The seventh whale of this year washed ashore on California’s Sonoma Coast – 28-foot whale found dead in Portuguese beach

May 2015CALIFORNIA Yet another carcass of a gray whale has washed up on a beach in the Bay area over the weekend, making it the 7th dead whale to have been found in the last 5 weeks. The cause of death of this 28-foot whale found in Sonoma County’s Portuguese Beach has not been determined yet and according to park officials the whale has been dead for quite a while as the remains had already been decomposing when it had been discovered. A California State Parks Ranger, Damien Jones has said that the whale carcass doesn’t show any injuries of being hit by a ship. A tissue sample has been sent to the Marine Mammal Centre for investigating the reason behind the animal’s death. Jones has said they are planning on leaving the carcass waiting for the tide to take it back into the ocean. “Generally we leave dead and sick animals where they are and let nature take its course,” said Jones.   
Last couple of months there had been other such case of dead whales washing up. On April 18th a dead killer whale had been discovered near Fort Bragg in Mendocino County. On April 24th two dead whales also washed up on a beach in Santa Cruz County, one being a full-grown 40-foot gray whale, while the other a 23-foot yearling displaying injuries from a killer whale attack. The locals in Pacifica have come across the remains of two whales at two different times. On April 14th they found a 48 foot sperm whale and on May 4th, a 42-foot female humpback had been found in the area.
Earlier this week, a 40 feet dead gray whale had been found on the shore of Kelly Beach in Half Moon Bay. May is often marked as the end of the northern migration of gray whales and this is when marine animals travel at an estimated 5,000 miles from their mating and birthing lagoons in Mexico and back to their usual Alaskan feeding grounds. A lot of them travel with their newborns although other younger whales prefer to stay in a more confined area for the whole year. –Benchmark Reporter
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15 Responses to The seventh whale of this year washed ashore on California’s Sonoma Coast – 28-foot whale found dead in Portuguese beach

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    Your credibility is undermined when you use a stock image of a whale that is clearly not a Gray Whale. This is a photo of a Sperm Whale. Buried in the story you do mention a Sperm Whale. But the headline seems to refer to the photo.

    Accuracy matters. otherwise you play into the hands of those who want to discredit what you do.


  2. Northwalker says:

    Putting the above aside…this is unreal..and also incredible that Orca’s are dying…this is the top of the food chain. The specimen they obtained will NOT reveal starvation. Unprecedented amounts of dead krill are washing up, the birds were starving, seals are starving. I think this is going to get way worse.


  3. Judy says:

    Man has to search his soul, its either what is being dropped from the sky, or what is being used to soak up oil spills, and think about the radioactivity that is still coming out of Japan from Fukishima but you can count on it being caused by man. SHAME on us.


  4. Yellow Bird says:

    7 dead whales in just 5 weeks…
    1st: Sperm Whale, 48ft
    2nd: Orca “Killer Whale”
    3rd: Grey Whale, 40ft
    4th: Grey Whale, 23ft (injured)
    5th: Sperm Whale, 48ft
    6th: Grey Whale, 40ft
    7th: Grey Whale, 28ft
    + implication of perhaps many more dead in the water

    having lived near & then on the coast for many years, i have to say i feel its a fair implication….
    growing up, i spent as much time as i could down at the beaches. while dolphins snared in fishing nets were not a rare sight, large whales virtually never washed ashore… i remember hearing of, maybe, one or two. it just didnt happen. oil coated pelicans and albatross, sure, now & then. never whales, our concerns for them was that they’d become so rare…
    much later, when the kids were small, a young whale died & was washed onto one of the beaches. it was a Really Big Deal, almost a circus event really, people came from miles around to see them trying to get it buried… it was unheard of!

    how different it was, before the whole ocean became poisoned.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      drswig, that list has grown devastatingly! so many allready, just in the past few months– and its not complete, we have all read reports that weren’t listed there

      but the Trees are also dying 😦
      i don’t have any published lists to share, but have seen reports from all over… the aspens are giving up… sudden oak death abounds… pine beetle wreak havoc on far more than “just” pine… fungus attacking cedars and another killing off dogwoods… and where have the walnut trees gone? or, in our area, nearly all the 100+ year old Rose of Sharons seem to have vanished in the last few years… the equally historic Sycamores and Linden Elms suddenly developing massive root rot and crashing onto rooftops… and something has started attacking some of the maples…


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