Russian professor looks for clues to Earth’s future buried in Mayan text

April 23, 2012CENTRAL AMERICAMayan life is described in a sacred book called “Popol Vuh.” Kiril Novoselsky, a Russian professor, said it could be compared to the Bible, “but all information is in allegoric form. There are some interpretations, but I think they are all far from the truth,” he said. All commentaries were either destroyed or written with the hieroglyphic script, which is difficult to read. “Most secrets are still hidden. One of the most popular interpretations is the prophecy about the end of the days in 2012,” Novoselsky said. He mentioned the well-known esoteric researcher Drunvalo Melchisedek, who had discussed this question with Guatemalan priests and found out that the predicted transformation would be a process that would happen gradually—not in two days, but during 200 years. “In their opinion, the year 2012 is a milestone of the old epoch and the beginning of something new, maybe the beginning of a new culture. And they emphasized that this would happen slowly and gradually without cataclysms and earthquakes,” Novoselsky said. “People living in the center of the Mayan civilization haven’t any panic about this prophecy.” He added, “In my opinion, all these prophecies are a chance to think about our behavior, the meaning of life, about how to improve yourself and other people’s life, and how to live in harmony.” –Epoch Times
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35 Responses to Russian professor looks for clues to Earth’s future buried in Mayan text

  1. Julie says:

    Oh Good! I feel MUCH better now!

  2. Helen Parks says:

    I am hoping the Russian scholar will read this because I have a question:
    The Sumerian glyphs and wall reliefs show many “Haoma”, that is, what some people call The Lord Of The Rings (Mat.zuda – Zoro.Aster) which is an indirect way of the ancient glyph writers: saying “there is a time portal here”…substantiated by “Gate Keepers”
    When watching a so called documentary regarding ‘Doomsday and the Maya’ (probably not the full and correct title) – I was interrupted by a phone call. As I took the call – on the screen came a vividly coloured manuscript – and blow me down! There in the air above the two gate keepers was the MAYA Haoma – Zoro.Aster!
    I have also found the DJED holder in the Mayan manuscripts – which is parallel in every way to those DJED (“Raising the Djed”) illustrations of the ancient Egyptians.
    My belief is that the ‘djed’ is an electrical device along the lines of Tesla.
    The more important implication of this duplication half a planet apart from each other – is that both or maybe I should say ALL of those ancient societies were using star-gates/time portals!

  3. Helen Parks says:

    Sorry – I forgot to pose the question I have
    Is there anyone out there who can point me towards that illustration I so briefly saw on the History channel while answering a phone call I should not have…?
    I googled ‘Maya Manuscripts’ and searched through all those that were in “IMAGES” bit no luck.

  4. Helen Parks says:

    “”One of the most popular interpretations is the prophecy about the end of the days in 2012,”” Novoselsky said.
    To be more precise – The END of the NUMBER OF DAYS
    That is, that the number of days changes, as was stated, SLOWLY, to a larger number. In this way the 365 days calendar has to be replaced, so therefore the old calendar “stops”
    Naturally – by nature – the 365 days becomes more because our orbit alters. Our orbit becomes larger and the process has already been commenced (PRIMED)
    There is a reason for all this, and it is to the sun we must look. Our sun is about to change, and we – the Earth – will actually need to be further away
    We are going into a NEW AGE

    “”He mentioned the well-known esoteric researcher Drunvalo Melchisedek, who had discussed this question with Guatemalan priests and found out that the predicted transformation would be a process that would happen gradually—not in two days, but during 200 years. “In their opinion, the year 2012 is a milestone of the old epoch””

    According to the disguised texts of Nostradamus – in 2017 the Earth will have reached the furthermost point of this “move” and a young lady – named by Nostradamus, will fix the new calendar. I googled this young lady’s name – and sure enough – she is currently studying astronomy in Florida!

