Fractual: more evidence the physical world is disintegrating?

“This is a time of total collapse.” –Chilam Balam
“A horrible undoing of people and animals.” –Nostradamus
“There shall be a time of trouble such as never was.” –Daniel 12:1
The season of change is upon us and it is accelerating. The climate on the planet is in chaos. Economic upheaval threatens to unravel financial institutions across the planet as sovereign debt mounts. Tensions are rising among ethnic groups. Social unrest is unraveling government institutions throughout the Middle East. The planet’s magnetic field is weakening. The biosphere is under increasing amounts of ecological pressure from natural disasters and rising food demands from an ever-exploding human population. Below our feet, geological forces continue to sift the planet from one disaster to the next. There are also increasing signs our biosphere is in trouble.  
Bats, bees, birds, crickets, fish, butterflies, oysters, coral reefs, trees are all struggling with diseases and extinction issues. Pests are becoming more resistant to poisons. Microbes are growing more disease-resistant to antibiotic treatments and some are now starting to assimilate strands of human DNA into their genetic makeup. In the South American rain forests, vines are overtaking and supressing tree growth. Are these early signs the web of life on Earth is unraveling?
In India, the natural ecology is also transforming. The incidents of animals preying on humans are increasing.  “Humans aren’t natural prey for elephants and tigers, but in the Sundarban islands of West Bengal, India, an alarming number of people have been attacked — even eaten — by these wild beasts. In one part of the country, there have been reports of elephants going on a rampage, trampling homes and killing around 200 people in the past year. In one bizarre case, this typically plant-eating animal reportedly ate a human. In another part of the country, tigers, who have developed an appetite for human flesh, reportedly killed 14 people in one village alone last year. “Tigers generally aren’t man eaters,” said Dave Salmoni. “It’s anomaly when an animal decides to start eating people.” The World Wildlife Fund estimated that only about 3,200 tigers are left in the world. At the same time, the number of tiger attacks in this part of India is up 30 percent over the past decade, according to Salmoni. Some experts believe environmental issues and a rapidly growing human population in the region are reducing their habitat and their natural food supply, and forcing them into villages.” –ABC News
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35 Responses to Fractual: more evidence the physical world is disintegrating?

  1. susan bech says:

    excellent site, best on the web, thank you very much.


  2. Mahati says:

    In many places Rudolf Steiner (1908) points to a great crisis at the end of the Twentieth Century, even a “War of All against All”, when mankind might well “stand at the grave of civilization“.


  3. Blaze says:

    Yes, it is the best! Coherent, timely articles without all the hype and disinfo.

    EP…have you seen a rise in traffic to your site…as in.. more are awakening and taking note? I feel that there are more, however in my everyday life, they are still brainwashed consumerized zombies. Like I said, I have tried to enlighten them, but have quickly learned that know one can do that for them. They must do the research themselves. To be honest, there are those that refuse to face any of these facts. They know that they are there…but refuse to look or give them any thought.

    I fear that the article is all true and my one thought regarding it would be…at this point we are beyond the point of no return. There are too many different pieces to this puzzle that are at critical mass. If it was just one or two issues, we might have a chance. Some we could control and some of these issues are beyond our control. All I can say is live each day like it is your last. Love and enjoy. Always help and keep kindness in your heart.


    • With the help of cohorts like you…it’s even better. The traffic on the site has been incredible and the responses we’ve being getting lets me know there are many out there awake and watching the signs unfold. I’m very blessed and fortunate to have so many people reading, responding and looking for information pertinent to the times.


    • josie says:

      I can’t agree more with Blaze…as things are acclerating faster and faster and one wants to share with their loved ones,… you start to see how the awakening and sharing actually creates more of a barrier then an opening. That very division is confusing, frustrating and keeping patience at the forefront of this kind of level of ignorance is quite a personal challenge (in the spiritual sense). No need to be alarmist about all that is going on but even still yet people are SOooo bent on resisting. It is mind-blowing! I am begining to think it is the same resistance one would feel if gotten a diar diagnosis from the doctor but on a mass level. For me, that actually confirms the grave changes we are spinning into even more. Guess maybe we are now in the tighter spin part of the whirlpool and getting closer to the void. I am all for knowledge/awarness of oneself and surroundings regardless if I am getting raised eyebrows by those who dismiss what is clearly happening right before our eyes. Thanx E.P. for the great work


      • Thanks Joe. You’re welcome, Josie. I thank God for all the miraculous unfolding here. The only thing worst than being blind and not being able to see is being able to see but prefer to be blind. Such a condition is usually beyond the immediate reach of human remedy. So we increasingly find ourselves coalescing around the launch point of our destiny. As time unfolds, we know more will come to the reality of what’s unfolding across our planet…and that is where hope rests. Though most cannot or refuse to see the magnitude of what’s transpiring now; this planetary crisis will become the most solemn event to occur in human history.


