Chilling report: 10,000+ could die in major Northwest U.S. earthquake

March 16, 2013PORTLAND Coastal towns would be inundated. Schools, buildings and bridges would collapse, and economic damage could hit $32 billion. These findings were published in a chilling new report by the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission, a group of more than 150 volunteer experts. In 2011, the Legislature authorized the study of what would happen if a quake and tsunami such as the one that devastated Japan hit the Pacific Northwest. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, just off the regional coastline, produced a mega-quake in the year 1700. Seismic experts say another monster quake and tsunami are overdue. “This earthquake will hit us again,” Kent Yu, an engineer and chairman of the commission, told lawmakers. “It’s just a matter of how soon.” When it hits, the report says, there will be devastation and death from Northern California to British Columbia. Many Oregon communities will be left without water, power, heat and telephone service. Gasoline supplies will be disrupted. The 2011 Japan quake and tsunami were a wakeup call for the Pacific Northwest. Governments have been taking a closer look at whether the region is prepared for something similar and discovering it is not. Oregon legislators requested the study so they could better inform themselves about what needs to be done to prepare and recover from such a giant natural disaster. The report says that geologically, Oregon and Japan are mirror images. Despite the devastation in Japan, that country was more prepared than Oregon because it had spent billions on technology to reduce the damage, the report says. Jay Wilson, the commission’s vice chairman, visited Japan and said he was profoundly affected as he walked through villages ravaged by the tsunami. “It was just as if these communities were ghost towns, and for the most part there was nothing left,” said Wilson, who works for the Clackamas County emergency management department. Wilson told legislators that there was a similar event 313 years ago in the Pacific Northwest, and “we’re well within the window for it to happen again.” Experts representing a variety of state agencies, industries and organizations expanded on the report’s findings and shared with lawmakers how they have begun planning. Sue Graves, a safety coordinator for the Lincoln County School District, told lawmakers that high school students in her district take semester-long classes that teach CPR and other survival techniques in the wake of a giant earthquake. The class teaches students to “duck, cover and hold” when the ground starts shaking. Maree Wacker, chief executive officer of the American Red Cross of Oregon, said it is important for residents to have their own contingency plans for natural disasters. “Oregonians as individuals are underprepared,”  she said. –KATU
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21 Responses to Chilling report: 10,000+ could die in major Northwest U.S. earthquake

  1. Sam Beckett says:

    Not a question of if, just when. The Cascadia fault has not had a significant eruption in over 300 years…scientist believe it is overdue. From the various documentaries I have watched on earthquakes, how the earth was made, et cetera..this fault has the ability to produce a huge eruption that will create a tsunami big enough to wipe out big cities like Seattle & all cities in northern ca, washington, Oregon…all cities near the coast. It will happen, guaranteed 100%. Could be today, tomorrow or *shrug* 100 years, but it will happen


  2. tdenbeck says:

    People need to hear this wake up call and take action. I personally am expecting it sooner than later. The casualties would far surpass that of Japan because of the denial that America lives in. This is no joke and I pity the person who continues to live in denial of this reality and not prepare, or be congnizant of what to look for or how to act in the event. This is one of those situations where we could learn from Japan. Implementing awareness and determining high risk areas and making people aware of what to do in the event is imperative. Too many times I have heard from people who believe that it only happens in other countries.


    • Sam Beckett says:

      Agreed. Too many Americans think mega-disasters are impossible here or that it will be millions of years. Reality is there are several super-volcanos here that will erupt, scientists truly have no clue when, because super-volcanos have just only recently been discovered & know next to nothing about them. I fully expect in my lifetime to see a mega disaster here. The southern San Andres fault here in California has not had a full eruption in over 200 years, the Cascadia fault, 300 years, & various other fault-lines that will produce a 7.0+ here in America. People get so “shocked” when a disaster happens. If you live near or on the coast, live near volcano, live where tornados, et cetera happen…the only person to blame is themselves for choosing to live there.


    • Qc - Canada says:

      What a good REALISTIC comment. Indeed, people always think it won’t happen to them nor in their lifetime – but it can. I rarely invoke my relationship with the ‘Maker’ but one must always be ready to meet him, never leave a dispute brewing, never slam down the phone on love one and always always have the humility to say I LOVE YOU to all those you love.


    • Justin Case says:

      I don’t know why they continue to teach “drop and cover”. Search and rescue tells us time and time again to get next to something , not under it. Get under = Get squashed .


  3. atterro says:

    Joe Brandt vision “This is California We Are Going Into the Sea”

    Scary that it might come true!


  4. romalynn says:

    I live right here in this area, and yes I do believe it is coming, have felt this way for years now. Americans, as a whole are asleep and probably even deluded to some point. Now right now I would like to move to Texas to be with my daughter and new grandbaby, husband not so sure about moving. Well we will see if we make it out of here before it hits. However, I am not deluded enough not know that this whole earth is due for catastrophic failures so to speak. Bad word I am sure. But all who frequent this site know that earth changes are on the move and moving more rapidly now. Now I never believed in the 2012 mayan prophecy so much, well the way it was portrayed anyway, I think that hollywood and others made it into something it was not intended. But I do for sure think something happened in the universe that put this earth into another setting, like Alvin has said. One thing I know is that we should be prepared each day for we do not know for sure what comes. Thanks again Alvin for all the good work you do here.


