Extinction threats from deep space may be random events

August 1, 2011MEXICO–  Giant impacts by comets or asteroids have been linked to several mass extinction events on Earth, most famously to the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Nearly 200 identifiable craters on the Earth’s surface, some of them hundreds of kilometers in diameter, bear witness to these catastrophic collisions. Understanding the way impact rates might have varied over time is not just an academic question. It is an important ingredient when scientists estimate the risk Earth currently faces from catastrophic cosmic impacts. Since the mid-1980s, a number of authors have claimed to have identified periodic variations in the impact rate. Using crater data, notably the age estimates for the different craters, they derive a regular pattern where, every so-and-so-many million years (values vary between 13 and 50 million years), an era with fewer impacts is followed by an era with increased impact activity, and so on. One proposed mechanism for these variations is the periodic motion of our Solar System relative to the main plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. This could lead to differences in the way that the minute gravitational influence of nearby stars tugs on the objects in the Oort cloud, a giant repository of comets that forms a shell around the outer Solar System, nearly a light-year away from the Sun, leading to episodes in which more comets than usual leave the Oort cloud to make their way into the inner Solar System – and, potentially, towards a collision with the Earth. A more spectacular proposal posits the existence of an as-yet undetected companion star to the Sun, dubbed “Nemesis.” Its highly elongated orbit, the reasoning goes, would periodically bring Nemesis closer to the Oort cloud, again triggering an increase in the number of comets setting course for Earth. For MPIA’s Coryn-Bailer-Jones, these results are evidence not of undiscovered cosmic phenomena, but of subtle pitfalls of traditional (“frequentist”) statistical reasoning. Bailer-Jones: “There is a tendency for people to find patterns in nature that do not exist. Unfortunately, in certain situations traditional statistics plays to that particular weakness.” –Physics.org
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7 Responses to Extinction threats from deep space may be random events

  1. Marcel says:

    Remember Jesus: Truth is live. Everything is from Father and only He knows the plan.


  2. Anthony says:

    I can’t get the image of Jesus with a scythe out of my head thanks to your book lol. I just want to see that in a video game or something. He would have an awesome finisher! 🙂 Funny enough my girl also randomly ends up giving me this Jesus action figure she had a short while after I finished the book. Is he calling me in action figure form heh. He is staring at me right now…


    • nibikwe says:

      Heh heh, Anthony. I can imagine Jesus in the temple(wallstreet) of the banksters overturning the counting tables. I shudder to think how the story would have played out, though if he had carried a scythe into the bank!


  3. Golfdad641 says:


    Do you think they would activate the “Kill Switch” (passed in 2010) if this new Bill doesn’t pass doesn’t happen to raise our Debt limit or even it does pass? What is the Government trying to protect? We The People? Or We the Government? They keep reporting Cyber-attacks happening and threaten any nation who tries to Cyber-attack the US (China being our biggest hacker). Anyhow, I am on the Chapter of Dark Ages 2.0 and when I read that, it really hit a spot in my heart.


    • I think we are living in a time that one day when we wake up…it could be a different world. I think the internet as we know it has obvious limitations and if the world is imperiled by war or disaster, the energy and the infrastructure will not remain entact to maintain it. You really are moving through the book…


      • nibikwe says:

        Thank you Alvin for the role you are playing in assisting humans to awaken from their long slumber.


  4. A_lad says:

    Does anyone know of a good website that I could watch the Solar System in real time? I’m trying to get a better understanding of the ecliptic, and the orbit of all the planets and some of these debris fields.



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