16 Responses to Has the global violence spark ignited? Ethnic violence spreads across NE India: 22 dead, 500 villages burned, 30,000 displaced

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I sure do hope not. Everybody seems on edge. I read on another site that The US Marine Corps
    has created several battalions for law enforcement duties to provide assistance as needed world wide.
    Don’t send them no where, probably going to need them here….soon
    That is my opinion………


  2. FoxTrapper says:

    So all our work in Iraq was for nothing? How many billions did we spend to remove Hussian from power, only to put Al Qaeda in a position to become a ruling party there. Wow, this is ironic don’t ya think?

    I have been watching the downward sprial of the world for months now. I prepare for the worst and hope for the best, that is about all we can do right now..God Bless..


  3. Alis N wOnderland says:

    The beginning. But wars will cover the whole earth towards the end on mankinds rule on this planet. If it where for for Jesus return their would not be any flesh/people to be saved!!


  4. Alis N wOnderland says:

    Apparentley, the carnage in irag caused by the usa founded al quaeda, along with the turks bombing the kurds, the war n syria are all interconnected by usa n saudi arabia. To get assad to step down, as posted earlier on this site.


    • prayntongues says:

      I agree with you but many people are so blind to the truth behind the true “terrorists” of 9-11. The Iraq-Afghanistan wars had nothing to do with fighting for our freedom, they were all about slowly taking away our freedoms in our own country in the name of “patriot acts”, “homeland security” and of late,by-passing the constitution, allowing the UN to slowly take away our rights under “international law”. The NWO is finally coming together. I watched Hal Lindsay last night and he revealed how the global elites have been setting up the parameters for the NWO since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established. 100 yrs of careful plotting of crisis’ and taking advantage of them, not letting “a good crisis to go to waste”. A global currency is around the corner too. Which domino will fall first to start the economic unraveling? Eurozone or USA?? I haven’t even touched on the famine, drought, undrinkable water, and plagues on the horizon. At least there is a good ending to the coming horror and mayhem….our Blessed Savior Lord Jesus…come quickly!!


  5. James says:

    In Matthew 24 it does say that nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. The greek word for nation is “Ethnos” more properly translated as ethnic will rise against ethinic and country against country. It is part of the signs of the times for sure. Times are getting rough for sure. The paper rejected my last article and gave me a bunch of excuses as to why I could not be published, even though I gave all of my sources. So I stayed up late working on a blog last night. I was browsing my feeds and came across this and was reminded of that ethnos wording and verse.


  6. gina says:

    It is unbelievable how cruel people can be…I’ll never understand it. How horrible.


  7. john j says:

    THE BIBLE STATES ”WOE TO THE INHABITENTS OF THE EARTH AND THE SEA ,FOR THE DEVIL IS COME DOWN UNTO YOU,HAVING GREAT WRATH,BECAUSE HE KNOWETH THAT HE HAD BUT A SHORT TIME ” We had better start putting God back in this country and our lives soon because this is comming to America if we don’t .


  8. Jon says:

    all i can do is be prepared! if the fat lady picks up her microphone then at least i’ll be somewhat prepared. i do belive something big and most likely nasty is heading our way. i can only hope that the human race will survive, and i think we will, we are like cochroaches in a way; because we are a stubborn and resilient people


  9. Ethnos vs. ethnos… That really describes it all too well. Throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia – there is not a continent on earth that is not being torn apart by violence. Europe and North America are the closest thing we have to non-violent places but even they are on that downward spiral as evidenced by the drug violence in Mexico and the fairly recent violence in the former Yugoslavia. Here in America we are still getting closer to such violence as shown by the unrest in Florida and California, both of which were ethnic in nature. As the prophecies all reveal, this will continue to spiral downward. It’s tragic, but our world is coming apart and only the return of Christ will stop it.


  10. Dennis E. says:

    No doubt we are entering dangerous times. Satan and his followers are stirring all types of issues all around the globe. Isolating one’s self won’t solve the problem; what will solve the problem is a spiritual revival in the USA and getting back to God’s Word.


  11. Patty says:

    I think that the N.W.O. people feed these types of areas of ethinic diversity with agitation through however they do it. It’s their MO. They could be feeding them with intelligent understanding and brotherly love, but this is how they begin to destabilize regions.


  12. suz says:

    Extreme weather, severe drought, the mass shooting in Denver, the Syrian gov’t threatening to use chemical …pretty challenging situations. So let’s remember that it’s important not to be encumbered by fear and drama. Compassion helps to increase unity and can lessen the impact of the global anxiety, which is important if we are to make a transition.


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