Scientists find Sun capable of destroying life on Earth with a massive superflare

Super Flare
December 2015SPACE The fact that we are here today is pure luck. The chances of Earth being habitable were astronomical, and still we are here. But the Universe outside of this planet we call home is still just as unforgiving, and anything going on in outer space could potentially lead to us all being wiped out. To keep in theme with the fragility of our existence, scientists have found the Sun capable of destroying life on Earth with a super-flare.
Normal solar flares contain the energy of 100 million megaton bombs. A super-flare can release the energy equivalent to over 100 billion megaton bombs. Scientists postulate Mars’ atmosphere was probably wiped out by a series of coronal mass ejections. Powerful Solar flares are often accompanied by these coronal mass ejections.
FingerAfter analyzing a super-flare emitted by KIC9655129, a star located 1500 light years from Earth, the team of researchers from the University of Warwick concluded that our own Sun is capable of such a massive release of energy. The star was analyzed via the Kepler telescope, used by NASA to search for worlds similar to ours. The telescope works by picking up the fluctuations in luminosity caused by orbiting planets. KIC9655129’s super-flares were found to have a large number of similarities with the Sun’s periodic eruptions. These similarities led the researchers to conclude that our Sun would be totally capable of unleashing a super-flare. Solar flares are a common occurrence, as fiery stars tend to periodically launch waves of plasma into outer space. Occasionally, these flares contain multiple waves superimposed on top of one another, and that is a super-flare.
The bad news is that super-flares are often accompanied by mass coronal ejections, massive explosions of plasma. These ejections can cause serious damage to a planet’s atmosphere (as seen on Mars). However, that isn’t the problem that would affect Earth, as our atmosphere is thicker than Mars’ used to be. The real issue would be the magnetic pulses that are part of the coronal mass ejections, as they could lead to dangerous geomagnetic storms that would interfere with all technology on Earth.
This means that it would disrupt GPS systems, power grids, and even communications, thus wreaking havoc on our culture that is so dependent on technology. However, the researchers behind the study claim that this would be a worst-case scenario, and that given the Sun’s behavior up until now, it is highly unlikely that it will unleash a super-flare anytime in the near future. That doesn’t negate its potential to do so, however. –Apex Tribune
Super Flare B
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18 Responses to Scientists find Sun capable of destroying life on Earth with a massive superflare

  1. psandhu2015 says:

    Sorry to bust the bubble but these are all lies! From the pit of hell I might add. The Sun is not a ball of fire Nuclear device shooting out flares indiscriminately. It is most likely an Electrical device whose functioning is totally controlled by its Maker, The LORD God who alone has appointed the ordinances of the heavens (and the Earth.) Please do some research, especially in the Bible to see if any of these reports can possibly be true. The Sun is much smaller than the Earth, and it travels across the Plane of the Earth to provide heat and light. Go outside on a partially cloudy day and see how localized the Sun’s rays are, they don’t even light up the whole cloud cover in our line of sight. Not possible from a massive body that is allegedly 93 million miles away! All modern Physics / Astronomy is Occult science that tries to prove Creation without The Creator!

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    • Quote: “Please do some research, especially in the Bible to see if any of these reports can possibly be true.”

      “The fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun, and it was given to it to scorch men with fire. Men were scorched with fierce heat; and they blasphemed the name of God who has the power over these plagues, and they did not repent so as to give Him glory.” Revelation 16:8, 9

      This is straight out of the Bible.

      Quote: “Not possible from a massive body that is allegedly 93 million miles away!”

      You mean the same Sun that’s 93 million miles away that can still cause severe sun burn on Earth?

      Quote: “The Sun is not a ball of fire Nuclear device shooting out flares indiscriminately.”

      Carrington Class Super-flare narrowly misses Earth: May 2, 2014: Last month (April 8-11), scientists, government officials, emergency planners and others converged on Boulder, Colorado, for NOAA’s Space Weather Workshop—an annual gathering to discuss the perils and probabilities of solar storms. The current solar cycle is weaker than usual, so you might expect a correspondingly low-key meeting. On the contrary, the halls and meeting rooms were abuzz with excitement about an intense solar storm that narrowly missed Earth. “If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces,” says Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado, who presented a talk entitled The Major Solar Eruptive Event in July 2012: Defining Extreme Space Weather Scenarios. NASA (link)

      Carrington Super-flare of 1859 – Repeat today would devastate the world:


      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, man’s hubris about what and what can’t possibly happen to this planet is going to be his final undoing.

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    • suez62 says:

      Amen psandhu! Thank you, you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!


    • rob says:

      People like you give Christians a bad name. I never read anything so idiotic as what you just posted.

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  2. “Pure luck”….”chances of the Earth being habitable were astronomical”……”fragility of our existence”? This is where the King Of Our Universe….King Of All Creation….GOD Our All Mighty Father has His hand on protecting His creation. This is where atheists fail and can never explain but the faithful always can, and testify to the truth of Him who is eternal, of Him that became humble and became man and dwelt among us in His son Jesus to show mankind the kind of God He is….full of love and mercy!


  3. Clint Hunter says:

    + last big one was about the time of the fabled genetic mutation epic ” Cain slew ABLE ” 5700 years ago according to ice core samples , as is well confirmed by carbon 14 permutations in tree ring fossilizes and other very defining indicators


  4. suez62 says:

    God Almighty has control of the sun. Nothing like this will happen, unless he deems it to be so.

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  5. What else should the perversed Humanity await, either self or Galactic destruction? Regards.


  6. there allready was a thing like that called Carrington event in 1859 if same thing happened today it would throw us back to stoneage


  7. This claim, that coronary mass of the sun can destroy life on Earth, is not provable on the basis of the measures obtained by measuring the intensity of the explosion that took place.
    All these changes in the sun depends on the relative positions of the planets and the sun at a given moment. When it is determined that the planets are placed in a critical position in relation to the sun, then they will cause a reaction sun in that way that can affect any planet, but it can not happen if desired, but only in a certain cycle that is greater than about 13000 and above. What is the cycle time longer, the explosion was stronger. In this way, the sea, one day, lead to a destruction of the entire solar system, but without it, none of the planet can be destroyed individually.


  8. “The fact that we are here today is pure luck. The chances of Earth being habitable were astronomical, and still we are here.”

    Um, God…!

    Romans 1:20… “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

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  9. Tonic says:

    Is there anyone else out that thinks,”What the Hell”
    Will a Carrington happen again·? Probably.
    Turn off co2 and all will be well again.
    It’s like, let the Earth know what to do, and then everything will be ok.It is so simple, all we have to do is control the planet we live on..
    Best of luck with that.


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