Catastrophism in the Ring of Fire: seven 6.0+ earthquakes in eight days

August 1, 2011JAPANI’ve identified four areas on the Pacific Plate that have been a source of an inordinate amount of recent strong earthquake activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire. We’ve had seven 6.0+ magnitude earthquake events in eight days. I theorize that this spike in activity portends that a major geological event may be in the making in the Pacific. In June, I indicated that there was mounting evidence that we may be moving towards a period of geologic catastrophism in regard to rising agitation along the Pacific Plate. The 4 areas I’ve circled on the above map include the Aleutian peninsula or trench of Alaska, the Japan Islands, the New Guinea and Fiji region, and the last leg is the Tonga-Kermadec and New Zealand region. What all these regions on the Pacific Plate have in common is that they are densely populated with a turbulent chain of volcanoes. Since the western part of the plate is facing the most seismic stress, this leads me to believe the forces driving this are magmatic in nature and are the result of a thermal flux related to the internal planetary gradient. In short, if this whole region was a volcano, it’s now exhibiting signs of a major eruption. The sea-floor under the Atlantic Ocean is spreading and there is a lot of subduction going on in the Pacific where land masses are converging in some case but what’s alarming is something may be accelerating this process. -The Extinction Protocol
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29 Responses to Catastrophism in the Ring of Fire: seven 6.0+ earthquakes in eight days

  1. Wiseguy says:

    Alvin, like you say in english… Spill the beans… You’re always talking about something that is accelerating the process or is igniting natural catastrophies. I think you have a pretty good idea of what it is… aren’t you ;-)

    • I have a lot of theories I’m always working on…so, I’m always collecting more data to support what’s unfolding. I think this is more than solar activity as I’ve documented 2010 was a banner year for volcanism before the Sun’s activity resulted in gigantic plasma eruptions on the Sun. I think this is energy-related and is not attributable to a lesser stellar body. We still have no way to measure appreciable energy fluxes in the solar system and I have reccommended for years we need cosmic bouys & drones, in space and around planets to monitor space weather.

    • Franky says:

      I heard there are satalites all around the world useing particle excelerators to make magma move faster . A particle accelerator uses waves of energy ,To do what alcohol does to are blood thins it and there for creating volcanic activity and it all boils down to population control were due lose a few billion people ha.

  2. NickK0 says:

    ” Nothing to see here, folks….. Move along ” :P

    – Nick

    • Summer says:

      Nick, you must live in a cave deep in some jungle with no access to the real world.
      Wake up…..there’s so much going on right now, it’s all anyone can do to keep up with it all.
      Best of luck to you.

      • nickk0 says:

        I was merely being facetious in that last post, Summer.
        It’s actually a line from the movie, ‘Men In Black’ – from “Agent K”, played by Tommy Lee Jones. :)

        To be honest, I AM very concerned with Everything that is going on in the world at this time.
        I just finished having an intense on-line discussion with a good friend, regarding all these ‘ongoing’ issues.
        Sure, mankind has weathered many crises before, but now they are “stacking up”, and appear to be getting worse.

        I first began to get really concerned, during last’s years Breach in the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, when it appeared that even the ‘experts’ didn’t sound certain, if the leaking well could even be successfully capped !! :shock: The possibility (and consequenses) of an Ongoing, unstoppable oil leak gushing into the Gulf maybe forever…… would be absolutely Horrifying to comprehend.

        Now, as if that wasn’t enough, we have Fukushima. Another example, of a man-made, ‘artificial’ disaster. Unfortunately, there will probably be others to follow.

        I often say that Mankind has reached the point, where we are now “driving around without a roadmap”…. We have driven off the edges of the map, driving on roads that we don’t know, where they will take us.
        We could drive back to the drugstore, and go get another map, figuratively speaking, but Mankind is Too Cheap, to turn back and go buy one.

