Heat wave coming to Vancouver – city braces for “rare” early bout of record high temperatures

Heat wave Canada
June 2015 VANCOUVER, CanadaRecord-breaking temperatures are on the way for B.C. this weekend. CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe says it will feel like 30 degrees or warmer on Saturday and Sunday across the southern part of the province. That is rare for this time of year, she says, and will likely break some records.
“This is pretty early on in the season to see these kinds of temperatures,” said Wagstaffe. For the next few days, onshore sea-breezes will cap temperatures in the mid-20s near the ocean, according to Environment Canada. Slightly inland, temperatures will hover near 30 degrees. The warm spell is not expected to last past mid-next week. Wagstaffe says it’s important people prepare themselves for the heat and watch for signs of heat stroke. “Because this is so much hotter than what we’re used to at this time of year, watch for symptoms of heat illness, dizziness, nausea, fainting and make sure to stay hydrated all weekend long.”
The B.C. Wildfire Management Branch says fires larger than a campfire are not permitted in mosts part of the province. “We’re just asking people to be very careful with fire use,” said Navi Saini, a spokeswoman with the Wildfire Management Branch. “It’s really important we do keep the human-caused wildfires down, just so we do have resources to respond to the naturally occurring wildfires.” –CBC
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1 Response to Heat wave coming to Vancouver – city braces for “rare” early bout of record high temperatures

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    supposed to be 90f in Portland for the next few days… not record breaking, but plenty summery and early for it… we’ll see what the rest of Jun looks like tho, temps in oregon often vary by 20 or more one day to the next, could drop right back down to avg or even below, one never knows?


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