58 Responses to Earth in crisis: Is the planet on the verge of a ‘meltdown’?

  1. In addition, the reader might take a look at the earthquake prediction map of Stan Deyo for the dates of January 4 and January 5. The “circled” areas are larger and more numerous than at any time since Stan resumed predictions in November 2012, after some years of not having access to the data which formerly allowed his predictions. In fact the map he presents for today is downright frightening, with two big circles on the west coast of the United States. He cannot issue predictions except for coastal or mid-ocean points, as there is a water-temperature ingredient in the data he uses.
    As for the moral decline, the incident of the rape in India is so horrifying–the reaction to it by the police–that one cannot possibly come up with a meaningful comment. Just pure horror.
    And there was another public shooting in Aurora Colorado today that killed a few–I forget how many, four I think.
    The Bible, the article states, predicted these things. Cling to the statements that God is Love, too.
    Find out how God is Love. It’s the individual’s only chance.

    • Kat says:

      Thanks for the heads up about Stan Deyo’s earthquake maps. I used to follow them years ago but didnt realise he was doing them again. Cheers

  2. niebo says:

    “But know this, that in the last days grievous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, railers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, WITHOUT NATURAL AFFECTION, implacable, slanderers, WITHOUT SELF-CONTROL, fierce, no lovers of good. . . ”

    2 Timothy 3:1-3 ASV

  3. Stacey says:

    I wonder what the correllation is to when scientist are starting the CERN machine up and performing tests and the earthquake/volcanic activity…there is so much more to CERN’s activity that I believe is contributing to our earth’s changes..although you don’t come across too much info about it. CERN is a dangerous machine that is messing with things it just shouldn’t be,

    • Derrick Fitzgerald says:

      CERN is greatest quest to date for exploring the very small and not a threat to the earth. The greatest endangerment to this planet is the rampant ignorance that for example has saturated these posted comments.

  4. Tony Jiang says:

    “The Bible, the article states, predicted these things.” a vague statement is not a prediction, and no violence is actually at a all time LOW crime is at also an all time low… also that scientist is an idiot, he has no idea of how the earth works, you are just sensationalizing rare freak events….

    • Warren H. says:

      So why is it that the usa has had over 10,000 crime related gun deaths this year and illinois has had 500 alone with 40 of them being children?? so obviously the internet is trying to find ever piece of crime to try and make us believe that crime is escalating?? why??

    • Greg says:

      Oh, Tony, please tell us what your scientific background is. You seem to know all of the answers we are all seeking, so please fill us with your scientific brilliance.

    • maponos says:

      So I assume then you have a degree in geology?

      • Gav says:

        maponos, science not based on Scripture cannot establish truth but science based on sound Biblical knowledge and Truth can be proven. Man in his arrogance has done everything possible to disprove Scripture but they cannot, and most of what is written in Scripture has been confirmed by archaeology. Archaeology based on man’s interpretation of science leads to nothing more than speculation and fabrications as proven many times throughout the history of man.
        If man would base everything on Scripture they would be able to prove everything, when and where life on earth started, why the dinosaurs died out, why the earth warms and cools, why carbon is all part of the earths warming and cooling cycle etc etc. Man has no control of this planet but does and has poisoned it with total disdain.
        One doesn’t need man made science or scientists that cannot see past their own self obsessed nature but, we do need salvation, salvation from what is going to happen to us and for very good reason, and written about more than 3000 years ago.
        We are in the last days of man’s governess of this planet and thank the Elohim of Israel that this is case as the (greedy self obsessed) people that have governed this planet have run it literally into the ground and we the people are paying the price for it.
        We all have a choice, come to Him willingly or face the consequences that are unfolding across the globe. Obama will remove or ignore the US constitution very soon and will enforce his tyranny on all.
        Wake up people as time is very short.

    • Anreeta Ben says:

      I totally agree…this is a vrry dangerous machine/weapon that stretches its influeance on a cosmic level…now in the hands of psychos..