        – Nick

  3. luisport says:

    Ongoing swarm in Azores: 2011-08-01 20:05:21.0
    41min ago 38.60 N 29.87 W 5 ML
    3.2 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 20:22
    2011-08-01 19:49:06.0
    57min ago 38.60 N 29.82 W 1 ML
    3.4 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 20:06
    2011-08-01 19:40:53.0
    1hr 05min ago 33.85 N 87.67 E 10 mb
    5.2 WESTERN XIZANG 2011-08-01 20:43
    2011-08-01 19:09:55.0
    1hr 36min ago 38.62 N 29.92 W 13 ML
    3.1 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 19:53
    2011-08-01 19:00:30.0
    1hr 46min ago 38.70 N 29.88 W 5 ML
    3.2 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 19:35
    2011-08-01 18:20:08.0
    2hr 26min ago 52.18 N 171.52 W 49 mb
    5.4 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS 2011-08-01 19:20
    2011-08-01 18:17:18.0
    2hr 29min ago 38.55 N 29.97 W 15 ML
    4.2 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 18:38
    2011-08-01 17:45:01.0
    3hr 01min ago 38.52 N 29.90 W 10 ML
    3.4 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 19:01
    2011-08-01 17:34:49.0
    3hr 11min ago 38.62 N 29.88 W 5 ML
    3.2 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 17:55
    2011-08-01 17:03:50.0
    3hr 42min ago 38.52 N 29.90 W 14 ML
    3.5 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 17:21
    2011-08-01 16:52:11.0
    3hr 54min ago 38.62 N 29.88 W 11 ML
    3.3 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 17:07
    2011-08-01 16:36:23.0
    4hr 10min ago 38.32 N 21.75 E 8 ML
    2.7 GREECE 2011-08-01 17:15
    2011-08-01 16:13:48.0
    4hr 32min ago 38.48 N 29.88 W 5 ML
    3.2 AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL 2011-08-01 16:36
    2011-08-01 16:06:49.9
    4hr 39min ago 32.44 S 178.90 W 34 M
    4.7 SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS 2011-08-01 17:40
    2011-08-01 15:53:28.2
    4hr 53min ago 38.27 N 21.75 E 10 ML
    2.0 GREECE 2011-08-01 15:55
    2011-08-01 15:49:56.0
    4hr 56min ago 38.60 N 29.87 W 7 ML

  4. sophia carlson says:

    Hi Alvin
    Stuff news/Science/02/08/2011-reports scientists investigating a future possibility of a 9Mag off the East Coast of North Island of New Zealand

  5. Jennifer says:

    I am not sure I understand what you are getting at Alvin. Can you be more specific as to what you think is the cause and also what you think may indeed happen? I am interested in your thoughts.

    Thank you and as always…God BLESS YOU and yours for bringing much light into a dark place.


    • Well, magmatic pressures are increasing on these regions of the Pacific Plate where a lot of subduction is occuring and mantle is incinerated by firey heat. It’s also regions of densely plotted volcanic chains. This is a positive feedback loop creating yet more heat and pressures. Imagine if huge sections of plate slipped in a mega-thrust fashion at the same time and the earthquake that struck Japan was spread out of an area covering several hundred or thousand kilometers- giving us multiple 9.0 magnitude events.

      peace and blessings, Jenn

  6. susan bech says:

    oh, that just hit me in the solar plexus…took my breath away

  7. Ian says:

    “What all these regions on the Pacific Plate have in common is that they are densely populated with a turbulent chain of volcanoes”

    We need to learn more about the undersea volcanoes, where they are erupting for example. After the recent feature about fears that Japan my have several volcanic eruptions following the March earthquake, so we need to know if any volcanoes were triggered as a result of the great 2004 earthquake, the timeframe and the intensity.

  8. ashuka says:

    Alvin i pray to god nothing happens in Fiji . My parents left for Fiji yesterday and i am concerned. Do you have any idea when these events will take place?

  9. Dave says:

    I’m currently reading a book called ‘Catastrophies and Lesser Calamities – The Causes of Mass Extinctions’ by geologist Tony Hallam.
    He seems to favour a theory that inolves periodic upwellings of magma from the Earth’s outer core as the primary reason for many previous mass extinctions.
    These upwellings result in more volcanic eruptions, accelerated mid oceanic ridge building and generally puts more stress on tectonic plates, causing more catastrophic earthquakes, and marine transgressions/regressions.
    This process also heats the oceans which then releases methane hydrate etc. resulting in a cascading series of catastrophic environmental changes.

    It is thought that Earth’s internal heat is largely driven by the decay of radioactive elements in the core.
    With that in mind, I wonder if the recent discovery that our sun affects the rate of decay of radioactive elements may actually be the key to understanding all this.
    Perhaps changes within the sun (or perhaps on Earth, as some researchers link geomagnetic field reversals and incursions with mass extinctions) are facilitating a more rapid radioactive decay within the core of the Earth, thus creating more heat, and accelerating the magmatic upwellings.
    Just a few thoughts anyway…

    • Haven’t read it but I concur with his consensus. If the Sun’s rate of radioactive decay, which was thought to be one of the constants of solar astrophysics, has mysteriously changed for reasons still unknown, then we can suspect something similar has occurred to the process that thermally animates the planet and generates most of Earth’s heat. The upwelling is caused by a thermal cataylst.

