening? The series of mishaps this month is enough to make one wonder who’s really in charge- man or nature. This month, lightning strikes shut down both the High Flux Reactor in Tennessee and the Dominion North Ana plant in Virginia. The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant in Omaha is under threat from flooding this week in the Midwest and now the Los Alamos nuclear facility in New Mexico is under siege from wildfires. As the March 9.0 earthquake in Japan showed us, the world is ill-equipped to contain and protect the public at large from the dangers of a disaster at these nuclear facilities in the face of escalating threats from Earthchanges.  –The Extinction Protocol
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14 Responses to Flames leap within site of Los Alamos Nuclear weapons laboratory

  1. Brandon says:

    Alvin, A bit unrelated. There seems to be a lot of talk lately about FEMA gearing up and a lot of military movement on the coasts. There’s a YouTube video entitled, “Something catastrophic brewing in US!!! Check it out. Alvin, and everyone, what are your thoughts? Prepping for what???



    • A_lad says:

      Brandon: You said ” Prepping for What ”

      That’s a huge question. With so much activity threatening mankind and nature as a whole, “WHAT”could be anybody’s guess.

      I personally believe that the world is getting ready to shift, Physically and Spiritually.

      Revelation 12:3-4 (NASB)
      Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems.

      And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so
      that when she gave birth he might devour
      her child.

      I think it’s highly possible that PX is whats
      spoken of in the Above Revelation and is effecting our planet as a whole and is
      soon to arrive.

      With the economic turmoil, wars, etc it’s anyone’s guess which may strike first.

      One thing for sure is God is in complete control and scripture will be fulfilled. What is normal to the laws and physics of Gods universe can be quite abnormal to our own minds and create paranoia and

      Make peace with YHWH and he will deliver you from the things that are coming upon the Earth….

      You will be okay, this site is a great site to witness the truth and to be apart of an awakening of sorts.

      God Bless!


      • Luca says:



      • Traurig says:

        Alvin, last night I went to the local pub, and they were playing the outdated “Fly me to the Moon” song. But when that lady sang ” let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars”, I suddenly had an enlightenment.

        It’s about the 2011MD. They say it is a comet, but I suspect that it is one of the herald from the asteroid belt between the Jupiter and the Mars.

        If PX is approaching or trespassing through the asteroid belt, its huge mass will expel or bump many of the small asteroids from that belt towards the sun-bound direction, and some may head towards our small planet.

        I always have this conviction that the ancient mythologies as well as the Revelation are nothing but the oral record passed down to us by the survivors of the previous civilization that was mostly wiped out by the last visit of PX.

        The dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns is a analogical description of a kind of celestial spectacle that we might be able to bear witness to in this coming summer and autumn.

        And 1/3 of the stars, will they come from the asteroid belt? or according to the Sumerian Myth, the asteroid belt was not a belt in the past, but was a planet that was smashed to ashes and dusts by the previous encounter our poor solar system with our Sun’s twin brother?

        As for the deployment of troops, they are deployed for possible mob when this whole truth cannot be hidden anymore, but I’m still being kept wondering, what kind of revelation it will be. Two “Suns” in the sky? a white and a black as in Taichi?


      • Blaze says:

        I seriously don’t think there is a planet X, but the Magnetic Ribbon approaching our solar system or possibly that we are about to run into..will be the true great read dragon with seven heads and horns..


    • Blaze says:

      I believe they are supposed to be prepping for disaster relief along the New Madrid Fault. However eyewitness accounts have recently seen many black ops helicopters in the area as well as black op vehicles. Seems a little strange for a standard disaster prep practice.


  2. Isis Sod says:

    Mother Earth has no doubt awaken and following commands of the Divine … and seemingly the will of Divine is prophecy has been put into play …

    There were those in high places who thought they could impose their HAARP technology as to combat the forces of Mother Earth …

    And this was allowed to appear as so until the right time and right generation …

    But I consider how foolish are those whom would think themselves more Powerful than the one whom created even them ..

    And how foolish those to consider they may out-think the one whom designed and initiated life in their own neuron circuitry of consciousness …

    And how bold of those whom sought to even modify genes and neurons of a people mind, body and Life force… in their hopeful attempt to keep a people from their God …

    No doubt before this is all said and done …. these evil ones will regret the foolishness of their ways …… even those whom their basic network of accumulated thoughts … by choice have chosen to operate body of machines …


  3. Blaze says:

    This is the true “Extinction Protocol”…sigh! I’m close enough to the North Anna Plant in Virginia.


  4. Jason says:

    I had a feeling this was going to be an unforgettable year and so far in these soon to be 7 months I’ve been spot on. Once Planet X gets closer it’s going to be a really wild ride for sure!


  5. I,m convinced that forces of Nature wanting to tell us humans to stop all Nuclear Plants:
    “Masses of jellyfish entering the Torness nuclear power plant’s cooling water inflow area led EDF Energy to shut both units there manually on Tuesday, the company said. “This is temporary and the reactors will be restarted once the jellyfish situation subsides,” a spokeswoman for EDF Energy said. The two 640-megawatt (MW) units in Scotland went off line on Tuesday afternoon, National Grid data showed. The presence of jellyfish, seaweed and other marine life is not uncommon at nuclear power plants, EDF Energy said. Two weeks ago, an Atlantic Grey Seal was rescued from EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset after it got trapped in the inflow area chasing fish. The plant’s operations were not affected.” No Nuclear Plant is safe, thats the message.


  6. radiogirl says:

    Alvin,I have heard so many opinions on Revelation 12:3-4 concerning the red dragon ….. what are your thoughts on these verses?Thank you,R


    • Men look at the world with its woes, wars, violence and hate and fault religion or God for the cause of humanity’s ills but in these verses Christ gives us a glimpse into the origins of sin and the rebellion of Lucifer which began in heaven. Here the imagery forms a double allegory (heaven & earth) identifying both the power which ruled the world at the time of Christ, pagan Rome and the power of Satan that is to hold sway over men before the return of Christ- thus heaven and Earth are involved in the great controversy. The woman clothed with the Sun and the moon under her feet represents the body of believers, the Church (earth) – his chaste bride. See 2 Corinthians 11:2. The heavenly reference is to the New Jerusalem which is the bride in heaven. “And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” Revelation 21:2, See also Revelation 22:17. This is further alluded to when the angels show John New Jerusalem and tell him, “Come hither, and I will show thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife.” Revelation 21:9. Contrary to catholic teachings, the woman is not Mary. The 12 stars upon her head are the 12 apostles, who were Christ’s appointed messengers to the world- the city of New Jerusalem also has 12 foundations with 12 stones similarly corresponding to the 12 Apostles. (Matthew 19:27, 28) The Sun is the New testament, the revelation of God in Christ and the moon is the old testament which foreshadowed Christ. The woman has a male child and the great red dragon tries to devour her child. The child was caught up to heaven to God’s throne and is to rule the nations with a rod of iron- Christ rules the nations with a rod of Iron. Revelation 19:15. See Psalm 2:7-9 The dragon’s earthly representation is the pagan Roman Empire which attempted to destroy the baby Jesus at his birth through the Roman ruler, Herod the Great. The ancient city of Rome was built on 7 hills and the Roman Empire was divided into 10 kingdoms after it collapsed which became most of modern day Europe. The heavenly symbolism of the great dragon refers to Satan who caused one-third of the angels in heaven to fall by drawing them down with his tail. “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Revelation 12:9


  7. radiogirl says:

    Thank you for your reply…most appreciated.


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