Dust storms + drought = Dust Bowl 2.0: Arizona hit by back to back dust storms

July 24, 2012 PHOENIXA dust storm, or haboob, enveloped the greater Phoenix area in a cloud of yellow-gray blowing dust on Saturday night. The dust storms are becoming more frequent. For the second time since Saturday, a dust storm muscled its way into the Valley, just in time for the afternoon commute. National Weather Service meteorologist Charlotte Dewey said the storm was moving northwest and was first spotted between Eloy and Tucson. The dust storm covered cities in the metropolitan Phoenix area such as Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, Santan Valley, Chandler, Casa Grande and downtown Phoenix. There were no official estimates of its size, but Dewey says spotters estimated it was around 2,000 feet tall. She says there were also reports of 35 mph wind gusts in the area, and a report of a 50 mph gust at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Above are photos of the event from The Associated Press and our iWitness Weather contributors. –KPHO
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20 Responses to Dust storms + drought = Dust Bowl 2.0: Arizona hit by back to back dust storms

  1. Hey Alvin. Finally just purchased your book here.
    To start with i was Highly Skepticle, i told myself i didn’t want to spend money on something that could all just be a desperate plea for money. However, over the 2 years that i have been reading your blog I have decided it’s time i brought the book. So now i have to wait 4 – 5 days for shipping :|. Peace – Callum

    • Callum, events have definitely been escalating and you’ve seen it unfold with your own eyes. I’m delighted to know you’ve been here for 2 years. I’m both grateful and appreciative to have you as a reader. Enjoy your read and thanks for the purchase.

      peace and many blessings,

  2. Richard Queener says:

    All those people from Nebraska the Dakotas Minnesota etc who emigtated to Phoenix, will wish they had never gone there. Getting away from the winter snow has other undesireable side effects.Phoenix was nice place in the 1950’s and 60’s but has turned into a hell hole.

  3. Kyrathyel says:

    My Mom lived in the Phoenix area in the 1930’s. I was born and raised there. Massive duststorms are normal there! The local Pima tribe experienced them for centuries. It has always been a part of the monsoons. The duststorms happen every single summer. Desert means very dry all the time. Lots of mountains around the desert means thunderstorms collapse with windshear. Arizona has mountains. Lots of them. Arizona has deserts, as well. It has always had wild weather.

    • Funny. For the time I spent in Phoenix living there for awhile and later visiting, I never encountered a dust storm. I remember Monsoons but never experienced a dust storm.

  4. James says:

    I have seen mini dust storms but nothing that extreme. It is signs of the times. Sadly I would like to see one of those mega dust storms.

  5. suz says:

    Yes, they are normal….but they are getting bigger and more frequent. Experts are saying the American southwest will see warmer climates (up to 10 deg. warmer in the next 20 yrs.) Hotter weather means drier and the grasses won’t be able to thrive and the grasses keep the soil intact. Without the grasses it’s easier for the wind to pick up the dust from the ground and you get monster dust storms.

  6. BlackhawkHensley says:

    There is definitely climate change happening I can say for sure. Here in Montana we are getting much, much warmer temps and our winters are not as harsh as they used to be at all. In fact, we hardly have winter anymore. We used to get so much snow and then tons of rain in the spring and summer. No more. It’s hot all summer with barely any rain and our winters are dry and cold, but not cold like it used to get. What happened to all the snow we used to get? It’s affecting the whole state as farmers and ranchers depend on the spring runoff for their animals and for their grain. It’s changed and not for the better. Even though I’m a native Montanan, I lived in Phoenix for years and my brother still does. He’s lived there over 30 years and his friend, who is in her late 80’s and was born in Phoenix say’s the weather there is NOT normal by any means. Yes, during Monsoon Season there have always been dust storms but never of this magnitude where it resembles a haboob like in the deserts of the middle east and Saudi Arabia. She ought to know, so I’m going with what she says. My brother even says it has drastically changed in the 30 years he has lived there. I don’t like what I am seeing but I don’t buy the end times stuff either. Our weather is being manipulated by our own government fooling around with tech they shouldn’t be and they know exactly what they are doing and creating. It’s all in their big plan. That’s what Chemtrails are for! Younger people think they are normal contrails but they didn’t grow up when we did in the 60’s, so they don’t see or understand how things have changed for the worse. Being a history teacher, I know what I’m talking about. Call me a conspiracy theorist ( the controlled media’s favorite word ) or get a clue and wake up to what’s happening all around you.

  7. BlackhawkHensley says:

    Sorry I didn’t keep it brief…..lol. I just wanted to clarify….I don’t believe in the end times as the bible tells it. But, as far as what is going on environmentally, etc. yes, I do. I think humanity is responsible, too. We are pretty close to the point where it’s going to be too late if we start changing our ways now. And I mean, now!

  8. azgirl7 says:

    Just wondering if HAARP or other gov. toys could cause this? I lived in PHX for 4 yrs. in the late 80’s and never saw one of these.

  9. Sam Beckett says:

    Are those pictures real & from the recent dust storm there? They look fake

  10. Tom Thumb says:

    The dust storms are more prevalent because Phoenix is in the middle of a 16 year drought. Little water = lots of dust.

  11. SoSoSon says:

    I have been closely watching the seasons here in SC for 15 years and seen subtle changes, but this past 2 years an increase in CRAZY weather and unusual heat, frequent and large hails, very strong winds, strange skylines, electrical storms, and more. I also grow much of our food each season. I notice the past few years extreme changes in what will grow for me and what will not. This is year is the worst for my gardens, and my top soils continue to turn sandy. Also a change in the insects around here and animal behaviors. Something massive is up for sure.

    • Anne says:

      SoSo: We are having the same problems esp. this year in our garden. The insects are voracious, and since we don’t use poisons in our garden, they are getting the best of us. The pole beans made it through but the yellow sqaush was pitiful Right now, with no rain, the veggies are cooking under the hot sun.

      • SoSoSon says:

        Yes Anne, all organic here too. Catching rain in filtered and screened barrels helps. I am finding new ways to companion plant and to protect plants. My bell peppers, potatoes, squashes and cukes did poorly.Tomatoes are flourishing. Fig, and apples trees produced NOTHING for 2 years straight now !!! Hail kills a lot of plants. Invasion of stink bugs one year, next year earwigs, this year flies and yellow jackets like never before, and spiders like crazy loving the bug invasions. Also seeing species of butterflies I have never ever seen before in my gardens. Hummingbirds are GONE 2 years now!!! Squirrels lying low on branches and screaming during storms. ODD.

      • Anne says:

        We found a yellow jacket nest 6 inches from the ground yesterday, when they usually nest in the rafters. The tomatoes, okra and eggplants are proliferating. Not so with the running butter beans and bell peppers. We have spells of no rain for weeks, and then downpours for 2 or 3 days.
        The State of Alabama is in a serious drought for farmers. The corn didn’t get a chance to ear.
        We have a sprinkler system that reaches most of the garden – and hand watering for the edges. Few have done this, so they’re replanting, hoping for something to grow.

      • SoSoSon says:

        Ann funny the are yellow jackets strange here too. And, this year no bumble bee activity (ZILCH). Usually I am they are all over my land flower to flower. I’ve seen two this year!!!! TWO!!! Can what you get, stock up. I am stocking water like crazy !! Dry cracked ground here, top soil turning to sand literally – then like you crazy rain – hail for days on end.

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