Volcanic eruptions rage in Alaska: Geologist, “for some reason we can’t explain, activity picked up”

June 28, 2013 ALASKA - Alaska volcano eruptions are entering a more powerful phase. After six weeks of Alaska volcano eruptions reaching five miles into the sky, covering nearby communities with ash and shutting down air flights, there looks to be no end. Alaska volcano eruptions 2013 started in May at the Pavlof Volcano, which is located about 590 miles southwest of the major city Anchorage, in the Alaska Peninsula. The most powerful phase of Alaska volcano eruptions started with low-level rumblings. According to scientists at the federal-state Alaska Volcano Observatory, the latest phase of Alaska volcano eruptions started late on Monday and continued through the night into Tuesday. The blasts emanate from the crater of a 8,261 foot volcano. Tina Neal, an geologist at the observatory said, “For some reason we can’t explain, it picked up in intensity and vigor.’ In May, Alaska volcano eruptions sent a smaller ash cloud 15,000 feet into the air. The ash was visible for miles. Residents were worried that it would damage power generators. The ash plume has so far topped of at an altitude of 28,000 feet, which is too low in the air to affect major air traffic, but high enough that small planes have to fly around it.
Missy Roberts, the vice president of PenAir, which is based in Anchorage, said the airline cancelled one flight and had to re-route other flights. Air traffic controller John Maxwell said, “Everybody is thinking about it. Not that anybody is afraid they’re going to be like Mount Vesuvius and turn into little mummies.” The whole region is under an ash advisory. The National Weather Service warned that people with respiratory ailments in the area could experience breathing problems. They also warned about potential damage to exposed electronic equipment. The Alaska Volcano Observatory reported that King Cove, which is located 30 miles southwest of Pavlof and has a population of about 900 people, has been dusted with ash. The observatory said that a second Alaska Peninsula volcano also continues to experience a low-intensity eruption. The observatory said that ash from Veniaminof Volcano, which is located 485 miles southwest of Anchorage, has been contained to the area around its 8,225-foot summit. The scientists say the eruptions at Pavlof and Veniaminof are unrelated. According to the observatory, there is a third Alaska volcano that is restless is in a more remote area, but that has not started spouting lava or ash. The Cleveland Volcano began its eruptive phase in the middle of 2011 and has been erupting on and off. It has not produced an explosive eruption since May 6. The Cleveland Volcano is located 940 miles southwest of Anchorage. -Kpopstarz
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25 Responses to Volcanic eruptions rage in Alaska: Geologist, “for some reason we can’t explain, activity picked up”

  1. bobby90247 says:

    These volcano’s ARE natural events that mark the return of Jesus in the End Times and are indicators that His time is NEAR!!!

    • Mercedes says:

      @ bobby90247, I totally agree. The events will tear the veil of ignominy and denial, many will ache for not having believed; every man will know that God exist.

    • Helen Parks says:

      Bobby – please be careful when you say Yeshua is coming soon.
      PLEASE keep in mind the FALSE messiah comes first.
      There is no point in the False Messiah coming last – is there!

  2. of course this will do nothing to disrupting global climate will it? (sarcasm)

  3. Its not rocket science…its quite straight forward…..it’s the WILDMAN OF THE MOUNTAINS…..!!

  4. GeronimoApache says:

    bobby90247 is correct

  5. GeronimoApache says:

    Remember “The seas shall boil” after the mark of the beast went active – demons walk the earth they carry the smell of sulfur this is In The Bible – yellow jackets bees All of God’s Creatures know who you are – suicide – drugs

  6. Helen Parks says:

    “For some reason we can’t (or won’t) explain”
    singsong: “Heelllooo”
    the entire world is shifting – the cycle of things (nothing to do with Jesus – )
    not only on their axis but in their orbits as well.
    We have had a few decades of a very quiet Earth – this is not common to the world record
    One only needs to glance at “A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events” by James A Marusek at impact@hughes.net where a really good list of human disrupting weather (most as a result of volcanoes) is supplied.
    For instance
    “In 1135 [in Europe], the heat and drought were extremely high. The pastures and the crops were
    scorched, and it was followed by a great dearth [lack] and famine. The rivers and springs dried up. The heaths of the mountains [small shrub with tiny evergreen leaves and pink or purple flowers] and the dry forests caught fire, allegedly from the glow of the sun’s rays. The Rhine River [in Germany] was almost completely dry and could be crossed on foot in several places.62″

    Up until this period from 6AD I did read it all and there was scarce a decade which did not have great suffering. I was getting sore eyes so will continue later… these records go as far as December 31 1900. This just illustrates how spolt we have all been in this last century, and we need to all realize that change is certain – and prepare for it

    • bobby90247 says:

      Perhaps you’re right, nothing to do with Jesus! But, I don’t think so! For one of the signs He said to look for, were “wonder’s in the Heavens”…that would indicate His time is NEAR! The shifting of planetary orbits is truly…a “wonder in the Heavens!” Along with the “Triangle in the Sun!” Among other “wonder’s in the Heaven’s!!!”