    It will take about 200 years for things to settle down, to the point where the event will be almost forgotten. This information from Nostradamus is backed up in the bible…Isaiah 24:

    19 The earth is completely broken down, the earth is fully dissolved, the earth is exceedingly MOVED………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..TO HER NEW ORBIT where our SUN IS ECLIPSED BY MERCURY

    20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a tent; and its transgression shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.
    ……………………………and from Da VINCI:
    “whirling themselves round about the universe with great noise, fury and trembling:-
    The wind from the east which will rush into the west.
    The rays of the sun will kindle fire on the earth, [CME] whereby that which is
    beneath the sky will be set alight; and, beaten back by that which impedes
    them,[VAN ALLEN BELTS] they will return downwards:-
    The burning-glass kindles the fire with which the oven is heated, and
    this has its base standing beneath its vaulted roof.
    A great part of the sea will fly towards the sky, and for a long time it will not return:-
    That is in clouds. THE GREAT TRANSLATION [in October says Nostradamus too - in his Epistle to Henri -]

    You shall behold yourselves (THE EARTH) falling from great heights without suffering any
    injury; the torrents(ORBITS) will bear you with them as they mingle in their rapid course.

  5. TexasRedNeck says:

    Everyone wants to believe that the Mayan’s predicted “the end of the world”, all they did was say that it was the end of one calendar cycle and the begining of another. It is NOT the end of the world. If you want it to be the end of the world then go jump off of a curb and call it “sewercide”.ROFLMAO !
    Only God knows the day and the hour, certainly not a bunch of savages that sacrificed humans.

    • L. E. says:

      Texas, If you think for a min that “a bunch of savages that sacrificed humans.” created the Mayan “count down clock” your head is way too far in the sand…That thing was/is the most sophisticated and accurate tool ever found. We are just now finding out just how complicated this tool is and you would be correct to not give them the credit for creating it…..It was a GIFT to them.. It was givin to them and to us all, take the hint or dont. You dont carve such a message into 30 tons of stone just for kicks. And nowhere does it say that it resets itself after 2012, NOT ONE WORD TO THAT MIS–FACT! NONE!

    • Helen Parks says:

      That bunch of savages has always concerned me when it comes to the sacrifice thing. There is another “bunch of savages” that did the same – my idea on it is that the ‘god’ to whom they gave the ‘sacrifices’ is not a god at all, but some maniacal Other Worlder on some ego power trip who clearly states in writing that he is “WRATHFUL” and a JEALOUS god, one who then is ENVIOUS and is inclined to STRIKE US WITH HIS ROD. A real pay-back merchant…far too much testosterone! To top it off – he is the Father of gentle Jesus??? Something’s crook somewhere (dad used to say “in Tobruk”) so the sacrifice thing makes absolutely no sense to me what soever – it only shows how gullible those savages really were.
      You are correct about the world not ending – I think I stated that too

      • Chynna says:

        When lucifer was cast down to earth, other angels came with him. These angels later became referred to as gods. They were indeed wrathfully hateful of Gods beloved human children. It makes sense why they would want to lead them to commit such atrocities. But they didn’t know any better. Everyone from the memorial tombs, righteous and unrighteous will rise again to learn about God. Even the savages of the land. The bible even says that many will not believe that judgement day has arrived just like the ppl did not believe Noah when he said God told him there would be a flood. (human kind has not changed much). The dead are sleeping. They are not in heaven or hell. Like a light their electricity has gone back to source. They will all wake up in the new kingdom when Jesus’ spirit comes to reign. Right before this happens Satan turns on true religion. God then steps in to save his ppl and abyss Satan for 1000 years our time. 1 day Gods time, judgement day. During judgement day we are given the perfect human bodies that Adam and eve revoked. 100% brain power instead of 10%! I will finally remember where I put my keys! Lol. Since Jesus came as ransom for our sins the 10 commandments are null and void except for 2. Thou shalt love your lord God with all your heart. (to love is to learn is to live). And thou shalt do onto your neighbor as u would like done onto you. World will b a much better place once ppl wake up to the fact that Satan is controlling things on earth. Babylon has def spread its teachings since its fall…

    • Lauren says:

      Why do some people who believe in the bible or christianity attack others from different faiths? I don’t get it. Other indigenous groups resent the term savages. The indigenous people of this world are more aware of their bounded spaces. They aren’t the ones destroying Earth. They believe Earth is sacred. The Mayans may have had questionable practices, but they were far more advanced than you think.