  5. Roger says:

    Keep an eye on So. Cal. The fuse was lit back several years ago with the quakes south of the border. The swarms of quakes have spread north and into the Imperial Valley and into the San Jacinto and Elsinore fault systems which are directly connected to the San Andreas. When the quakes reach the nexus near the southern end of the 1857 break point, the BIG ONE is imminent. Keep an eye also on the northern end of 1857 break point. Whole areas have come alive that had few earthquakes recorded on it since the 1906 quake. Something big is approaching.


  6. Irene C says:

    Yeah, Yeah, Blah…blah…blah. Same ol’ rhetoric. Nothing to see here folks. Go on home, back to the sand you keep your head in.

    Unfortunately, that seems to be the mindset of many who live on the West Coast. I see the same attitude when I mention the New Madrid fault. People will ask “What’s that?” And they say “Earthquakes don’t happen here”. It’s just amazing how blind people are as to what can and will happen, I believe sooner than later. Most don’t even have enough food and water to last for three days, let alone a week.

    Oh, and don’t forget – The government will help us. (We saw how well that worked after Superstorm Sandy.)


    • Me says:

      Maybe it’s because i grew up in So Cal, but when earthquakes hit here in Central Oklahoma, they terrify me. We had a 5+ a couple years back and I can not begin to express my terror that it was “the big one”. We don’t *all* have our heads in the proverbial sand!!


      • Irene C says:

        Oh, I wasn’t implying that everyone has their heads in the sand. I know that there are many who are paying attention to what is going on. But there are also many who just continue on as if it’s old news and that it will never happen in their lifetimes. I get equally frustrated with tornado warnings. My city has never been hit by a tornado, although they have come close. When the sirens go off, many treat it as an annoyance and go on their merry way. So many people are totally oblivious that any natural disaster will affect them.


  7. Chynna says:

    My kook-pa told me a story, that was passed down through generations, about how some islands off the coast of Powell river have been periodically swallowed by the ocean. The knowledge goes back over 2000 years. Texada and Harwood islands are known sinkers likely caused by a large earthquake. It happened more than once in 2000 years…I fear it will happen again soon. There was a lot of talk about 15 yrs ago that gov’t bodies would initiate small earthquakes to prevent a large thrust. It would b horrible if they actually caused the big one by doing this!
    My dad says submarines have been seen in front of Powell river. I hope it’s not related. It’s unheard of to see subs in the inlet due to all the reefs and stuff…wierd times for sure


  8. Donnie says:

    Joe Brandt 1937 Vision ”This is California we are going into the sea”

    Pretty scary, but I believe he actually did see how this will go down!


  9. Emanni says:

    one year ago – March 2012
    Cascadia Earthquake Animation


  10. Julie Snider says:

    I’m sorry… I don’t want to watch fellow humans die, but if you continue to live in an area that is a known fault zone…well then Dah! To continue to think that it won’t happen to you, well you must be really, really special. Sorry if the big one hits, too bad, information is out there, no excuse not to know. Off you go then…


  11. Bobi Becker says:

    I do believe that the 10,000 estimate is extremely conservative, considering the number of people whom live along the coast and somewhat inland. The cities of Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and their surrounding cities will be hit hard and I do not even have an estimate of how many people live there. Sad to say but this pending disaster is going to be huge…… All I can say is Blessed Be to all…..


  12. Joy Hurley says:

    You have heard it all before – be prepared. In reality it is the simple things that kill people. Falling objects. Children’s bedrooms being blocked by fallen bookshelves, TV’s falling and crushing small children. Secure all heavy objects in your house, especially in children’s bedrooms. Large earthquakes are survivable if you are prepared for them. The reality is that if large enough you will not have time to take shelter, you probably will not even be able to stand up and walk (I know after the 7.1 we had here in Christchurch). Mother Nature is random, you can’t predict when or where. I have 3 cats, and surrounded by neighbours with dogs – not once have I had a pre-warning from the animals, not once during the 10,000+ tremors we have had did I have a pre-warning, and yes I have been looking for signs. To all those folks in the high risk earthquake zones – kia kaha as we say in NZ – stay strong.


  13. Dennis E. says:

    Also, consider how would a catastrophic earthquake effect the volcanoes in those states?
    There are a reported 6 volcanoes in Washington and Oregon alone.
    But, why should we be surprise? We live in a world of constant change.


  14. safdarali083 says:

    Scary that it might come true!


  15. Barley says:

    I hope if anyone has any inclination whatsoever,perhaps a nudging on their heart to pay extra attention, to say a prayer(s), to take certain actions, and to ask Jesus about this, that they might just do so, and perhaps be spared harm, if and or when this may occur.I had a dream about 3 years ago about this very thing happening in this exact area. I was shown a volcano/earthquake(s) would trigger a tsunami in this area (the juan de fuca plate) I was told it would be the Cascades. I pray some would take this seriously. Make of it what you wish.


  16. TexasRedNeck says:

    I believe that the total number of deaths would be closer to ten times that amount. It could also trigger quakes in California.
    >>> romalynn <<< Come on down to Texas, here on the Gulf Coast we have our share of hurricanes, but at least we have ample warning as to when they will hit so that we can prepare.


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