  5. Gav says:

    Nothing new here, these things that are happening were written about more than 3500 thousand years ago and confirmed 2000 years ago when Yehoshua ben David walked the earth and warned man. We have famine, pestilence, natural disasters that have been increasing 10 fold for the past 2-3 years, financial crash (although man made), all of which are occurring at the same time and for very good reason – the moral decline of society that was influenced exponentially with the invention of TV, which is where a lot of families learn their morals (if you can call them that), and their children learn that Hollywood glorifies everything that is wrong with this world, so what do children do, they do what they see because its been drummed into them via video, games entertainment etc etc.
    So not surprised and will not be surprised as things get a lot worse in 2013. No I’m not a pessimist I’m a realist.
    The instructions for life were handed down to Moses on Mt Sinai and if man had obeyed them we would live in a perfect world. What we have is a result of man’s stiff necked ways, influenced by HaSatan and the haughtiness of man whom thinks they are intelligent – yes right, that’s why most of the world is in dire straights and a small % live lavishly while children die everyday of starvation, and governments spend billions on arms, sports, entertainment etc – sick world and the time for a new government is long passed – i cannot wait for man to be removed from governing and put in his place – every knee will bow, hear that Obama.

  6. A Canadian says:

    I agree Tony Jiang
    I came across an interesting video entitled: Conspiracy of Science – Earth is in fact growing. It explains the reasons for the various earthquakes we are experiencing in very plain language. Have a look. It has nothing to do with God.

  7. Therese Denbeck says:

    This has been a very informative article. Thank you so much. I am saddened by the events described. I had a dream once tha I travelled down into a bronze underground area. It was round shaped and as I walked along the wall I ended up standing in front of a man sitting in a wooden chair/throne there was like black stuff in his mouth (like ink) and I was going to be nice to the person (who I recognized to be a certain person) but then I realized they owed me an apology. Yes the dream does remind me of the lawless one described in the scripture. Alot of my dreams can be directly correlated to specific scripture.

    • chris says:

      what you have seen in the truth. There is one, whom dwells within the deep…and it is from him, that all the afflictions of man arise. Soon this one will come to the surface, and will lay claim to the world that he has created. But thankfully his world does not last, and is soon torn asunder.

  8. John Willliams says:

    We have all been warned that these things were going to happen, its all in the Bible, everything that is happening around the world is written there. Everyone needs to prepare themselves for our Lords return for it is near..

    • Randy Crompton says:

      And, given the rate at which the Arctic is melting off, the window for humanity is closing. Watch Iran closely, Revelation 6 Seal #2 states that Persia will take peace from the Earth, and with it access to Persian Gulf oil. Now that will cause a stir….

  9. Dennis E. says:

    Well, it has been posted on this site by many well read and insightful bloggers that the unraveling of society, econmonic and earth change events would increase and would probably mirror each other as a house of cards that is collasping.
    It seems that it is not one item such as earth change that is unraveling, but everything as if in a coordinated movement.
    We have a glimpse of the horrors to come as we see the information posted here and just recently
    Sandy Ridge; That was probbably the most evil act I have ever heard of in my life.

    That is just the tip of what is coming. We could see foreign troops posted in the USA in the future and the country zoned as other countries have and are with major travel restrictions. Total control and the suspension of individual consitutional rights.

  10. Suzanne says:

    Somebody PLEASE explain to me why people that hurt children are allowed to continue to exist on this planet. It’s obvious to me that divine intervention is not going to happen for these precious children so we as a society need to stand up and take thses loathsome, detestable, disgusting monsters out!!!!! I can hardly stand the thought of much less read about these atrosities. What is worse, these are just the ones we hear of. Sorry for my rant, I just can’t take the injustice and heinousness of it all.

    • tonic says:

      These people live their lives in darkness. Would you like to wake up at sunrise and not marvel at the sheer beauty and wonderous color it brings with it. They lack this understanding of beauty.
      Their arterlife will reflect their lack of love, and not a place I would ever want to visit. Trust in God, will answers all your questions.

    • Teresa says:

      Killing the child killers is not fixing the problem – it actually frees those sick souls to do more damage. Most, if not all, evil on the planet is encouraged and instigated by people who have passed into the spirit world and are still around, prodding people on the planet into doing things they wouldn’t have thought to do by themselves. If we kill all the murderers, rapists and bullies, they have more power than if we incarcerate them and treat them in a more loving manner than they treated others.

