Death in the skies: 15 killed by lightning strikes in Nigeria – 18 die in Uganda

June 29, 2011NIGERIA – Authorities say 15 people in northeastern Nigeria have died from lightning strikes after strong thunderstorms swept through the region’s rural pasturelands. A spokesman for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency said Wednesday the deaths occurred in Gombe and Yobe states, killing eight men, four women and three children Tuesday. Nigeria is experiencing its annual rainy season, with storms sweeping through its tropical south and arid north. Floods already are affecting the country, causing some drowning deaths.  –Las Vegas Sun
18 killed in Uganda by lightning: Police spokeswoman Judith Nabakooba told AFP news agency 15 girls and three boys had died at Runyanya Primary School in the Masindi area on Tuesday. The local district commissioner told Uganda’s Daily Monitor paper 36 pupils had been admitted to hospital. Concern about the number of recent deadly lightning strikes has prompted MPs to raise the matter in parliament. Uganda’s Minister of State for Disaster Preparedness Musa Ecweru said the deaths occurred because buildings had not been installed with lightning rods. –BBC
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2 Responses to Death in the skies: 15 killed by lightning strikes in Nigeria – 18 die in Uganda

  1. TTB says:

    There were countless close lightning last night in Orange Park Florida, near camp Blanding. Very close and heavy strikes, but not followed by any thunder. Was odd.


  2. Traurig says:

    Alvin, last night I went to the local pub, and they were playing the outdated “Fly me to the Moon” song. But when that lady sang ” let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars”, I suddenly had an enlightenment.

    It’s about the 2011MD. They say it is a comet, but I suspect that it is one of the herald from the asteroid belt between the Jupiter and the Mars.

    If PX is approaching or trespassing through the asteroid belt, its huge mass will expel or bump many of the small asteroids from that belt towards the sun-bound direction, and some may head towards our small planet.

    I always have this conviction that the ancient mythologies as well as the Revelation are nothing but the oral record passed down to us by the survivors of the previous civilization that was mostly wiped out by the last visit of PX.

    The dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns is an analogical description of a kind of celestial spectacle that we might be able to bear witness to in this coming summer and autumn.

    And “1/3 of the stars”, will they come from the asteroid belt? or according to the Sumerian Myth, the asteroid belt was not a belt in the past, but was a planet that was smashed to ashes and dusts by the previous encounter our poor solar system had with our Sun’s twin brother?

    As for the deployment of troops, they are deployed for possible mob when this whole truth cannot be hidden anymore, but I’m still being kept wondering, what kind of revelation it will be. Two “Suns” in the sky? a white and a black as in Taichi?


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