Indonesian volcano spews towering gas cloud

Sinabung June 25, 2015
June 2015 INDONESIA Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung spewed searing ash and gas 4 kilometers into the sky Thursday, officials said, as the number of people displaced by the latest round of eruptions exceeded 10,000. “There were two strong eruptions today and the ash travelled far to the east,” said Subur Tambun, chief of the disaster management agency in Karo district in North Sumatra province, where the volcano is located. The volcano erupted 11 times on Wednesday, sending ash to the provincial capital Medan.
There have been no fatalities since the volcano began its latest period of activity early this month, he said. Indonesian President Joko Widodo this week arranged 6 billion rupiah (US$450,000, RM1.6 million ) to help local authorities cope with the displaced. The National Disaster Management Agency said more than 10,000 had fled their homes and more than 6,000 of them have to be relocated for good because they live too close to the volcano. The relocation is estimated to cost around 600 billion rupiah, said agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho. Mount Sinabung has erupted intermittently since late 2013. Sixteen people were killed and tens of thousands were temporarily displaced during an intense period of eruptions early last year.  –The Sun Daily
Rhianna Lakin, 37, of Gladstone spent the past few weeks exploring Indonesia with her children and her drone. She used her drone to capture these spectacular images of Sinabung erupting.
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6 Responses to Indonesian volcano spews towering gas cloud

  1. Judy says:

    When you do wrong to others Indonesia, GOD does wrong to you. You better believe it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dennis E. says:

      Yes, good comment “When you do wrong to others”


      • Yellow Bird says:

        then, america is also doomed and it surely can’t be far off…
        fat, protected, greedy america has done much wrong to others


    • Sunflower says:

      Judy maybe why god is at it he can tie rocks to their ankles, toss them in a lake and see if they float to find out if they are witches or not?


  2. Dennis E. says:

    I am of the firm belief that after today, the earth is going to experience additional volcano eruptions and significant earthquakes. The western pacific has been shaken in the few days which some seem to think a large event is in the near future.
    Not to leave out the CME’s the earth has been experiencing in recent days.
    This area here always has earth change events on going it seems.


  3. Marie-Mary-Myriam says:

    As the Volcano Eruption-Has bust aftera long time of inactivity-it should be investigated about the reason of that new activity – whether it belongs to a scientifical event underneath the earth and the Connection of that Scientifical event to the Natural development of the Civilization, That inorder to test and check the main Originof the Gaz. THAT MIGHT BE RELATED TOTHE SUSTUNABLE ENERGY WHICH caused the scientifical research of Climate change and Weather Control

    Aside the malefic impactof the Gaz bursting out at the eruption We should investigate how the Gaz migh be used for the Human resources –

    MARY W, W .Cassin


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