      • Magenta says:

        Teresa, I agree, in fact there is a scripture that says something like when you cut the head off of the evil, two grow in its place. Our battle is not of the flesh, but of principalities and powers. Even though we can’t see these unseen powers, you can feel them in extreme situations. With all the evil we are seeing in the world, its important not to get sucked into the fear. Don’t lose faith no matter what, I assure you the the truth the way and light will be victorious! Remember you are not your things, if you are left with just you in a disaster, you still have a light in your heart, your gift by grace! And Jesus said that we could do the things he did and even greater! Lets focus on the positive and just try to spread as much love to others as you can. Pray for peace and that those people who are creating the chaos and hate in the world, will stop their destructive behavior.

      • tellthetruth1 says:

        Teresa: Be at least a little comforted, if that’s the right word? Here’s what happens to those who leave this world without Christ: found in Luke 16:19-31. These sick souls who have not repented are taken account of by God Himself. It’s a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of Almighty God: Hebrews 10:31.

    • Lulu says:

      if you truly want to know where kids are being harmed and destroyed the most, it’s in the elite circles in the world. There are pedophiles in our government and in the entertainment business. The rich and powerful are a given but also, Hollywood and DC are massive cesspools but God said vengeance is His and that we will all give account. Many that have been involved in the industry and that have worked in the DC underworld tell of these things. There is pure evil in this world, the king of this world, Satan rules the elite and he wants to destroy the most pure and innocent in this world. This is the world we live in. What we hear on the news is not even CLOSE to the depravity that occurs day in, day out. The earth is now groaning over thousands of years of human sin and depravity…all through this, God is on the throne and Christ will one day reign over all. When you realize the true evil that men are capable of and the deep, deep darkness of the evil, spiritual kingdom, you can’t help but RUN to Christ.

      • K says:

        You are so right Lulu. So many in high places in government, Hollywood, UN, etc. are disgusting, vile people who care nothing about protecting the innocents of this world only care about power, money… I recently saw a film called the Whistleblower true story about a woman from the US who went to Bosnia as a UN peacekeeper woman she uncovered things about some UN peacekeepers, workers invoked with selling, buying young women in the sex trade. Wolves in sheeps clothing. I am running to Jesus.

  11. scj7129 says:

    …..knowledge increases, men run to and fro….

    The reason there are more of these of these “incidents”–news of earthquakes, humankind’s degeneracy, is because of NEWS & CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION!!! I’m sure just as many incidents happened back then as now, comparatively speaking!


    If we didn’t have technology and communication, we wouldn’t be hearing of news much more than our local state and country!


    I wouldn’t put it past TPTB to use Tesla Tech for nefarious purposes!

  12. Thanks Alvin great post. It really shows what’s coming. Time to prepare spiritually. Praying for all.

  13. David says:

    Yes we are certainly getting bigger and more often Earthquakes that is fact, we are also seeing more illness in people & Animals too since September 2012 with a 70% increase in Cancer of pets & 40% increase in cancer in people since May 2012.
    Most of this is sue to us consuming food like meat & fish & bread that is high in cancer causing products filled with PCB’s and Radiation from Japan in the last few months.

  14. Nancy Coleman says:

    Okay. The structure of what we knew is broken. So we still should make it our number one priority to love one another in the time remaining. Any act of kindness with understanding will multiply the comfort we receive while we’re here. After all, are we bodies with spirits or spirits with bodies?

  15. jon says:

    i wonder if it has to do with haarp going right straight thru the earth from where they point it at?

  16. Joni says:

    Now this will let you know how close it is. Blessings joni

    “The Extincti

  17. Colleen says:

    I have had a nasty virus for a month now. It has a vicious grip on my body. Pestilences are becoming more ferocious and longer lasting to its host. There is so much going on this world, that I want to leave this planet. Keep our eyes upward, for Jesus is coming sooner than we think.
    PS. I just viewed a strange map of the USA earthquake activities and strange movements. Is it my imagination or does it look like the New Madrid is coming to life. It was a strange map indeed. It looks rather scary.

    • Dennis E. says:

      No, I saw perhaps the same map on Stan Deyo’s website and it appeared to me that all the states from the gulf up to Tenneessee and some beyond up to the great lakes were affected by this strange shaking/reverbration, to include Georgia. But the states that border the mississippi river seemed to be the most affected. Everyone should take a look.
      It is quite interesting, to say the least………….

    • nickk0 says:

      Colleen – If you, or anyone else, has a link to this ‘map’, or an article that it was presented in, please post it – I would like to see this.

