Western New York State residents baffled by mysterious ‘boom noises’

March 17, 2013NEW YORKIt was about midnight on a night last week when Randy Smith took his dog outside and for the third time this year, heard the mysterious booms. “Three times in a row I heard it,” Smith said. “It sounds as loud as a sonic boom. Maybe louder. As soon as it goes off, the dog starts growling and gets startled.” Smith and his father, Laverne Smith, live at 748 Lewiston Rd. (Route 77) and have been hearing the booms for nearly two years now. They cannot pinpoint the source of the noise. “You can’t tell what direction it’s coming from,” Laverne Smith, 76, said. “The last good weather we had I was out near the shed and heard it.” Last year they heard the booms about 10 times, sometimes during the day and sometimes at night. “It seems to be just around here,” Randy Smith said. “I asked my sister who lives in Alabama Center and she hasn’t heard it.” It is a phenomena that has sparked curiosity throughout the country for several years now. The booms, however, have grown more frequent. In December, people in Rhode Island, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma reported hearing unusual booms and explosions. Newspaper reports revealed no unusual seismic activity in those regions, and all the noises have yet to be explained. In January, hundreds of people in northern Utah called emergency dispatchers reporting booms and shaking of the earth. The cause remains a mystery, though the Air Force said it had done training exercises, dropping bombs in the desert. Locally, 911 dispatchers in Chautauqua County were inundated with calls on Jan. 13, all reporting hearing a loud boom that shook houses. Police eventually determined the noise came from a 20-year-old man using an explosive called Tannerite, a legal compound that when struck with a bullet explodes. A few days later, on Jan. 16, residents in Gorham, Ontario County, reported a series of booms. “It was just a loud, explosion-like sound,” Janet Koller told the Canandaigua Messenger Post. “We saw nothing. It was dark by then. It was hard to even tell what direction it came from. It shook the house.” Ontario County sheriff’s officials said several people called to report the still unexplained booms. Booms also were reported in Le Roy. Former Daily News editor Ben Beagle said he was in his living room about 9 p.m. March 9 when he heard “some booms.” “I thought it was just neighbors, maybe shutting doors or something. Then, about 9:09 p.m., a series of boom-boom-booms that I thought must be thunder.” He checked the weather radar and all was clear, he said. Genesee County Senior Dispatcher Gary Diegelman said the county’s 911 system did not receive any reports of booms. He offered a few possible explanations for booms, at least those heard during the day. Diegelman said the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms often uses stone quarries in Le Roy and Alabama for training and detonating explosives. “We’ve had them coming in the past few years and they probably make a good-sized blast,” he said. “At night, it’s possible its propane cannons they use on farms to scare away animals.” Those, however, are usually heard during the spring and early summer when crops are planted are in various stages of growth. Three farmers contacted this week reported they do not use propane cannons and weren’t aware of any local farmers that do, at least at this time of year. So what’s going on? Dr. Mark Castner, director of Braun-Ruddick Seismograph Station at Canisius College, told WIVB-TV in Buffalo that booms can be associated with an earthquake, quarry blasts, building implosions or sonic booms. Seismographic records reported no unusual activity, however, and officials at Niagara Falls Air Reserve have had no aircraft flying in the area during the times of the reported booms. The Smiths live near National Fuel’s Empire Pipeline for natural gas. Could that be an explanation? No, says spokeswoman Karen Merkel. “I checked and we have no issues with the pipeline, we’re not doing any testing and we have no reported leaks,” she said. “We have nothing going on but we do want to be aware of it.” The Smiths have no idea what causes the booms around their house. –The Daily News
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29 Responses to Western New York State residents baffled by mysterious ‘boom noises’

  1. Irene C says:

    I’ve never heard any booms here, but, with all the theories out there, I would love to know what is really causing them.

    • Mike H says:

      Weird for sure.The states mentiond are along the outside perimeter of the New Madrid fault states.Weird?

    • Dave Mowers says:

      A government project to survive nuclear holocaust or in more refined terminology; a way to prosecute a nuclear war with less consequences for the victor. They are called tunnel boring machines and the project started in the fifties with underground bases that are today being linked so our entire military can fight from below the surface and emerge a thousand years later as new organism that will no longer resemble humans because if we don’t start a nuclear war Jesus will not come back and Satan will win the eternal conflict so say the loonies.

  2. Dennis E. says:

    I believe it is from stress. It has been posted that the Atlantic sea bed is spreading and that could be a reason.
    People have been posting they believe a major earthquake is going to strike both the east coast and west coast that could change the geographic mass of the USA.
    And some have posted that it is from mining or methane explosions.
    This we must consider… if these booming noises are being reported through out the USA, then
    must we consider that the very foundation we live on (under our very feet) is being compromised?
    If so, and I do not know, we could be living on sinking ground…………or ground ready to sink?

    Just a thought………………

  3. Bill says:

    Scalar Weapons are causing the booms

    • MC says:

      I think you may be right. I’ve heard these three or four times in the past year in southern Nevada. Not sonic boom loud, but like a big bomb going off a few miles away.

  4. Ian O'Brien says:

    I wonder if there have been any reports in Michigan. I have family there. I will have to ask.