  6. Richie says:

    Considering how the events written about in the Bible, Kolbrin, and spoken of by the Hopi are portrayed, I don’t believe these changes will take too long to play out once they really begin to happen. (and I do believe they already are) It seems to me there will be a brief period of dramatic Earthly and cosmic events and at that time and directly after, will be an upliftment of not just humans, but life on Earth. This is just my opinion though.

  7. Christine says:

    These temples, pyramids o dumbs as they are labelled, were built for such events, as mass earthquakes , the floods, the temperatures that are heading our way, they weren’t just to house the dead elite at that specific time but for through out the repeating times. Just look around the planet and you will find most countries have some underground communities bases.. The ark in my belief was underground, were they housed live stock, grains, ect, you will even find underground rivers of fresh water. Very soon more pyramids and such like buildings will re surface from the sea or appear from with in unseen places, as the eye had forgotten.

    • Helen Parks says:

      From the work I have been doing these last years (comparing prophecies), it seems the reason the South American pyramids were built with a flat top was so the craft that were landing did not affect the people with their “RADON” and “PROTONS” (quote from the disguised texts of Nostradamus). This tells us a couple of things
      1) That different Off Worlders visited and that they used various methods and different craft between their different ‘races’. There are 84 which come to Earth, 33 of which are their drones.
      2) They seem to have been “territorial” – certainly the South American ones have not been described in any other part of the world, and those that are currently abducting people, say, around Illinois – are the Mantids with the hubrid breeding program as opposed to those which conned the U>S> Military into many “treaties” – the Nevada area types. I have almost the whole world into ‘boundaries’ that Off Worlders seem to recognise amongst themselves
      Both the Maya and the Sumerian and Pre Sumerian Egyptians all possessed time portals – given to them by the NUMERATORS, also called METRICIANS and LOGICIANS by Nostradamus.
      3) I do not think it is a mere coincidence that Shipton (UK) Da Vinci (Italy) and Nostradamus (France) all came up with “prophecies” within the same time frame!
      Not only that, but all their projections say the same things. Even John Dee (visited by 40
      ‘angels’) lived contemporaneously
      Voltaire wrote an interesting letter to a friend about his visitations and of course Shakespeare too…

  8. Christine says:

    The writing is on the wall, and all the big wigs already know this informatin, now is the time for the truth to come out and with out to much effort it will happen.

  9. frank says:

    I have grown plants my entire life. I am 51, and i have seen some weird stuff happening with my plants this year. The fast growing plants like spider plants have shot out sprouts that look like riinons instead of round skinny shoots they have always done. My tomato plants are growing like crazy and have a ton of tomatoes sprouting off of the leaves instead of the trunks like thay usually do. I have even seen unusual bugs I have never seen before. I think the solar wind is already penetrating to the survice of our planet in small amounts and causing mutations in fast growing plants and animals…I hope my imagination is just going wild for our sakes…The good part is what ever is happenning it seems to a benificial effect…

    • beck says:

      That is so interesting. Is the fruit on your tomato plants growing bigger more quickly as well? Is the same thing happening to others in your community?

      • Chynna says:

        Omg! I noticed this with my plants too!! Usually it takes like up to a week and a half for my seeds to germ, but they literally sprouted in a day maybe two and every day my sweet peas grow a new node and a whole inch. Hmmm and my herb garden doesn’t see much full on sun, but it does get a bit. And my herbs def grew a whole week faster than usual. I thought maybe I just got a good batch, but if others are noticing this too????

