CIA ends information sharing with scientists on climate and earth changes

 Climate Change 2
May 2015 WASHINGTONShutting down a program that began nearly a quarter-century ago, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has decided to stop sharing classified information it collects on the ocean and atmosphere with scientists studying climate change. The CIA has ended its Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis (MEDEA) program, according to news reported by Mother Jones. Under MEDEA, about 60 civilian scientists had security clearances that allowed them to receive classified data, “such as ocean temperature and tidal readings gathered by Navy submarines and topography data collected by spy satellites,” wrote journalist Tim McDonnell.
The program provided climate experts with information about global warming and other climate-related threats that they couldn’t access from other sources. The CIA uses that data in its analyses on how weather changes will impact global conflicts. It’s believed that the spy agency had heretofore partnered with the MEDEA scientists to perform their analyses, which then made its way into the agency’s annual Worldwide Threat Assessment (pdf) report, according to McDonnell. President Obama has called climate change “an immediate risk to our national security” and urged U.S national security agencies to give the matter high priority. He also signed an executive order requiring that climate change data be developed and shared among federal agencies, and made available to the public.
The CIA didn’t state why it shuttered MEDEA, saying in a statement: “Under the Medea program to examine the implications of climate change, CIA participated in various projects. These projects have been completed and CIA will employ these research results and engage external experts as it continues to evaluate the national security implications of climate change.” In general, Republicans have long been opposed to federal efforts to study climate change. Attacking U.S. intelligence agencies for its national security studies on the environment, Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) generated a calculated sound bite in 2010, saying they “should be focused on monitoring terrorists in caves, not polar bears on icebergs.” And just last week, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) called Obama’s recent call for action “a severe disconnect from reality.” The U.S. Defense Department doesn’t see it that way. In a 2014 report (pdf), it called climate change a “threat multiplier” that it predicts will have the effect of worsening global conflicts.
(House Republicans thumbed their collective nose at the Pentagon by passing an amendment last year that would prevent it from spending money on matters related to climate change, or using funds on alternative sources of energy.) Columbia University political scientist Marc Levy, who has worked with U.S. intelligence agencies on climate change issues since the 1990s, agrees with the Pentagon assessment and suggests that the CIA’s closing of MEDEA is a step in the wrong direction. “The climate problems are getting worse in a way that our data systems are not equipped to handle,” he told Mother Jones. “There’s a growing gap between what we can currently get our hands on, and what we need to respond better. So that’s inconsistent with the idea that MEDEA has run out of useful things to do.” The CIA began the program in 1992 under President George H. W. Bush, whose son George W. Bush, as president, shut down MEDEA. In 2010, President Barack Obama revived the program along with establishing a new CIA office, Center for Climate Change and National Security. That office was shut down without explanation in 2012. –All Gov
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23 Responses to CIA ends information sharing with scientists on climate and earth changes

  1. omanuel says:

    Unfortunately the National Academy of Sciences and agencies of our own government apparently betrayed the public after Stalin effectively won WWII and united nations [UN] and independent national academies of science [NAS] into an Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Science Truth on 24 Oct 1945:

    Click to access Introduction.pdf


  2. LOVE says:

    PEOPLE don’t need the CIA to give them any information about the weather. The CIA lies about everything all the time. They are thieving murders. People easily pay attention to the weather and local and national weather reports, and can see everything for themselves, and determine patterns. WE DON’T NEED THE CIA anyways, which was formed by NAZI’s that got brought over from Germany in operation “Paper Clip”, after WW2


    • Jus'Say'n says:

      “People don’t need the Central Unintelligence Agency to give them any information about the weather. Who the hell needs their help, besides ISIS?!”

      People can see the dammned Super Tornado’s for themselves right outside the rear windows of the their floating houses!!!!
      Good thing for the floods! Help put the fire out when their roofs catch on fire from the Sun Spots!!!!


    • BenThere says:

      It was shut down because CIA data DIDN’T SUPPORT NOAA data. NOAA data does not support Global ANYTHING. The data just didn’t agree with our leadership’s agenda. It didn’t agree with the UN agenda. Do you REALLY think that “man” can affect global weather alterations? It would be the same as you urinating in the ocean. What difference would it make? Even if everyone world-wide took a leak, would it affect anything? Think about this, it’s not us. All this hype is nothing other than people of power and money wanting world-wide taxation, more control of how you live, where you live, what you buy, and what to consume. Where’s there joy in life when you are not free to enjoy it?

      Do research.
      Follow the money.
      Ask questions.
      Think for yourselves.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    I KNOW………………….or I think I know
    Because, in a recent speech BO said that Climate change/global warming is now a national security issue………….Which means this, maybe? Sites like this may be closed and information stricter guarded or placed under a higher classification…………….. for national security……….Information that could threaten your and my very existence and cause undue panic………….Your thoughts?


