New 7.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Nepal – buildings collapse, mass panic ensues – 66 dead

May 7
May 2015NEPALA major 7.3 magnitude earthquake has hit Nepal tonight, less than three weeks after a devastating quake left thousands dead and buildings ruined. The quake was originally designated as a 7.4 event, but it was later downgraded to a 7.3 magnitude quake by the USGS. Several buildings collapsed in the isolated town of Chautara, with at least four people killed, according to Paul Dillon, a spokesman with the International Organization for Migration. A rescue team from the agency has begun searching through the wreckage of the little town, he said. Chautara has become a hub for humanitarian aid in the wake of a major April 25 quake that killed more than 8,150 people and injured more than 17,860 as it flattened mountain villages and destroyed buildings. Tuesday’s quake was deeper, however, coming from a depth of 18.5 kilometers (11.5 miles) versus the April 25th quake that hit 15 kilometers (9.3 miles).
More shallow earthquakes tend to cause more damage at the surface. It was followed closely by at least five aftershocks measuring from magnitude 5.6 to magnitude 6.3. The international airport in Kathmandu, which has become a transport hub for international aid, was closed temporarily, while traffic snarled in the streets of Kathmandu. “The shaking seemed to go on and on,” said Rose Foley, a UNICEF official based in Kathmandu. “It felt like being on a boat in rough seas.”

Quakes Grid Map

Aid agencies were still struggling Tuesday afternoon to get reports from outside of the capital. “We’re thinking about children across the country, and who are already suffering. This could make them even more vulnerable,” Ms Foley said. In the capital of Kathmandu, the quake sent people rushing outside of their homes. The tremors in Kathmandu lasted close to a minute according to an AFP correspondent in the city, with the ground swaying. Sirens could be heard soon afterwards and people were seen running screaming onto the streets of Kathmandu and nearby cities, while telephone connections were down.
“Looks like Nepal will be destroyed completely this time,” one resident shouted, while others were putting up tents in open spaces that they had only recently taken down. At the Norvic Hospital in Kathmandu, patients and doctors rushed to the parking lot. “I thought I was going to die this time,” said Sulav Singh, who rushed with his daughter into the street in the suburban neighborhood of Thapathali. “Things were just getting back to normal, and we get this one.” Police gave no immediate estimates of damage. Indian Embassy spokesman Abhay Kumar said some buildings in Kathmandu collapsed, but he gave no further details about how many or where they were. Experts say the April 25 quake caused extensive structural damage even in buildings that did not topple, and that many could be in danger of future collapse. –NZ Herald
Rising Death Toll: The earthquake has killed at least 66 people so far, including 17 in neighboring India and one in Tibet. It spread panic in Nepal, bringing down buildings already weakened by a devastating tremor less than three weeks ago and unleashing landslides in Himalayan valleys near Mount Everest. Most of the reported fatalities were in villages and towns east of capital Kathmandu that were only just beginning to pick up the pieces after the April 25th quake that left more than 8,000 people dead. –IT
Tremor Map
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26 Responses to New 7.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Nepal – buildings collapse, mass panic ensues – 66 dead

  1. Marc E. Grecco says:

    We are at the Eve of Destruction


  2. Rajiv says:

    Yeah. the buildings trmbled in Delhi, where I live


    • the sheer force of the power of the planet never ceases to amaze us.

      Glad to hear you’re okay


      • Rajiv says:

        Thanks. Yes, I am. However, what also never ceases to amaze me, is our tendency to disrespect the planet


      • That my friend, is a disease which only calamity can cure.


        “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” Isaiah 11:9


    • This was likely a dual hit for you in Delhi. First the quake hit in Nepal as a 7.9 and then there was also a quake on the border of India and Nepal so this one might have been felt even more.
      M 5.2 – NEPAL-INDIA BORDER REGION – 2015-05-12 21:25:12 UTC

      Watch for L side deep earaches and some sore throat possible as well as stomach pains.


    • I accidently typed in the wrong magnitude of today’s Nepal quake. It was 7.4 the one on April 25th was 7.9 … My apologies.


  3. walkinx9 says:

    As I have posted in the past.. I had predicted the major quake on the 25th and the ones that followed as well as the recent ones in PNG.. but this one this morning. I notified my group on the 8th of May that the next A/S was likely from the 12th + or – 12 hours through the 19th plus or minus 12 hours. This one hit at 12:05 AM PDT just under 4 hours after my warning.

    One of my subscribers has family in KATMANDU this is what I sent her last night at 8:23 PM
    From: Charlotte []
    Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 8:23 PM
    To: ‘* email removed to protect privacy *
    Subject: Entering Period of Unrest
    Just a note to remind you that we are entering a period of unrest and a timeline of the 2nd phase of a larger A/S for major quakes.
    This can include earthquakes and even avalanches on Everest… caused by quakes at Nepal.
    This time it’s NEPAL due for A/S between 12 noon today and 12 midnight on the 19th
    I know this is a long time frame but it’s the one that works.. 3 days before, then the actual day and 3 days after with a plus or minus 12 hours.
    I can only say that I pray that I am wrong. A larger event and I am not necessarily talking major size but a larger event could cause unstable Houses and buildings damaged in the 7.9 to collapse.
    Please tell your family to be sure they have sufficient water and other supplies again.
    Again this is not written in stone, but it’s the timeline that has hit almost every major quake that has transpired in 30 plus years.Sometimes it will only be a 5.5 but with a quake that magnitude I would not be surprised to see a 6.9 + event.