  4. pamela says:

    great article. I wanted to add something, here, in NE TN, it has been in the 70’s. It was 70 again today.
    a lot of people are really happy about it, nice warm weather, but it just feels very wrong. I went outside today and it was so warm and nice, but looked around and all the trees are bare, the grass is dead and brown, the light is winter light. It just really looks wrong. Just wanted to add that, didn’t mean to ramble. LOL. great site, thank you for all your work.


  5. josh says:

    Yeah, I agree with you guys this website is amazing I come here so many times a day because this site really understands what’s going on in the world.


  6. Joe says:

    Blaze – So very well said. – Just too many things out of place now. I find myself at the point of looking forward to the ‘re-set’. I have tried to get some people that I am very close to, to open their eyes – but they have to ‘awaken’ on their own. I believe you can only help them along. As has been said, this site is an excellent ( best ) source for the ongoing changes. I believe all of us that comment on this site MUST steer as many as we can to look here!


  7. Wiseguy says:

    The problem in my area (Quebec region in Canada) is that we have a perfect winter weather. So even if I would like to tell my family about what is going on, no one would be listening. I’m at the point that I almost wish something very big will happen soon so they will understand what I want to tell them. It’s very frustrating speciallly not telling my 12 years old daughter when she’s looking at my computer screen and I’m reading all the news on your site, hopefully, she doesn’t understand english text very well (We are french canadian) Fortunately, I can read all the news from French and English sites, and there is so much information lately… Volcanoes, earthquake, dead animals, etc…


    • Though children are not immune to the tension rising in the air around them, they will express growing consternation over how humans will deal with such change. Every day should be filled with richness and love in all our lives as time is such a precious and irretrievable commodity. As events progress and as the sun breaks over the horizon, more will see what they cannot perceive now. Tout dans son propre temps. Maybe some of the mothers can weigh in on how they are coping with what’s unfolding in regard to their children.


      • jamie says:

        Being the mother of four, ages 19, 21, 26 and 28, I can attest to having the same apprehension as Wiseguy in telling my sons about the reality of what is transpiring. I have the need to protect them from all harm ( that is untenable in a corrupt world ) but, at the same time, I realize that it is my responsibility to be the one who explains this to them.
        I began to tell them 7 years ago about the spiritual ramifications of the coming events. I thought that it was extremely important to explain it from this perspective……but they are very enamored of this world and all of it’s trappings so tend to brush me off as either hysterical or preaching.

        Either way, I think it imperative that we give our children an explanation for what is happening all around us and get them involved in family discussions. I have thought long and hard about this decision and feel that I have done what my love for them has compelled me to do…although, nothing about this feels ‘good’.

        It is what it is and I would rather them be conscious and proactive rather than reactive. It will take a group effort to lovingly transcend the trauma..I really loved your response to josie. Very beautiful.


  8. roxx888 says:

    yeah, i totally agree with all said. Great job!


  9. Jorge A. Delgado says:

    Don’t forget the importance of Israel on all this for it is the time clock for all of these events to take place…


    • The Middle East will continue to be the fulcrum point for the clash of wills between the declining power of the West and the rising power of the East. I devote two chapters in my book to the coming crisis that will soon engulf the world in a firestorm…Thanks for the notation Jorge


  10. patricia martin says:

    I can not walk your path to enlightenment, and you can not walk mine…we are all on our own path…but folks, all our paths are headed in the same direction..!! …We are here in the most incredible time on Mother earth…We have deliberate, conscious purpose..!! Those of us awake and enlightened, have a responsibility to gently awaken, others, and with wisdom. The most important thing here is to be prepared…We will be the “Pillars of Strength” when things get intense. We’re finally in the time when the Human Race will get it right..!!!


  11. Jana Osborn says:

    I am new to this site but all the information is nothing new to me. I have been watching and waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak for some time now. I truly am in a good place and I really try to make the most of each day because as you know tomorrow may never come. I just need other people I can talk to because no one wants listen to my doomsday conpirency crap. Its reality but no one wants to be real anymore. It’s seems to me the only thing real to people is waking up to go to work to come home to their big flat screens to watch their favorite show on tevo, to go to bed so they can wake up and do it all over again. I really can’t stand television anymore since I realized it is all a big LIE! Anyway, I thank anyone who has a ear to hear and let me vent. May God bless everyone and grant each one inner peace.


    • laura says:

      Jana I agree with you, I also feel that I need to talk to other like minded people as so many are sceptical..
      Alvin, would you have a suggestion there please as it would be lovely if we could share our thoughts and feelings via a live chat/discussion board, even if only to make friends with like minded people.


  12. Mantis133 says:

    I have only just found this site a couple of days ago and it is the best site I have ever been to. I am not new to what is going on around us. A friend of mine started to guide me towards looking at things from a different perspective about a year ago. Finding this site has made sense of a lot of the things I already new and is great because it has everything in one place. Keep up the good work.