      “…just saying!!!”

      • Helen Parks says:

        yes, the God of Jesus – but not Jesus, first comes the False messiah (remember?) THEN later, maybe; (although Nostradamus says in 10 75 “Long awaited HE will never return”.) PLEASE – I beg you – do not let people think the real messiah comes first… there are many warnings from the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus about the False Rapture, the holograms in the skies, the false channellers and so on – this “rapture” (a word which appears no where in the bible) – is a mass abduction event…

    • marilyn Moon says:

      Yes the earth is shifting. It has shifted 23miles in the last 6 months. true north is shifted. The earths mantle is moving. Sink holes, fissures and such seen so many places. A Strange moaning heard all parts of the world. When and if we have a tribulation , Many may not survive.Humankind has it’s hand in the chaos as well with weather manipulation and Fracking machines.. believing in a Creator is not a Fail here. It is Hope and Love …

    • TexasRedNeck says:

      Helen Parks says: the entire world is shifting – the cycle of things (nothing to do with Jesus – )…………….

      Have you ever heard of “The Holy Bible”, ? It details these exact “End Time Events” .
      Don’t believe me ? Read it and see for yourself.

  7. johnny3supercub says:

    bobby90247 is absolutely correct. These are signs that God is using to mark his soon return. The reason for these terrible things happening so much more frequently , and more severity around the world is that Jesus is trying to get people back on their knees praying to him again. If People as nations and individuals would just start praying to God for his protection, and ask him to forgive their sins, he would forgive them, and would heal our world. It Is Time To WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! God Loves You, But Time Is Running Out. Things are only going to get worse from here on out. Jesus said the signs of his return, and of the end of the world would be: INCREASED EARTHQUAKES, FLOODS, FAMINES, PESTILENCES, WARS, RUMORS OF WARS, SIGNS IN THE SUN, THE MOON, AND THE STARS. THE OLD TESTAMENT SAYS THAT God Will Do NOTHING, until he has Revealed it to His Servants The Prophets first. The Test of a TRUE PROPHET OF GOD IS THAT HE IS NEVER WRONG !!!!! Wake Up Now, because you final Judgment nearer than You Know.. Time is rapidly running out for ALL WHO ARE NOT SAVED !!!!!


  8. Karla says:

    the great purefication has begun… Mother Nature is not Happy she fights back. the writing is on the wall in Hopi land.

  9. Attacus says:

    I do hope it’s the volcanoes causing the quakes and not the other way around. If a swarm where to hit a big volcano and it blew its top that could be very bad news for us. I think people don’t give these sleeping giants the respect they deserve. They have the ability to completely change the earth and our way of life yet everyone seems to more freighted of quakes and floods etc then volcanoes. They worry me more than anything.

    • Kajajuk says:

      A “perfect” storm is brewing its probability….
      7 billion with mouths agape…water movement in all its glorious forms trembles the Earth…pollution’s potential drawn centuries deep…turbulent weather destroys dependable yields… a shrinking (and shrunken) “Earth” invites pestilence..Oligarchs accelerate their “fattening” for the coming Winter as the serfs become less passive in their plight…virus’/fungi/bacteria find and carve new niches…

      It is just a matter of time until these (and others) variables line up for some localized unlucky such as to enflame the world (as we know it).

  10. Jim says:

    It’s a volcano. God doesn’t make it erupt. Plate tectonics do.

    • Helen Parks says:

      Hi Jim, I have a question, and it is true I awoke this morning with this thought. IF subduction is a real working theory – how come the ancient underwater archaeological sites do not “slide along” such as that off the Indian coast (off Harappa) and that one near Japan, and Bimini of course – after 50,000 years (the alleged first “tectonic” activity of Atlantis) one would think these sites be not still be in situ. Plus that one out in the deep ocean they recently found…

  11. Colleen says:

    Bobby90247, right on! Jesus is coming soon. He is trying to get everyone’s attention by what is happening in and around our globe. God bless each and everyone here on this site.

  12. TexasRedNeck says:

    It’s amazing how many people still don’t or won’t give God credit for creating the universe when He is the one responsible for it.
    Nothing is “just natural”.

    • Kajajuk says:

      Since being expelled from Eden, aside from the occasional spanking, the progeny of Adam & Eve are on their own…The Apple will not finish eating itself TRN.

    • Helen Parks says:

      why is God a “he”? No need to answer. Do you mean the Mind of the Universe? The Living Library (of Mother Nature [!] includes all living things) Mother Earth is responding to general mistreatment in the only way she can best get the job done.
      Da Vinci called it “shaking the bed to make it”.

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