10 Responses to Earth Crisis: We live in a time of extraordinary change

  1. Energist says:

    Thank you so much for this post! You are 100% right, and I am grateful for all you have done to keep us informed on country and world affairs as much as you have. You are truly a blessing to us all, and I thank you again for all of your detailed reports and updates which began many many years ago, and have surprisingly remained consistent and has grown so much!

    I send many blessings to you and your family Alvin 🙂


  2. Joel Carter says:

    Dear author of this website,

    Google the ‘Live Earthquakes Map’ and you will notice the small earthquake near Florida at five hours ago. 3.7 Richter Scale strike near the East Coast of USA.


  3. John Pick says:

    The Pangs of Distress Jesus Prophesied.


  4. Darla Belgum says:

    This is good honest and true info. Not lies and sensationalism love the press… something to think about. Thank you


  5. niebo says:

    “We live in a time of extraordinary change and whether we like it or not, the pace of this change will only accelerate. Change is reshaping the way we live, the way we work, our planet, and our place in the world.”

    That’s what he promised, though, right?

    Whenever I hear of turmoil, I think of: “The POWERS of the Heavens will be shaken”:

    “. . . ‘cosmic darkness’ was a hyperbolic idiom that described SOCIO-POLITICAL UPHEAVAL.’
    It was not a literal disruption of nature, let alone anything like the end of the universe, or ‘a disturbance in the electromagnetic field or the forces of gravity’.”


    Perhaps, socio-political upheaval IS the “pole-shift” that so many fear – the world itself is turning upside down, and, it would seem, we are powerless to stop it . . . except, as you suggest, how we prepare for it.

    And, finally (forgive this “random and discursive” post . . .), about six months ago, a friend of mine who is an atheist found a KJV Bible inside a cabinet at an abandoned, burned-out house, and he gave it to me, because he couldn’t bring himself to pitch it in the dumpster; it has become a precious possession to me, because a non-believer respected it enough to pass it along to someone to whom it DOES matter, but every time I crack it open, it opens to Ezekiel, to Isaiah, to Amos, to Nahum and REPEATEDLY, it warns (they warn) of judgment against Babylon for its idolatry, against Judah for its idolatry . . . and the US is an idolatrous nation (if not an outright modern Babylon). The ONLY HOPE WE HAVE IS OBEDIENCE TO GOD. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – if this comment makes sense to anyone who might read it – PLEASE RESEARCH what idolatry IS, because modern Christianity is GUILTY. The blood of Christ and grace of God may cover our sins . . . but King David, whose sins are well known, was a man after God’s own heart BECAUSE he bowed to NO foreign god EVER. It (Thou shalt have no other god but ME) may well be the first commandment for a reason.

    Come, Lord Jesus!


  6. tashannon1@btinternet.com says:

    So, God created me with free will?
    Maybe I should edit a little.

    God created me with free will.

    So. what is free will and where is it?…….

    Free will is……… if you show obedience to God.

    Well……… looks like I’m properly screwed.

    I just done the affection thing.


  7. tonic says:


    ” Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
    Man never is, but always to be blessed:
    The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
    Rests and expatiates in a life to come.”

    – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

    The only hope we have is l… bleep,… bleep… e of God.

    Not a lot of hope, when you have to bleep this word.

    So.got to agree, we have no hope.


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