Mystery: where are Hawaii’s humpback whales?

Hawaii Humpback Whales
January 2016HAWAII But it might not be bad news for the whales. Humpback whales are one of Hawaii’s many tourist draws, but this year experts say fewer of them than usual have returned to the state’s warm waters for the winter. According to the Associated Press, officials at the state’s Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary say the giant mammals, who travel annually from Alaska to Hawaii to spend much of November through May around its warmer environs, have yet to populate the archipelago. An estimated 10,000 whales make the underwater trek each year to Hawaii, but this year the animals seem to be missing their usual numbers. “What I’m seeing out there right now I would’ve expected a month ago,” said Ed Lyman, a response coordinator for the sanctuary, in an interview with the AP.
Why have the whales steered clear of their traditional stomping ground? Their apparent absence may be due to El Nino, which leads to warmer temperatures in the Pacific Ocean and could be a factor in delaying the whales’ migration. An estimated 10,000 whales make the underwater trek each year to Hawaii. Another theory is that the whales’ disappearance actually means their population has gotten larger and it is therefore taking the animals longer to compete for enough food to make the long journey to Hawaii. “One theory was that something like this happened as whales increased. It’s a product of their success,” said Lyman. –Time
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10 Responses to Mystery: where are Hawaii’s humpback whales?

  1. Tatiacha says:

    This is suppose to be whale watch week on the Oregon coast as the whales that move south from alaska to baja instead of over to hawaii move past and I have not seen a single spout so maybe the migration is late this year.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    We must be real. Based on all the reports that has been posted, something terrible is happening in the pacific ocean and may not be solely caused by The Fukushima Event.


  3. I agree with the Fukushima ideas, how can that not effect out ocean?! It’s really sad that with all the massive die-offs of sea animals and birds over the last few years we continue to get an “experts are stumped/baffled/unsure” response, it makes me angry.


  4. skywalker says:

    there is a huge global media blackout on 90% of all media coverage about fukushima and its consequences to our eco systems, so dont be surprised that nothing much is being said by anyone that wants to keep their job in this corrupted way of life that us humans are being forced to live under. trust your intuition on these subjects, if nothing is being said then expect the worst


  5. Yellow Bird says:

    alvin, i hope you can keep posting regularly on the global sealife die-off, it is VAST-
    here are just a few of many more reports made since the start of 2016:

    Lone juvenile (!) humpback whale, no sign of family pod (!!) – Seaside OR – Sun
    Harbor porpoise – Fort Stevens OR – Sat
    2 Striped dophins – Cannon Beach OR & Ocean Park WA – Sat

    North Sea sperm whale beaching total count so far 2016: 23 (1 month) (!!)
    North Sea sperm whale beaching total count since 1990: 82 (25 years)

    22000+ (!!) pacific murres dead of starvation (!) in Alaska since count began several months ago
    8000 dead murres counted in one location this week alone (!)
    the coastal sea birds have turned up hundreds of miles inland (!) far beyond their normal range as they desperately search for food

    Thousands (!!) of East Coast US sea stars washed up on single FL beach overnight (!)

    17 sperm whales thought to be from a single all-male (!) pod washed up across Britain – Norfolk – Germany – Holland

    … earlier in January i also read of a mass sea turtle die-off in Mexico and an even larger die-off of squid somewhere in S. America …


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