      • Chynna says:

        Also been noticing a lot of ppl having babies in the last year. Myself included. Four of my coworkers got preggo right after me. I don’t know about all of u but I feel like its somehow related. Especially since ‘the beast’ seems extra irritated with babies lately. What with new anti baby laws like companies required to give birth control hand outs because it must b newly popular to hump at work :P

    • MalachiYAH says:

      I too am growing tomatoes and have noticed a very similar thing… The tomatoe plants leaves are sprouting nodes like little tomatoes but this is too ealy to tell if they are tomatoes or buds…. Regardless its still unusual for the tomatoes to be sprouting this early and in this kinda fashion. i wonder whats really going on… Is what David Wilcocks saying in his ‘2012 Event Horizon’ really happening? Myself and a close knit group of my like-minded circle all concur on the same point that yes it is happening. The earth is undergoing changes like no generation before us has comprehended.

      • Helen Parks says:

        I asked a question regarding what part of the world are the vege growers in – because I am concerned that the radiation from Japan may be involved. My question is awaiting moderation, when all I asked is: “are you one the left hand side of America”? Because that would be the first to be affected by radiation from Japan…around Chernobyl the plants are STILL doing interesting things – people need to think around the reality of the cause of this

  10. TNO says:

    According to the Mayans, they have been through 3 “earths” prior to this one the 4th and are about to enter the 5th… when the Mayans said the earth “ended” the last time, it wasn’t a 200 year transition, the massive earth changes during that timeframe – 3114 BC – were enough to make anybody take notice because the world did come to an end for all intents and purposes. Some seriously crazy catastrophes happened and were scientifically documented …

    Remember that less than 10 years ago, “scientists” were still adamant that native Americans crossed the berring straight … even though South American “scientists” had proven otherwise. The arrogance and fear that pervades our scientific community will never allow for out of the box thinking. So instead we are told by closed-minded people who are too afraid to buck the trend that nothing is wrong.

    This is not the first earth change that happened according to the Mayas, to treat it as such is a complete injustice. We’ve been here before. Take a look at the massive earth changes that happened – including major rivers all over the world changing course in a day … That doesn’t happen during a gradual transition.

    The ancient Hopi’s also talked about the “destruction” of the 3rd world. When the “twins” left their posts to take care of the bickering, the earth suddenly “spun crazily out of control and froze in space.” They were talking literally folks, not figuratively.

    The sad thing is that when all the SHTF these scientists are still going to be in an extreme state of denial because they are too scared to say anything out of the norm for fear of persecution by their colleagues.

    • Kim in Oz says:

      “The ancient Hopi’s also talked about the “destruction” of the 3rd world. When the “twins” left their posts to take care of the bickering, the earth suddenly “spun crazily out of control and froze in space.” They were talking literally folks, not figuratively. ” What is going to happen if we go quadpolar??

  11. Tcrale says:

    Here’s a quote from ( – now they don’t believe bolon yokte(Spelled it wrong) will bring a destruction it appears on their site, but nonetheless I feel it is. Not only that but for a new cycle to begin – an old cycle has to end. Also the date of december 21, 2012 is up to debate as well on whether or not that’s when the 13 baktun’s happens.
    “On August 11, 3114 BC, a new Solar Age began and the Sun Lord was reborn. Creation Lord deities are often portrayed attending the rebirth of the world, including one called Bolon Yokte K’u, who is closely associated with war, conflict, and the Underworld. Despite these associations, Bolon Yokte is a god that is often present during Creation events. He is portrayed on a ceramic called Vessel of the Seven Lords, which contains the date 3114 BC, the beginning of our present 13-Baktun cycle. Of course, the date that interests us is the beginning of the next 13- Baktun cycle, which occurs on December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. A recent translation of a text from Tortuguero, a Classic Maya site north of Palenque, explicitly points to the date December 21, 2012. Translated by Mayan epigrapher David Stuart, the legible part of the text reads: “At the end of 13 Baktuns, on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin,; something occurs when Bolon Yokte descends.” The verb glyph describing what happens is effaced, so it is replaced with the word something, but the creation lord Bolon Yokte is depicted, meaning that 2012 was thought of by the Maya as a creation or recreation of the world, possibly during a time of war, conflict, and dominance of the Underworld and the Lords of the Underworld.”