  13. odette boily says:

    20 years ago, I went around the world with a team of 11 Americans (I am Canadian – from Quebec) , from Russia to India, all over Europe and most of Asia, distributing millions of pieces of literature in more than 30 different languages, warning of the events to come, including a new world order and prophecies of the Bible to unfold. Millions of pieces of literature, some ending up in garbage, others God knows where. Nevertheless, we believed it was an important work that costs millions of dollars in travel fares, hotels, etc. Our work was not to get statistics of who believed us, our work was to tell people what was coming. Just like you are doing here, continue to tell, inform, warn.

    People react differently in crisis, some with fear, indifference and others with a listening ear. Nevertheless, informations must go out to let the people know of events of stupenduous scales that are about to take place. As a Christian, I believe in Christ’s Second Coming and these are the beginning of the birthpangs announced in Matthew 24. Keep up the educational work! I believe what you are doing is very important: educate, inform, warn, prepare!


    • Thanks Odette. I’m glad you found us. The fact that so many people have responded across the world and across the spectrum let’s me know that something truly ‘inexplicable by human discerning‘ is definitely unfolding. The message is not for the skeptic; it’s for the 1% of the 1. Many will hear but few will hearken and ultimately survive- the story is the same no matter where you go as is the great controversy- it’s the 1% of the 1. May I suggest you order the book and continue to spread the word about the impending changes due to sweep across the face of planet Earth.

      God bless, Alvin


  14. madrenaturaleza9 says:

    Hi…. I congratulate your for your important site. I am always waiting for your posts, to be informed about what is going on Earth. We must be in a continous warning, because Nature is the one who is showing us the signs about how the damage caused by men to our Mother Nature is going to affect us in a very near future. We must pay attention to the signs…..


  15. Patience says:

    website is not up and running.
    I am just now wondering what to do. Doing means we believe what we heard. Where is the safest place to be? somewhere we can garden, can food, dry food? find clean water without power? where the air is clean? I live near a nuke. I worry every day. They are shutting it down, but not fast enough. I live where it snows and we get three months to grow food. I worry I should move somewhere where there is a growing season a lot longer. and learn how to preserve food and feed myself and grand kids. is any one else doing that?


  16. laura says:

    I would just like to say thank you for your fantastic website it has proven invaluable having spent the last year surfing and reading various sites for information. I have always felt that all is ” not well” with our world and i have mentioned my concerns to friends and family only for them to dismiss these as scaremongering such as the 2000 suggestions.
    This is such a good site, informative and I check in regularly for your updates, my concern is that I am now worrying about the ” forthcoming events”, I have a four year old daughter and worry about things such as her not having water to drink, food to eat…should I be preparing in any way? Im sorry if this seems a silly question!
    I know that we dont know exactly when but some suggest our planet will be unrecognizable in 50 years?

    Thank you again and I look forward to chatting to like minded people again 🙂



    • Laura, I would be less than responsible if I didn’t not report the events and the potential gravity of the situations as they develop but there is absolutely no reason for anyone to live in fear of what is to come. Plan for emergency or potential food disruptions as we should all be doing and live in the moment of awareness not anxiety. Leave the burden of concern on my shoulders. Find the spiritual dimension to life as I think we will all be challenged in this area in regard to fortitude. I don’t persume to tell you what to believe, but I can profess this with absolute conviction of heart that it is easier for the Sun to go out (and that is against every dictum of science) than for anyone whom God has chosen to be here in this time to be plucked from the Earth. Let’s take one day at a time and cross the bridges of challenge as we approach them.

      peace and blessings,



      • Laura says:

        Thankyou Alvin and I will most certainly be following your advice. I have ” enlightened ” two of my customers today and directed them to your website 🙂
        Take care, Laura


  17. Brian says:

    G/Day Alvin ~ All i can say again is :- We are watching the ” Greatest Show On Earth ”

    Where i come from , no one wants to know as the stress factor’s in our society are so extreme already & everybody is trying to maintain that all elusive Even Strain…
    Yeah ! The Apparent New South Africa, a volcano waiting to erupt curtesy of the New World Order…

    Thanx for this most pleasant distraction < To Reality…

    A day without the Extinction Protocol is a day with out sunshine…!


  18. Karl says:

    Hello and Greetings to all. I have just come across this site and all I can do is give a big thumbs up to all the previous comments. Excellent Work!!

    I have been researching what I like to call ‘Doom and Gloom’ for just over a year now. Family and friends say it’s depressing and won’t listen to what I have discovered. So many are so blind to the World around them and the events that are going on. ‘Sheeple’ is a very apt word…..
    The reason I started was because I just had a feeling that something is ‘just not right’, as if the world has had enough, and wants to cleanse itself. You can’t blame it really, can you?

    Keep up the good work, and I shall be posting a link to this site at every opportunity!


  19. Toddalan1 says:

    With so many “anonymous” people who are in total denial out there. It’s nice to come here, where the energy is grouped toward one issue and purpose. I can see that “Education”, “Information” and of course “Truth” are the reason for this site. again, thanks for letting me be a part. It bothers me what people have become. We could be so much more, we have ruined our race, and our planet…what a shame.


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