Another aftershock: Nepal struck by 5.7-magnitude earthquake

May 16 5
May 2015NEPAL A 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal Saturday as the country was still recovering from previous earthquakes in recent weeks. The tremor occurred 15 miles north of Ramechhap, about 50 miles east of the capital of Kathmandu and south of Mount Everest, according to the United States Geological Survey. There was no immediate word on damages.
“An aftershock of 5.7-intensity after three days of high-intensity earthquakes on May 12 measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale is rare in weather science,” A.K. Sen, a state meteorologist in Bihar, India, south of Nepal, told the Financial Express. Sen said it’s rare for aftershocks of major quakes to top 4.0 in magnitude. The quake was felt in the northern Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh at about 5 p.m. local time.
The earthquake follows the deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake from April 25 that killed over 8,200 people. Further activity, including a 7.3-magnitude earthquake, happened Tuesday, killing 117 people. Relief crews have also died amid the rescue efforts. Nepal’s army said Saturday that all eight bodies from a U.S. Marine helicopter that crashed during a relief mission were recovered. The wreckage of the UH-1 Huey was found Friday after the chopper — which carried six Marines and two Nepali soldiers — went missing on Tuesday. –ABC NewsIB Times
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6 Responses to Another aftershock: Nepal struck by 5.7-magnitude earthquake

  1. davidh7426 says:

    If it’s rare for an aftershock to top 4.0, then that begs the question… Is this quake an aftershock, or is it another separate quake.

    And that raises the question, how many more are to come. My gut says more, and moving eastward.


  2. TexasRedNeck says:

    Last November 2014 the Hindu’s sacrificed 5,000 buffalos to the goddess Gadhimai.
    Nepal is under the control of a demonic spirit and I believe that with the start up of the LHC that many more even stronger demons will be brought into our dimension.


  3. aaronwt says:

    Look what happened after the big quake in Japan. They had tons of very large aftershocks.


  4. Professor says:

    Nepal broke off relations with the US and now the earthquake and weather weapon called HAARP is being used to destroy the country. Now the US military is back in there and the UN under the guise is humanitarian aid. The US gives millions a year to Nepal and has been for years. Most UN troops come from Nepal.


  5. Yellow Bird says:

    looks like maybe land movement could be slowing down finally for Nepal? there’s been only a few more a/s since this one, and none in past 24hs… here’s hoping things keep holding…
    meanwhile, i’ve noticed Puerto Rico seems to be having a swarm…

    Earthquake Track verifies they’ve had over 25 this week, more than 80 this month, 1700 over the past year.
    mostly itty-bitty ones, but seems like a lot of earth movement.
    typical for, say, Northern CA or Alaska… (or the new “norm” for Okla)…

    anyone know if this level of movement is routine for PR region?


  6. Yellow Bird says:

    …or if fracking is being done there?


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