Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano blows its top- raining down gravel in neaby town

April 23, 2012 ECUADOROver the weekend, the Tungurahua’s volcanic eruption had a strong explosion that caused gravel to fall down in the nearby town of Pillate, Ecuador. The explosion, characterized by its loud “cannon ball shot”, was immediately detected by locals and scientists observing the volcano’s progress. The explosion was later followed by a slight tremor and a constant pulsation of “high energy” said reports. The constant cloud coverage surrounding the volcano has caused scientists, from the Geophysical Institute branch of the National Polytechnic School to have trouble determining its current state. Most of the direct observations are conducted in the Guadalupe Observatory, the closest in the vicinity. Tungurahua, located in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, is 5,016 meters high and its eruptions began in 1999. Since then, the volcano has transitioned from times of high activity and those of calm. However, Tungurahua is not the only volcano causing extreme damage and concern in the Hispanic world. Popocatépetl, located in Mexico City, has also been under close watch due to its recent activity which included ash blasts. –HSN
Last eruption March 2012
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13 Responses to Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano blows its top- raining down gravel in neaby town

  1. Joshua says:

    I’ve created a chart detailing the Earth’s volcanic activity that I would like to share. How can I get you a copy?


  2. Phyllis says:

    is this 51 or was this one already erupting?


  3. yamkin says:

    Ruapehu Volcano In New Zealand – Alert Level Raised

    At 2797 m, Ruapehu is the highest mountain in the North Island, and the most recent of the North Island volcanoes to have erupted. Three summit craters have been active during the last 10,000 years including South Crater which contains the currently active vent. The active vent is filled by Crater Lake; water from this lake is frequently ejected on to the ice and snow during eruptions causing lahars.


  4. yamkin says:

    White Island Volcano In New Zealand – Alert Level Raised

    Sitting 48 km offshore, White Island (Whakāri) is one of New Zealand’s most active cone volcanoes which has been built up by continuous volcanic activity over the past 150,000 years. About 70 percent of the volcano is under the sea, making this massive volcanic structure one of the largest in New Zealand.


  5. Wiseguy says:

    Etna again tonight, very impressive at night and so close from town.


  6. misstroas says:

    The smoke plume looks like a face of anger looking to the left, anyone else see it?


  7. Ydiaz says:

    The smoke coming out of the volcano looks like a face


  8. Gen says:

    I suddenly noticed the face also last night but I was too tired to make a comment. It hit me like a lead balloon. For those who can’t see it, it is the dark smoke. The face is facing left, nose prominent, possible beard, top of head looks like an indian head dress of some sort. Why do so many photos of volcanoes have faces in them. Is there a message for us?


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