      Thanks in advance !!

    • tonic says:

      Colleen, virus has no easy fix. Are you ok?

  18. Angelsong says:

    As you said, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon! As Christians, we are called to go forth and tell people about the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. He knew what perilous times we would endure, but our job here on this earth does not involve getting discouraged or being afraid but to go forward and to proclaim the gospel of the one who gave it all! “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”. (Philippians 4:6-7)

    • We have nothing to fear but fear itself. There is a message of hope laced in with the change.

      And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.” -Revelation 21:5

  19. Katherine says:

    Alvin, thanks for a most interesting post. Especially that the earthquakes are diametrically opposed on the globe…very interesting. I also agree that the social fabric seems to be unravelling around the world. Uncivility seems to be on an increase, from the impatience at checkout counter at the grocery store, to resentful flight attendants, even my children’s teachers at school seem to have less respect…the world is under more stress, and so are we… As above, so below…

  20. smokethebarbecue says:

    The unusual thing about the rape in India is not that it happened, it’s that many people in India are protesting and demanding justice. The status of women in many parts of the world is so low that rapes are common and unpublicized. So the fact that we know about the rape in India and that so many people are outraged is actually positive.

  21. Deborah Beall says:

    I agree

    Sent from my iPad

  22. John Willliams says:

    Alvin, about how long do you believe that it will be before the Continental U.S has a or a series of large (7.0 or greater) Earthquakes?.. I believe that our luck is likely to run out pretty soon.

    • I

      The North American continent has a troublesome geological past. Not only is the land mass acquiring a lot of heat, it has pressure from the both the Eurasian and the Pacific plates, and even to some extent Juan de Fuca. The African continent is rifting. Similarly, the Indo-Australian plate is in the early stages of breaking up…heat is the catalyst driving the changes across land masses and in the Ring of Fire. We can assume other plates will be affected as the anomalistic heating trend within the planet’s interior becomes more uniform. We should not only expect some large earthquakes but rifting of coastal regions and interiors is also possible. It goes without saying….the Long Valley caldera is now experiencing its third seismic swarm in 12 months. So the heat is on…

  23. Chuck says:

    Hi Alvin,
    I have seen many reports of record cold and at the same time, record highs. Have you seen anyone who has put this into perspective on a global scale, that might show how this is related to any shift in the magnetic north? Or possibly a shift in the jet stream?

    • m


      Many said we were heading for an Ice Age. Many said it was globing warming. I’m the only one, I know of that hypothesized the planet would vacilate between an extreme of both spectrums.

      “Extreme winters, partial glaciations, blistering temperatures from a runaway global heating trend and a chaotic Sun on the precipice of convulsion will render life in many regions of the world unbearable…the winters were becoming harsher, more severe; just like the summers. There is no respite to nature’s sting, nor will there be. The dramatic changes sweeping across the planet will intensify with even more catastrophic consequences. Extreme conditions will follow.” The Extinction Protocol, pp. 9, 140 (2009)

  24. nanoduck says:

    Personally, I don’t believe in single powerful evil entity, referred to many as the Devil (among many other names), but there are certainly many entities that could as well be the devil. They co-exist with us on a different plane and they enjoy tormenting people, making them suffer, because they feed off the energies given off by people who are suffering. What we are seeing here is that they are growing desperate, because the control that they have had over the world is slipping away, so they are stepping up their actions. We can see that manifest primarily in men of power– as they try to tighten their control and pass numerous laws and rule, limiting freedom, and becoming more and more irrational. They use more and more of their military might to crush people who oppose. Also, we can see that too in increasing cases of psychotics, mental illness, violent behaviors. drug use, and others. People are literally losing their grip on reality, committing acts of violence and insanity on levels never before seen. I recently swore off reading the news because I couldn’t stomach the amount of insanity that is happening in the world now.

