Hundreds of sparrows fall dead in Rotorua, New Zealand

February 5, 2011 ROTORUA, NZ – What killed hundreds of dead birds found on a Rotorua central city street? Nobody seems to know. Rotorua mother Glyssa Bosworth was walking down Amohau St this week when her 1-year-old daughter pointed out a bird on the ground. Then she saw a few more. “I could smell something absolutely horrific,” Miss Bosworth told The Daily Post. She turned around and saw “hundreds” of them on the ground around the base of a tall tree in the reserve near the entrance to the Central Mall. She said she had never seen that many dead birds before. “There was a humongous pile of them. It was gross.” At first Miss Bosworth thought they were bats, as a few years ago there were reports of bats in some nearby trees. Then she realised they were sparrows. She thought perhaps bats were killing the birds, or the birds had been poisoned. Rotorua District Council’s regulatory services manager Jim Nicklin said the council was at a loss to explain the dead birds. – The Daily Post
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1 Response to Hundreds of sparrows fall dead in Rotorua, New Zealand

  1. josh says:

    What ever is happening with all these birds and fish is getting really scary I hope it doesn’t affect humans


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