    • nickk0 says:

      *Bingo* . That is a possible insight, and a plausible explanation, of what is driving the changes in the rate of radioactive decay – and perhaps increasing geologic activity here on earth.

      – Nick

  10. J Guffey says:

    As always Alvin – very informative and interesting! Thanks so much for the update on this matter and the many other posts you make to keep each of us up to date.

  11. Sandee Sage says:

    I have been following a You Tuber “dutchsense” on dormant volcano’s in western USA that are showing signs of life. The plumbs are visible on satellite. Maybe the ring of fire goes further than you can imagine.

  12. James says:

    It is all energy related. All of it. Increasing irrational human and animal behavior,weather extremes, geophysical anomalies, increasing solar activity, etc… Energy! Now, the question is why is there an increase in energy? I believe we are (have been) moving into/colliding/crossing paths with an energy dense “thing” in space. Russian scientist calls it a photon belt. That sounds more plausible than anything I’ve heard so far.

    • stv says:

      Yep. Here’s another way to think of it: The universe and everything in it is made of a type of energy. A truly unified field, as in UNIFIED. It doesn’t even have polarity. At least not from a higher dimensional viewpoint. From our perspective it is condensed in a way that it becomes polarized, in the sense of + or – electric field, or north/south magnetic field. But from the universe’s perspective it’s just “charge,” which in its various states of compression or rarefaction expresses itself in EVERYTHING we observe. A nebula would be an example of a particularly rarefied “matter field,” a gas giant is more condensed, rocky planets more so. A star is a condensing field of charge that is dense enough to become a small singularity. Yes, I’m suggesting the sun is a “black hole.” (a misleading term that unfortunately caught on, I prefer singularity) A galaxy is anchored by an even bigger singularity, and so on up the fractal chain. Until you reach the event horizon of the largest singularity we CAN observe, the one we live inside… the Universe! So, perhaps what’s happening is that the solar system periodically passes through areas in the galaxy where spacetime itself is compressed, and therefore everything in it spins up in terms of energetics. This compression has the effect of placing the earth right in the “crucible” of what could be looked at as an alchemical transformation. Wow, I just realized how far out that all sounds!

  13. Tuezdaygirl says:

    James, what is a photon belt? I live in Central Florida and the weather here is different this year than any I can remember! All kinds of strange things have been taking place, in fact, even the sun appears to be rising way farther to the North than it has before! We used to have afternoon thunderstorms almost daily and now they are sporadic and way more extreme with more lightening and damaging rain. Do you think there is a planetary body entering our solar system? If so, could this create a magnetic anomaly here on Earth?

  14. harald says:

    Perhaps the earth is expanding as a result of the changes in the sun…? Expando theory. We need more room.

  15. Very interesting. I also read something about a correlation between solar activity and geologic events the other day. I noticed you posted something on it as well…hopefully people prepare should an earthquake strike somewhere.

  16. The tidal coefficient is 100 for the second day here, the inner harbor Long Beach, California. On 25 July it was 44. The increase was at a quick-step pace. About 2 years ago my husband & I were surprised by a bull’s horn crescent moon. Months later we saw the spiral in the sky. We were living at Pt Fermin, San Pedro, California then. These observations led me here. Namaste.

  17. Tony R says:

    Just my theory. I friend of mine is a scientist at one of these mega companies. Talking to him he said that the “air conditioning of the world is broken”… the poles that keep us conditioned.
    my theory the earth is losing its rotation similar to a gyro. spin a gyro and see the wobble that happens. as the poles tilt they get warmer as they go toward warmer areas of the planet. now as the spin changes, the magma and plates that are held down by the spin of the planet or gravity now start to move. the tectonic plates that are always moving but are not being held down with as much force move and the magma starts to escape. drilling for oil has left gaps in the earth. I’m not a tree hugger, just telling you a theory (oil was there for a reason. we think its just what’s left of the dino’s but I think that its been serving another purpose that God intended to keep the earth in balance) with the sun starting to erupt, any other forces added to what has always happened throughout history will greatly add to the problem. example any near flying objects with enough mass to pull the earth a bit this way or that will be a tipping point. there are to many “these things have always happened” converging on us at once.

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