  5. Butch Ored says:

    Funny that this article would come out. Here in Eden, Western New York, Last week 03/11-15/2013, I was outside and my granddaughter was inside the house. I heard a very large and deep resonating boom. Exactly at the same time, my granddaughter yells to my wife, (both inside the house); “BOOM – Did you hear that boom Nana ? “. We are also next to a popular shooting range and hear all sorts of shooting every day. But you could FEEL that this one was so different. And did not come from that direction. Of course then, I was thinking of all possible sources and dismissed the noise figuring that It would be one of those things I would never know what it was.

  6. J says:

    A few of us heard these in the Pac NW in Sept of 2011, maybe the third week.

  7. Joe says:

    Probably fracking

  8. Stuart says:

    Well, here in Fairfax County, VA (near Washington, D.C.), WE have been getting booms and earth shaking. I have no idea what it is, but have wondered if they are digging tunnels beneath us as we ARE close to D.C.

  9. Opus the Poet says:

    Small space object entering the atmosphere?

  10. Well it may be nature getting ready for the end of this age!! If not, It’s our government up to something that is no good!!!! :0

  11. Henry A. Eckstein says:

    I’m going to take a guess some new hypersonic spy plane is being tested
    either based out of Wright Patterson Air Force Base in OHIO or near the
    Westchester County NY area where there have been many reports of
    underground facilities that MAY be bases for top-secret aircraft.
    Upstate New York near the lakes and mountains are PERFECT
    areas for testing to see if new VISUAL STEALTH methods actually work.
    …I’m going to take a take a guess that this new aircraft is one of two types;
    either long and pointy like an arrow…OR…big and wide like a huge black flying triangle!
    Keep your cameras handy!

    • Barb says:

      I kind of thought that because it sounded like a missile to me.

      It was the middle of the night and I could not see anything but it was not the first time. I heard in the past about 7 years ago two nights in a row a strange noise like a flying maching slowly going over my house. My neighbor heard it as well.

      I think in this case you are correct.

  12. Barb says:

    I live in WNY south of Buffalo. In Jan I heard a very loud noise that woke me up about 3 am. I thought it sounded like a missle going over the area and it was loud. It did wake me from a sound sleep. No it was not a dream as I was fully awake as it was so loud. I looked out and saw nothing but it seemed to be going the direction of Canada and over the lake. I do not know if it was a missle but it was a loud sound for sure. It was hard to describe. I thought it was like a missile sound.

    • archie1954 says:

      Thee have been many reports lately of metors and other space debris hitting our atmosphere. Somtimes if they are large enough they will create a boom when they disintegrate. If that is what is occuring then I believe the Earth is entering a sector of space that has such objects in abundance and this may only be the start of our problems. The government would know about it of course but the civilian population will be the3 last to find out and only when it is too late. It gives another potential reason for all the underground facilities being built all over the country.

      • Barb says:

        Actually that makes sense but there was no flash of light. I heard about the bases and they could be for any cause. Such as nuclear and or economic meltdown which I expect to happen.

  13. Jack Madison says:

    High technology in the skies being tested. Plain and simple.

  14. Don McCoy says:

    I live in Rochester, and have friends in Le Roy (about 20 mins away on the thruway), and in Ontario County…none of them have heard this. I’m not discounting it, but Le Roy is a SMALL town. It must be pretty localized there. On the same token, there are a LOT of military bases around here (in the GENERAL area) including National Guards, Army, Navy, and Marine reserves, an Army base in Watertown…I mean, no shortage of flying machines…that make booms…just a thought.

  15. Tina says:

    I live in North Chili, NY, which is a suburb west of Rochester, and I hear these booms all the time. In fact, I just heard one this afternoon. They sound like a bomb going off, the buildings and windows rattle. I always assumed it was a sonic boom, but whatever it is, it’s a massive noise that shakes everything. I’ve never been outside when it happens. None of my neighbors have ever brought it up.

  16. Tina says:

    by the way…North Chili is about 20 mins from LeRoy, NY and 45 min. from Buffalo.

    • Barb says:

      I am south of Buffalo. I heard something in Jan in the middle of the night. Not the first time as well but it is usually a long time in between. Most people here say nothing as well.

  17. Paul says:

    I got out of bed at 1:30am to use the bathroom. I heard an explosion from the sky. I almost thought it was an earthquake. I am from Buffalo New York and am wondering if anyone else heard this!!

    • Check media reports could have been a meteor: AQUARIID METEOR SHOWER peaks July 29-30. Earth is passing through this now.

    • Barb says:

      No I did not hear it but a few weeks back I heard a big boom and not just me. My neighbor went outside as well. Sounded like a bomb but nothing came of it and it was over the lake towards Buffalo area. It was daylight as well. Could have been the meteor. Don’t know.

  18. evan says:

    i live in kingston ny and just heard a series of booms.so i googled it and this is the first thing i clicked on.and its just after midnight,just like the aritcle said.they sounded like small explosions or a very large gun shot/recoil.very erie,

  19. cpbane says:

    I experience this from the owner across the street from me about 2-3 times per month. He did it 3 times on Monday. All of these guesses are hilarious! What you are hearing is someone using a Tannerite exploding target. If you mix a bulk load of the stuff together (some people set off 30-50 pounds at a time) it can cause houses to shake, windows to rattle, pictures to fall off walls. Law Enforcement is having an issue with these explosions all across the country. You will typically hear a rifle shooting before hand. You have to use a high speed rifle to set the Tannerite off (www.tannerite.com).

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