Scientists say source of Hawaii volcanism found

May 28, 2011 HAWAII – For years, researchers have debated whether or not the Hawaiian hot spot — the active volcanic region that created the islands — is fueled by a plume of hot magma rising straight up from the Earth’s depths. Not so, new research finds. Instead, a giant, deep thermal anomaly hundreds of miles wide located far west of Hawaii is what feeds the island’s volcanoes, scientists find. “Conventional wisdom believes that the plume may come all the way from the boundary of Earth’s core,” said researcher Qin Cao, an MIT seismologist. “Seismologists have been searching for evidence to support or invalidate this deep-rooted plume model, yet a lot of debate still exists.” To find out more about the magma feeding the Hawaiian volcanoes, researchers used seismic waves that bounced off rocks in the mantle layer to image activity beneath Hawaii, a technique adopted from oil and gas exploration. Instead of a narrow vertical plume of magma beneath the islands driving volcanic activity, scientists discovered that a thermal anomaly about 500 to 1,250 miles (800 to 2,000 kilometers) wide and about 450 miles (725 kilometers) deep and far to the west of the islands apparently triggered their volcanism. “Our result doesn’t support the picture that Hawaii is fed directly by a deep-rooted mantle plume rising from the core-mantle boundary,” Cao told OurAmazingPlanet. “Instead, it may be fueled by a secondary plume from a large pool of hot materials trapped on the top of the lower mantle.” (The mantle is the layer of high-pressure and temperature, flowing rock between the Earth’s core and crust.) “Numerous similar secondary upwellings can be generated from this hot pool, too, due to thermal instability,” Cao added. “So an interesting question to ask is, ‘Are there any other secondary-plume-generated volcanoes around this area of Pacific seafloor several hundreds of kilometers away from the big island of Hawaii that have gone unnoticed so far, or which have since been subducted (recycled back into Earth’s deep interior) deep beneath Japan and the Philippine Sea Plate farther west?'” This research suggests that any volcanism seen in the interiors of tectonic plates — instead of at their borders, as is usually the case — need not originate from plumes rising all the way from the Earth’s core, but could arise from the boundary of the upper and lower mantle. –Discovery News
contribution by Raven
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2 Responses to Scientists say source of Hawaii volcanism found

  1. Ring says:

    The Earth’s core being liquid magma is a THEORY.
    The Earth is 24901.55 miles in diameter at the equator. So at any point around the world, it is ruffly 12450.775 miles from where anyone is standing down to the exact center of the Earth.

    I believe in the ocean, the most man kind has explored down is…
    10.9 kilometers, 35 761.1549 feet or 6.7 miles deep. No digging those deep underground bases, maybe man has gone down 2 to 3 miles. But that leaves 24,701 miles of unexplored Earth below.

    Lave may exist at a middle point between the Surface of the Earth and the center of the Earth, but not all the down to the middle. The Earth is Hollow in the Middle, this is do to past Fast spin which caused the continents to spread apart. It is called Expanding Earth or Growing Earth Theory, which actually has more facts to it then The Pangaea theory.

    The Pangaea theory say the all the continent where one long ago, the split apart from one another and drifted over millions of year to their current positions. Total bullcrap. Continent don’t drift like a hockey puck over ice. The surface you stand on is connected to the ocean floor. The America’s didn’t drift. The Pangaea theory is false.

    Yes, you can see that the America’s and Africa and Europe use to connect, but many can not see due to the wide spread, that Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand used to connect to the America’s. If you shrink the Earth down like deflating a balloon, all the Continents will connect perfectly like a puzzle.
    The Pangaea theory involves having to take away Mexico and many other features of the continents to work. The Pangaea theory is false.

    The Earth grew and because of that, the Center Hollowed. If you have ever stirred a cup of coffee or chocolate milk with a spoon, you will recall looking at the liquid as it spun in a swirl and the center hollow out and pushed to the sides. Well, that is what happened to Earth long ago. The Earth spun fast, the force of spin swelled the Earth and the center pushed outwards also, but Gravity is what still held it together, like the cup that held the liquid.

    The Lava exist between the center and the surface within underground lakes, underground rivers and pools. It is created from Salt water from the Ocean sipping down into the Earth through cavities, and mixing with the Hot rock below, and basically becomes does like water mixed with dirt that becomes mud, it is salt water mixed with hot rock that becomes lava. The pressure below eventually builds up here and there and push’s it’s way to the Surface. But again, it’s does it in vanes, that is why you see volcanoes in rows sometimes, because the pop up from the river like vanes below.

    The lava is created from the pressure of salt water and hot rock, but the hot rock is created from the pressures of weight from the Earth surface pushing down and meeting the pressure of the Earth center pushing outwards. That is at about the 12,000 deep mark.


  2. The growing earth theory would be in accord with a longer day and slower revolution of the earth, by the principle of conservation of angular momentum. Just as an ice skater speeds up when they pull in their arms while revolving, the earth would slow down as it expanded.


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