Super-volcano watch: Heightened seismic activity seen at Yellowstone

February 5, 2011 Back-to-back quakes rattle YellowstoneA 2.7 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 20.9 km and a much stronger 3.4 quake erupted at a much shallower depth of 12.4 km. Both of today’s quakes erupted on the western rim of the caldera. 
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12 Responses to Super-volcano watch: Heightened seismic activity seen at Yellowstone

  1. Brent says:

    These guys keep taking the quakes down off the list. USGS had posted a 2.7 yesterday, checked back a half hour later and it was gone. They did the same thing this morning with the back to back’s. Apparently it is being blamed on cracking ice around the instruments. Peculiar how these take downs keep happening at Yellowstone with much more frequency than in other places.


    • Brent, we’ve noticed the same thing and that’s why we decided to do the piece on Yellowstone while the ink was still fresh. We also used a static map to avoid the quakes being similarly deleted from the topography map.


    • Brian B. says:

      I have also noticed that there is no media coverage of the quakes in California, I actually suspect that the government is running interference to avoid panic.
      There were literally swarms of earthquakes in southern California that we, in Washington state, heard nothing about. 10 years ago it would have been noted. I would not have known about them except I get notified by the USGS every time there is a quake, anywhere, that is over a magnitude 3.0 (Note that today it is 9/13/2012, well over a year after this pages’ conception.)

      The fact is that man, no matter how well he may think he can predict this, cannot out think the almighty GOD. He said it would all end in fire (Rev. 18) Who knows, maybe HE will use yellowstone. What I do know, is that if it goes, the USA is destined to be a french fry, and the rest of the world will be out of ketchup!
      There is actually a seismic ‘Y” which leads south into Utah and that area, then north into montana and east to another part of montana. Bear this in mind. IF that fault ruptures, and yellowstone erupts, there is a good chance that the jarring of the catastrophe, will cause a chain reaction in southern california and all the way to cascadia…(Pacific Northwest.) Total annhialation, Rainier, St Helens, Adams, Shasta….all would be vulnerable…..this, THIS would really suck.


  2. Laura says:

    I’ve noticed the same thing and have felt that it’s been going on for a few weeks now. I’m glad I’m not the only one! 🙂


  3. Claud says:

    This has always happened when some government bureaucrat felt the public shouldn’t know what’s really going on. The USGS has removed so many events that their map is a joke nowadays. There were a lot more events in Yellowstone that was put on their map and they’re very scared of what’s may come. After all, what can they do to prevent or minimize it? Nothing.


  4. pete radmer says:

    Could someone direct me to an alternitive website that will give me accurate quake happenings………Radpetey


  5. Joseph says:

    It’s a mixture of what the geological record tells us, and the normalcy bias. Nobody wants to over react, and the scientific community is often receptive only to pragmatic analysis.
    The Yellowstone caldera is overdue. As the North American plate has drifted over this hot spot and has blasted a banana shaped scar which created the Snake River Basin. The frequency of which, pops up every 1 million years. Subsequent eruptions which are much smaller occur every 140,000 to 300,000 years. My opinion, if Yellowstone begins to increase in activity, contemporary seismologists and vulcanologist are not going to know enough about an immanent eruption until the last days or hours before such an event. I live less than 150 miles from this caldera. I personally know exactly what I will be doing in such an event. Three years without crops and people coping very poorly. I’d rather evacuate and be wrong than the alternative. Regardless of resources, I’m getting my family to the coast and on a sailboat that has a passive membrane water maker. The ocean will be the only place where food could be found, and you want to move without fuel and be far away from desperate people. Our route to the coast will involve “borrowing” any ’85 to ’95 Toyota with fuel in the tank, while most people are complaisant and taking in the reports and speculations on television as these events culminate. All Toyota vehicles without theft deterrent inductive key bezels can be started with just a screw driver. The zinc metal body of the ignition switch has a button catch holding in the lock cylinder. The material around this button is brittle and breaks with a twist and the cylinder comes out. The steering wheel lock detent and ignition switch are now ready to employ with a turn of the screwdriver. If you can get to the coast without stealing, that would make you a better Human Being, but time will be running out as soon as people start to panic. Dark skies, see kelp, and fish meat will become your daily ration of hope if you are one of the lucky people who took action. Make your way to Chile. The climatic change will come later in the southern hemisphere, and you will need to be around those who know how to stay warm with handmade wool garments and live without the pitfalls of a “Super Center” culture.


  6. jon p says:

    i live in the britain,it might seem a long way from yellow stone but not far enough because an erption there will have dire conquences for all mankind so i am starting to prepare fore the outcome,if it does not happen great fool me but if it does then whoes the fool,i keep a watch on yellowstone on a weekly bases in the hope we will get some sort off warning before it goes pop hope to be a survivor


  7. Shae says:

    Thank you guys, so much. I”m so glad I found this page. I have following earthquakes at yellowstone for a long time and have noticed they don’t post all of the earthquakes or the delete them off their map w/in a short time. Not only this, but for the last month and a half I have literally been blocked from or kicked out of my computer for trying to find yellowstone earthquake info that isn’t “government issue” In short, I”m thankful for finding this sight and am glad that I”m not the only one that has noticed this!


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