Towns blanketed with ash as Mexico’s Colima volcano erupts

Colima Volcano
September 2015MEXICO – Mexico’s Colima volcano has spewed ash and smoke over nearby towns, after erupting again at dawn yesterday. Video from the scene showed thick plumes of black smoke billowing from the mountain. “The ashes and smoke have reached two kilometers into the air… it has been showing renewed activity over the past two months, blanketing nearby villages with ash,” TeleSUR English reports.
Colima, also known as Fire Volcano, is located in the country’s west, about 125km from Guadalajara in Jalisco. It is the country’s most active volcano and has erupted more frequently since 1994, according to Volcano Discovery. Hundreds of people were evacuated from nearby towns in July amid fears of a major eruption. Airline Aeromexico has not advised of any delays. –9News
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2 Responses to Towns blanketed with ash as Mexico’s Colima volcano erupts

  1. The Earthquakes And Volcanic activities of the Earth commenced during the fall of man in the Garden of Eden and God Cursed the Ground for the sake of man for disobeying God’s commandment of eating of the prohibited tree. (Gen. 3:17 – 19) in verse 18 – the word says thorns and also thistles shall it bring fourth to thee. These are all the negative calamities including volcanic erruptions, Earthquakes, hurricanes, Tzunamis, wars, Famine and unhealable diseases to name a few, all for bringing the curse of death over man in verse 19 – to return to the dust, from whence he was taken. Amen.


  2. yairasparkle says:

    Such a stunning & captivating photo…


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