Moderate 5.3 magnitude earthquake shakes buildings in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Quake
May 2015 TOKYO, JAPANA strong quake shook buildings in Tokyo on Monday, setting off alarms and temporarily bringing the city’s subway system to halt, AFP reporters in the Japanese capital said. Scientists said there was no risk of a tsunami from the quake, which had a magnitude of 5.3, according to the US Geological Survey. The Japan Meteorological Agency earlier put it at 5.6. Both runways at Narita Airport, the main international gateway to Tokyo, were temporarily closed so staff could check for any damage. Neither was affected. Alarms on mobile phones and in buildings sounded as the quake developed with a series of vertical bounces, as well as a side-to-side shaking.
The quake struck at a relatively shallow 35 kilometers (22 miles), the USGS said, putting its epicenter just 34 kilometers north of the heaving metropolis of Tokyo, one of the most densely populated areas in the world. National broadcaster NHK reported the effects were felt over a large area around the capital. However, there were no immediate reports of injuries or any damage, including at any of the shuttered nuclear power stations in the region. A massive 9.0 magnitude quake that struck off the country’s northeast coast in 2011 generated a powerful tsunami that wreaked havoc in a wide area.
As well as killing more than 18,000 people, it destroyed thousands of homes and sparked a nuclear emergency at Fukushima when waves swamped reactor cooling systems. Japan is located at the junction of a number of the earth’s tectonic plates and experiences around a fifth of the planet’s most powerful quakes every year. But rigid building codes and strict enforcement mean even powerful quakes that might devastate other parts of the world frequently do little damage to Japanese infrastructure. –DM
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9 Responses to Moderate 5.3 magnitude earthquake shakes buildings in Tokyo, Japan

  1. How far away was this from Mt. Fuji?


  2. Lulu says:

    The Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc system (below – SSE of Japan) leads up to the region of Tokyo and is an undersea volcanic provence/feature. Combine this with the complex plate system around Japan and you have some concerted movement in the arc currently. I was watching ISS (U.S.) satellite live footage yesterday as it went over Japan in the daylight, and there is sea discoloration (looks ‘muddy’) encircling the Japanese lands at the moment……….

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    • Yellow Bird says:

      would this area also be connected with the Solomon Islands region?

      “muddied” seas arond japan… doesnt seem good


      • Lulu says:

        connection? – only marginally, as the Solomon Island are in the region of the Australian Plate crossing over the Pacific Plate. This where many quakes have been happening. Having said that, the Solomon’s are only about 1500kms to the SSE of Guam which is on the southern ‘end’ of the I/B/M arc system. There are undersea mounds running all over the place between and to the east of these regions (I/B/M arc and Solomon’s). There may be an outside chance of a distant relationship. When I saw the ‘muddying’ in the waters around Japan (99.99% sure of what I saw from the Space Station view), I nearly fell off my seat…..


  3. Maria says:

    Still, the Japanese nuclear industry and the government are keen on reactivating the nuclear plants that they had stopped operating after the 2011 earthquake amd tsunami disaster that crippled the Fukushima nuclear plants! Never mind the fact that they still cannot figure out what to do with the dirty water from the Fukushima nuclear plants that are leaking into the Pacific Ocean. What’s wrong with this picture? Are they crazy and suicidal?


  4. Yellow Bird says:

    annnd… jump forward a few days to:
    “heat” wave…
    radioactivity = “Hot”



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