Energy shift? Popocatépetl volcano growing more violent, Philippine volcano shaken by 15 earthquakes

A trio of forces at play: A Supermoon, a geomagnetic storm from a CME, and the advent of the summer solstice- did these forces create a energy shift in planetary processes within Earth’s interior? Volcanoes across the planet have suddenly become more agitated.
June 28, 2013MEXICO Seismic activity has picked up, suggesting that the volcano could be headed for more vigorous activity soon. SO2 emissions on NOAA recent satellite data have been relatively high as well. A magnitude 3.6 volcanic quake occurred on Tuesday night 23:57 local time and was located SE of the crater at 2 km depth. Over 3 hours of low frequency and short amplitude tremor were recorded. An earthquake swarms occurred yesterday as well and another one seems to have started an hour ago. The rate of small to moderate steam and ash explosions was reported to about 2 per hour during yesterday, with ash plumes reaching up to 1-2 km height above the crater. Ashfall has been reported at Tepetlixpa and Ecatzingo. On 25 June, with the support of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Navy of México, a reconnaissance flight over Popocatepetl´s crater was carried out. It could be observed that the inner crater has grown to 250 m in diameter and 60 m depth, as a result of the explosions of recent days. No other changes could be seen. (CENAPRED) – Volcano Discovery
MANILA, Philippines – Growing unrest is being reported at Taal Volcano in Batangas. The volcano appears to becoming more agitated. It has been shaken by 15 volcanic earthquakes in the past 24 hours. According to the Philippine Volcanic and Seismology (Phivolcs), there was also a slight increase of water level in the crater of the volcano. Ground deformation is also being reported on one flank of the volcano. A 6 km exclusion zone has been set up around the volcano to protect locals from any sudden, unexpected eruptions from the volcano. –Philstar
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10 Responses to Energy shift? Popocatépetl volcano growing more violent, Philippine volcano shaken by 15 earthquakes

  1. Funki says:

    And here I was looking forward to Xmas..however,.I don’t worry about the planet anymore..we are less than microbes on the back of an elephant and mother earth will do what she wants, regardless of our existance. So we must enjoy life while we can and we will all die eventually anyway 🙂


    • Bob says:

      Amen on enjoying life as we know it. The good news is we all have a road-map explaning what’s going happen in the future. Located in the pages of Revelation. Look for the Jews to get the Okay to build their third Temple in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount next to the Dome of the Rock. From that time on, we’re good for at least another 3-1/2 years before things really get bad! It’s the last 3-1/2 years that have me concerned 😉


  2. Coyoloco says:

    So “nothing happened on The Mayan December 21, 2012” Do you think that the Mayan’s knew of our own calendar dates? They may have been 2013 in cosmic calculations, and not 2012. El POPO will impact millions if it really blows! 20 million live near it!


    • IMG V

      If they were forecasting, and that’s the million dollar question “if” they were prognosticating a shift in energy patterns within the cosmos that would herald the shift of a new age, where planetary and solar changes would follow…we can’t help but look back and say, maybe, the calendar was pointing to something quite significant in terms of “change.”

      Maybe the ancient pagan iconography about the pyramid and the sun (Egypt- Maya- New Age) had a double meaning of the volcano and the mouth of fire at its summit crater- and that we are also entering the new Age of volcanic eruptions.


      • Shelley says:


        couldn’t agree with you more… i’ve always thought that symbol to represent a volcano and timing with the stars. it just fits and makes total sense.

        i recently watched World War Z (not to change the subject) but our cells are still pretty mysterious and maybe that also coincides with the change in the New Age….

        it’s a slow shift in things but it’s a shift none the less…

        all the best,


      • Winter says:

        yes good linkup….sun/fire same energy…work in tandem (hint – one can only do the work in the day – many substitute Jesus for the sun..saying Jesus never existed, because the sun seemed to follow all his doings.. but more so…the sun just reflected his body on is above, so is below..those zeitgiest people do not realise that having dualistic earth body to sun spirit is possible, so they rule out one and rule in another….so you could say…Jesus was a sun God,,,who walked the earth – It is quite probably that it is more pagan than you think, and thousands of years of myth gets rationalised into the only way the church fathers would accept)

        So…to me quite clearly….to say…look under the rock and there I am, is more literal than you think. If you consider the above a reflection of earth below, and also stars in the same manner. When we have the notion of stars falling like ripe figs, we have the notion of the higher self coming closer to the lower self, and In reality. And with the relevations of the sun walking on earth, and no need for a light above. Anyway enough said. Point being fire is all linked to the sun.


      • The symbol becomes nearly omnipotent in the human psyche but there is contrastable deviation in reality- between the simulacra and the simulation, as Baudrillard alluded. Lucifer becomes the sun god icon in the mystical sense but Christ becomes the manifestation of God, in the physical reality. The duality of forces does not imply equality- only that there is antithesis.


    • Mercedes says:

      Coyoloco: December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of great tribulation….Ppl should KNOW THAT! And realize that THE EARTH EVOLVES AT THE SAME SPEED AS SIN, MEN IS MARKING HIS FUTURE. The attack on nature will continue to hurl down one after the other, and they are not but the beginning… All that have been created moan with pains of childbirth upon seeing mankind’s destiny; the earth shakes before the eyes that remain blind. A series of events of natural origin ALREADY hangs over all the Earth.
      But like those who mocked Noah, so they will groan…..God Bless us!


  3. jenny says:….
    .we are becoming more and more engulfed in a local Fluffy Cloud..of cosmic energies…this might be one reason for the uptick in earth changes…among many other things…very interesting times..thank you alvin..for your wonderful website and exquisite information!


    • “The tilted field probably is a result from turbulence in the interstellar medium outside our solar system or results from collisions of clouds in the solar system neighborhood,” Opher says. In other words, gas clouds far from our solar system are smacking together in unexpected ways, mixing up the galactic magnetic fields that in turn funnels cosmic rays into the heliosphere. _USAToday

      “Additional compression from the Local Interstellar Cloud could allow more cosmic rays to reach the inner solar system, possibly affecting Earth’s climate and the ability of astronauts to travel safely through space.” -The Extinction Protocol, p. 200

      Thank you Jenny for being here. All the best,


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