    • Gav says:

      nanoduck, unfortunately a good proportion of the globe feel the same way as you, and its not until you have a broader understanding of Scripture and how Scripture tells the truth about the history of man, how man spread around the globe, a lot of science that has distorted and hidden, but the blessings come when you teshuvah (repent) to Aveenu Shebashamayim (our father in heaven) and live according to His ways as stipulated in the Tanakh and upheld by His son Yeshua, and then he will show you what truth and you will be educated by the Ruach Hakodesh (set apart Spirit) on the hidden things and why this world is the way it is. The end of man’s governance is not far away. Satan has blinded people / the world into believing there is no Echad (one) creator of all things, and if you do not believe in Him then you will not believe in Satan. Satan is as real as you and i and he wants one thing, for man to destroy himself, and that’s exactly has been happening since mad rejected YHWH (God) and will continue until the return of Mashiach ben David in the near future. All the events that are happening across the globe have been written about in the Tanakh thousands of years ago and confirm by Yeshua in the Brit Chadashah erroneously called the new testament.
      Seek Him and He will show you.

      • nanoduck says:

        Sorry, you have it backwards. MAJORITY of the world do believe in the devil. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and many other religion believes that. Only with deeper realization do you find that religions are just a illusion, hiding people from the greater truth. WE are the ones responsible for the evils in the world, and WE have the power to stop it. WE have free will. Jesus said that if we had faith the size of mustard seed, we could literally move mountains. Faith in Jesus? No, faith in ourselves, my friend.

      • Gav says:

        nanoduck, that’s because Satan is real, he was created first as an angel of light before he became and angle of darkness. Most of the world blindly follow Satan because they believe the lie that he has perpetrated and perpetuated and the world follows him blindly without even realizing it, and that includes man made religions like christianity, Isalm and Judaism, all three which were born from the same book but do not do what it says because they are hypocrites. All three religions manipulate the word to suite their doctrine. Islam is a fictional religion that can be disproved not only from the Hebrew Scriptures but from history. Judaism today and when Yeshua walked this earth is not True Judaism, they do not follow the Torah of Moses they follow their Talmud which they believe only they have a right to interpret Scripture, wrong. Christianity of today is so far from the christianity that Yeshua of Nazareth spoke about its not funny. Christianity is all about money, deception and grace, all mixed up concepts that can be easily stripped away by studying the Scriptures without christian influence, then the truth shines forth. You see the Scriptures are true and the foundation of His word is what was handed down to Moses for man to live by. Satan doesn’t want people to follow truth because it brings them closer to their creator and Satan doesn’t want us closer to the Elohim of Israel, he wants us dead, that is his goal. So by following false religions that is exactly where one ends up, dead.
        If people want to following after their friends and colleagues because they do not have the strength or spirit to follow truth that according to Scripture is the 5-books of Moses then that is unfortunate but typical in a world whom blindly follows what the majority follow. Yeshua the son of YHWH (G-d) came to uphold and teach His fathers commandments to who? to the lost sheep of the tribes of Israel, very clear in the Brit Chadashah erroneously called new testament by the replacement theologians that churchianity have churned out since the 2 century. Most of what the western church stands for is anti-semitism which is how christianity was formed, and history shows what christianity has done to anyone who did not follow their new religion especially the keeping of sunday as the new Sabbath. Where is that in Scripture, no where! Anyway there is so much that i cannot tell you on this forum apart to say that if you ask Him He will show you, but first Teshuvah, and start doing what His son did, keep all His fathers commandments especially the true Sabbath, then through the Ruach Hakodesh he will teach you what you need to know. These things you will not learn in a christian church as they either teach the doctrine of men or do not teach at all.
        Shalom u’vrakhah (peace and blessings) Yehoshua HaMashiach

    • tonic says:

      Completely agree. Looking back on all the truly horrffic events that took place over the last few years how can a devil, or Satan, outshine the evil displayed by some humans. Be it, gang raping a young girl on a bus, shooting kids in a school, or just 60,000 deaths in a country that simply want a change of government. If Satan does exist, then he must be laughing……..a lot.

      Looking back, the was something special in a community that would gather together every Sunday, more or less just to say “Hi” to God. Perhaps this was the foundations of what we now call “a community”

  25. André says:

    And the world is quite about the genocide on the Afrikaner and other white people in South Africa. More than 3000 farmers brutally killed by methods such as pouring hot water down their throuts, after raping woman forcing a broom into her body, putting a baby in a microwave, ironing a victin with a hot iron from head to toes and then left to die, etc. Even more whites are killed in the cities and although people from all races gets murdered the difference is in the brutality and torture that sometimes lasts for hours. Farm murders currently takes place at a rate of one per day. And so it continues in silence.


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