Week-long heat wave kills 1,233 people in southern Pakistan – deadliest in country’s history

Heat Wave Pakistan June 27
June 2015 PAKISTAN A devastating weeklong heat wave in Pakistan’s southern port city of Karachi killed 1,233 people, an official said. Nazar Mohammad Bozdar, operations director at the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, said about 65,000 heatstroke patients were treated by doctors at all of Karachi’s hospitals since June 20 when the heat wave struck Sindh province, where Karachi is the provincial capital.
He told The Associated Press that 1,923 patients with heat-related ailments were still being treated. “The government quickly responded by making arrangements for the treatment of heatstroke patients and the situation has improved now,” he said. Pakistan’s deadliest heat wave on record coincided with the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, when Pakistan’s Muslim majority observed a dawn-to-dusk fast. The temperatures in Karachi came down to 93 degrees Fahrenheit after reaching 113 degrees Fahrenheit a week ago amid chronic power outages, which forced many residents to spend nights outdoors.
The heat wave shocked many Pakistanis just weeks after soaring temperatures caused nearly 2,200 deaths in neighboring India. On Saturday, TV footage showed a charity burying several unidentified bodies of people who died earlier this week because of the heatstroke. Pakistani television stations reported that several unidentified bodies were buried by the Edhi Foundation charity because local morgues were overflowing. –WHNT
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6 Responses to Week-long heat wave kills 1,233 people in southern Pakistan – deadliest in country’s history

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    poor little children… poor mothers
    so, so very hard 😦


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    well, one week into the predictions for the western US heatwave, it has been Hot… but in the Willamette region, not quite so blistering as expected. Dry T-storms rolled in this weekend which has kept our area out of the triple-digits (altho big risk of lightning fires) still, high 90’s here and up to 109 in the inner deserts which is approx 20 degrees above average for late June. It is as dry & crisp as late summer allready…

    here is the u.s. forecast for the rest of summer:
    “The worst of late-summer’s heat compared to average is forecast to be in parts of California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and western Montana. This is a region of the country that is expecting record-breaking heat to close out June. The hot and dry conditions will only worsen the ongoing drought and wildfire danger across the western states.
    According to chief meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford, the West can expect to see above-average warmth for the long haul. “As in June, we expect the most significant July heat to happen in the Pacific Northwest, where a long-term pattern of warmer and drier conditions has likely settled in for much of the next year,” he said.
    East of the Rockies, the central states and Northeast are forecast to see below-average temperatures in July and August…”


  3. Linda says:

    All I can say is Lord have mercy on this World and redeem US from the wicked one. In Jesus Name. This world is in chaos, but He will avenge those who are His.


  4. Wiseguy says:

    Stupid people, because of Ramadan, they can’t drink water during the day!!! Anyway, this is what I call Natural Extermination, when religion is driving you to death, no God would allow his children to die this way… Only man-made religion can do this…

    In a more interesting subject, Mount Hakone, 45 miles from Tokyo erupted… His magma chamber could be link to Mount Fuji…


  5. Yellow Bird says:

    they are devout to the point of their own death… rather than insulting, it would be good to recognize the intense depth of commitment driving such a willingness to lay down one’s own life. it is not only religion where such devotedness to a cause can be seen…


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