  12. DD says:

    I am from Guatemala, I had to read the Popol Vuh as part of my history studies, and I have read it several times and belive me it is not what this scientist says it is. It does not give any predictions as to the 2012. It is a very dark book and it give way to so many interpretations.

    • Chris from Melbourne says:

      So your saying its open to many interpretations? Just like the original bible manuscripts, the vedas & many other ancient texts. I think like I was taught the bible at school, you have been taught the exoteric translation of the original text, however these texts can be multilayered, are open to interpretation & quite often translations are a compromise because the exact word, it’s meanings & connotations do not have an exact word in the newer tongue. Further, then there is the esoteric version of these works, or the hidden meanings if u like……. Possible?

  13. nickk0 says:

    “He mentioned the well-known esoteric researcher Drunvalo Melchisedek, who had discussed this question with Guatemalan priests and found out that the predicted transformation would be a process that would happen gradually—not in two days, but during 200 years.”

    This makes sense to me.
    Like Some Guy once said, ‘All these are the beginnings of sorrows…. But the end is NOT YET’.

  14. sloopy says:

    Thank you Helen, I couldn’t have said that better myself. I love history and have a great respect for past cultures and their prowess. Not many have to be told of the intellectual capacity of the Mayans. So much can be lost in translation and tampering, so one has to take most things with a grain of salt. The Mayans were absolutely infatuated with time, they were also absolutely great mathematicians. They veiwed time as cyclical and why not? Everything is cyclical…just take a look! There is a season turn..turn…turn. we live 100 years at best, 100 measly years! Our mother earth is doing her thing right now, more than likely the same thing shes done so many times before. We’re just along for the ride I think and how amazing that our 100 years fell here (: after all folks….destruction breeds creation.

  15. Dan Sherwood says:

    Why are so many people so amazed and perplexed at the fact that similar great structures were constructed in so many places by seemingly different groups of people. Has no one ever read chapter 11 in the book of Genesis. Hello they were all great tower builders that were growing way to smart for there own britches so to speak, so God confused there languages and separated them spreading the all over the world. That is why the pyramids in Egypt are like the ones the Mayans build as well as other in China and elsewhere. And because they all started out as star gazers you have structures aligned to the stars like Stonehenge. (10 points to the first person to name the location of that first tower project)

  16. Well Jesus Christ is either the greatest liar in the world or the Son of God and since the predictions of the Savior of the World came true through HIM, He is who He says He is and a lot has yet to play out before He comes again. There will be many who will try to mislead and confuse people. The world is old and the Bible doesn’t contradict this. It has an open time line before Noah. God knows all and we are to Know, Love and Serve Him with all our Thoughts and Words and Deeds for the love of God through our neighbor. Looking for dates and knowledge that isn’t needed doesn’t help us fulfill our goal for union with God. When our life here is over will we be in Comm-union with Him at that Hour, are we now?. That is the question. Some day All will be revealed and yet only to His Glory, till then we can ONLY IMAGINE.
    Love your neighbor,

    • Helen Parks says:

      Caroline what you say is true – however, keep in mind that the next visitation is IN THE NAME OF Jesus and this could be something all together different…

  17. nanoduck says:

    Alvin, thank you for letting all those unique comments go through. It is always interesting to read what other people’s viewpoints are and their conclusions. Sometimes I learn a thing or two by reading the comments.

  18. Thank you, Carolyn, well said.

  19. Purav says:

    As per Hindu priests, the world wont end, but it enters into a new era, a new culture. This can be related with pole shift, but at the end of the day, its about new begennings rather than the end. Dec. 2012 is just the begenning, an indication of which is provided by weakened electromagnetic signals which have reduced in strength resulting in weaker mobile and GPS signals.

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