5.1 earthquake strikes Baja, California

February 18, 2011BAJA, Ca. –  A 5.1 earthquake has hit Baja, California at a depth of 32 km. The region has been plagued by more than 30 earthquakes in the last 7 days. We reported about the Baja California swarm some days ago- looks like the tension just cracked. The instability of the Nazca plate along Chile will continue to have repercussions for S. California with an increased incidents of quakes.
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3 Responses to 5.1 earthquake strikes Baja, California

  1. Kelly says:

    While I am no expert of any sort on earthquakes, I have been watching the frequency of significant quakes of 5 and over around the ring of fire. It would appear to me, given the various locations of most of these events, that California/Pacific NW is quite likely to have a ‘big’ one in the very near future………….and possibly the Caribbean.

    I know if I lived in that area, I would be a bit nervous that I may be facing a ‘Katrina’ type situation and would be making sure I had a good supply of food and water in place.

    Sadly, most who live there are so use to tremors that the majority are very complacent about it and do nothing to prepare. I have distant relatives in the LA area who seem to have a very “What ever.” sort of attitude about it.


  2. Vickie says:

    I enjoy your website tremendously, it seems to be the only place to get unbiased news relating to what is happening here on earth. Seems like no other news organization has any intent upon telling things the way they are. What I would like to know is where can I buy your book. You mention it but I don’t know where to look for it. Thanks for all the work that you are doing. Keep the people who are interested informed!


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