    • Yellow Bird says:

      seeing the article this morning, my very first thought was… Why am i not surprised?

      i tend to hold Mother Jones reporting in fairly high regard, i expect they told it more or less like it is- there may be pieces left out… but ive been reading them for a long while and feel that what they do report is likely the truth even if its not necessarily the whole story.

      so my next thought was, well then, whats behind this sudden squelch?

      and now reading your comment, my thought is… prolly, Dennis, prolly that…


  4. hammerhead says:

    As Bob Fletcher Investigations found out, Niburi should be able to be seen around December of this year. If that is the case than the present wacked out weather patterns we see around the world and also the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, this may have something to do with it. We also have Jade Helm and Raider Focus going on right now in the US. Sounds to me if the CIA keeps giving there classified data the scientists will start to ask some important questions and the gig well be up. The government needs to have martial law in place by December. Just my thoughts.


  5. Nickname says:

    Maybe because a WAR IS ABOUT TO START!


  6. Ken Lowder says:

    I think that maybe there is some truth to the government being able to manipulate weather. If so sudden storms or events would not fit the standard weather modeling and raise questions. Questions that the government doesn’t want to answer.


  7. Patty says:

    It sounds like, at the least, there are natural science occurrences that the myriad of Navy ships (non-scientists) are currently coming up against more frequently (as opposed to the few independent science ships) and which are obviously discernable by non-scientist military. Thus, the non-governmental scientists’ information to the public would be a threat to the propaganda that we will now be receiving from the dissemination of this data by the CIA. Eventually, through governmental t.v. and internet controlled media systems, people will only hear what is told to them and believe it, causing either, yes – undue panic, or total apathy or anger depending on how the government wants to direct the masses. It sure is wierd how big the government’s mouth on life is getting and how small the world has become in human experience. Dennis E – each of our existences is totally dependent upon repenting, resting, and returning to God through Jesus Christ. And no matter what happens, I have faith and hope that God will have some humans live through the debacle the government plans to commit so that His purpose will continue. That’s not up to anyone but Him who isn’t under the control of the CIA….but, of course they have the free will to try. I’ve read the end of the Bible and know who wins! Peace!


    • Dennis E. says:

      Patty, faith in Jesus is good. We all need to repent or die daily. The scriptures are clear.
      The Lord said that and I paraphase, that unless those days were shortened, no flesh would survive. Yes, there are coming events that will threatened our very existence. At the Second Coming there will be survivors. Its in scriptures. But, the central thought is that
      in order for mankind to accept the rule of the man of sin, a situation must exist in where he is seen as the only solution, the only one who can bring change and stop the dying. T


  8. I think that the Data that they are collecting is show that the climate change is showing that it has NOTHING to do with mankind in what we are doing !!! Except for how the Governments that have the power to alter it !!! But the real climate change is coming from Volcanos that are going off all around the world at alarming rates both upon the face of the Earth and under the Oceans that are changing the Temp. of the Ocean currents along with the Radiation from Fukushima is the real threats and there is NOTHING man can do to change it if the TRUTH be told !!!


  9. niebo says:

    Maybe the information THEY provided was no longer of use to support the “official” agenda?

    “Medea is known in most stories as an ENCHANTRESS and is often depicted as being a priestess of the goddess Hecate or a witch.”

    ENCHANTRESS “may refer to:

    Magician (paranormal), a magician, sorcerer, enchanter, wizard; sometimes called an enchantress, sorceress, or witch if female.
    Seduction, the enticement of one person by another, called a seductress or enchantress when it is a beautiful and charismatic woman”

    Ask yourself . . . what exactly were/are they using to enchant/seduce YOU, ME, US?


    • niebo says:

      Just went back and read your response to my question @ the Galapagos story (thank you!) . . . and so returned to reread this article with new perspective, and this jumped out:

      “ . . . such as ocean temperature and tidal readings gathered by NAVY SUBMARINES and TOPOGRAPHY data collected by spy satellites. . . ”

      IF the information that these Navy Subs has gathered proves that ocean temps are climbing (due to volcanism), and/or IF the satellite data reflects sub-oceanic changes in topography (par for the course as far as volcanic eruptions go), THEN they just silenced a source that, in theory, could EXPLAIN the acidification of the oceans, the mass extinctions, and the ERRATIC ocean/atmospheric currents.

      SO . . . the question stands (more-or-less), WHAT are they doing to enchant/seduce (mislead/misguide)?


  10. Who to trust? Mother Jones or CIA? Obviously neither, but after Obama gave priority to the clear and present danger of Climate Change – to Coast Guard Graduates,no less, I am thinking the CIA has had enough of the linking of every problem under the thumb – including prostitution – with global warming, and now has found other priorities that need to be investigated. IOW scrutinizing REAL problems that are on their way from abroad.


  11. Apollyon says:

    That’s a two way street, scientist need to keep their own data and not share it with the
    Gov. Personally I could not give a rats ass what the CIA said about anything, they are not trustworthy, they have no integrity and nothing they say can be trusted, when I see a article that starts the “CIA said” I don;t even read it.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Nam Marine says:

    SURE they did ! Because the “Bad” weather is caused by THEM !


  13. amakvitaa says:

    Nice post


  14. Christopher says:

    This it exactly what Robert of has said.


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