    I even hate to send this to you but I am so concerned about the homeless and displaced persons in Nepal and the animals.

    Watch for major L earache, headache, and possible stomach pains. Some of these quakes will cause some heart pains but not all. Its difficult to determine which ones will and which ones won’t.
    So see this one was also predictable.

    I need contacts in Nepal and other locations to be able to get updates and or alerts out to people



  4. Whyte says:

    Read that Mt Everest sunk?


  5. Such Tragedy for so many.. My heart is with all out there.


  6. davidh7426 says:

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to be the last one, they seem to be moving eastward, and I suspect they may well get stronger as they move closer to the ‘Ring of Fire’.


  7. Jackie says:

    How unusual is it to have 2 quakes in the same area within weeks of each other? I don’t remember it before and i am nearly 50.


    • Its totally normal with quakes of over 6.0 to have A/S ( aftershocks ) in the same location days, weeks, months and even years later. This was an A/S of the 7.9 quake and we can expect more within 72 hours and again between the 29th of May + or – 12 hours to the 6th of June this is the usual time line for this quake.


  8. Glad that many Shirpa guides decided to stop being climber guides on Mt. Everest after the first quake. Does anyone know why these shallow quakes near this particular ridge of mountains?


  9. Irene C says:

    Just in: 6.7 – NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN – 2015-05-12 21:13:01 UTC


  10. Stephen says:

    6.8 in Japan 6pm est another major quake


    • Surveyor says:

      This visualization of the Japan 2011 quakes timeline is fascinating. Turn up your speaker volume, as the sound varies by quake size. Amazing video.


      • sharilynne says:

        Wow! This video says it all. It is amazing to me that Japan is still standing. Perhaps Edgar Cayce was right about Japan sinking into the ocean. I would never wish that on anyone or any country, however you cannot ignore this evidence. Thanks for sharing Surveyor.


  11. I kind of agree with Cayce. I joined ARE in 1978 and became a avid reader of all I could get my hands on from the Cayce Foundation. But I want to report what I was told. Yes Cayce said that Japan would go under but he did not say ” under the sea or ocean ” He said Japan will go under and within a few months, California would follow ” I have a friend who knows, or knew the woman who Edgar Cayce made his sleeping predictions to for transcribing. She said ” Cayce never said that Japan would go under the sea. What he said is Japan would go under and California would follow.. she went on to say ” he meant economically ” So after the 9.1 quake with the tsunami, it did go under financially for some time and Silicon Valley was also affected as the parts needed for computers etc were from JAPAN”.. so perhaps this prophecy has already come to pass?
    She said ” He meant economically and then CA would follow in a few months, as they need the help from Japan to do their jobs ) this was before they knew about computers etc. So obviously Cayce knew his stuff… just a thought but wanted to put it out there.
    As a side bar: Since I am a biological earthquake Sensitive and predict quakes etc. I have to say, that I have never believed that California or Japan or Oregon will/would drop into the sea. I believe there can be subsidence and water can come in with a tsunami or cut new paths but as far as the
    ” dropping into the Ocean, that actually happening, I do not believe ”
    If something like that happened, it would have to be a ” extinction event ” as the entire plates would have to fracture and break away which could set land masses such as the US and other countries adrift but no falling into the ocean.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dennis E. says:

      Speaking about California, there is a report on line that the central valley land mass is sinking and that is from the underground aquifiers being depleted from farming and economically California is going under.

      As for significant land deformation……as discussed in your article which is very good and very thoughtful, I think the jury is still out on that and that is due to the underwater
      discoveries of large structures under water……plus the discussion concerning Atlantis.
      perhaps, like the lava crater in Hawaii, the ground just dropped from underneath due to the grounds inability to carry the weight. But as the earth is, anything is possible.


      • Thanks Dennis.. you bring up some interesting points. Yes the ground is dropping but I believe most of this may be recovered when and if sufficient water gets back into the earth. As for the lands of Atlantis etc.. I am aware of a area that is offshore N CA.. it often has quakes, its not the normal offshore Eureka to the Bay and SF Bay proper but its 72 miles offshore. This is the area I believe that Cayce was also referring to as a land that will rise.. Some areas are rising, like the bulge under a very large portion of Hwy. 395 through the Caldera of the areas of Mammoth Lakes, in the CA/NV Sierras etc.. then as you report the subsidence in some locations.. Water disappearing like at Folsom Lake, we used to sail on the lake almost weekly in the mid 80’s and now you can almost walk across the lake.. no water.. Shasta is much smaller than in the past years. So Yes some things are going up and others are going down. Then we have the numerous water lines, mains breaking in Southern CA is this too a warning? Now I am getting reports of the same thing, water mains breaking in Philadelphia PA. So what is coming there? We are in for a long and interesting ride.


      • sharilynne says:

        Interesting points Dennis and Charlotte. Charlotte – I am glad you are on this sight. I used to follow your website years ago. You are truly on target. I’m here in So. California, and the infrastructure of the water mains are so old (some over 100 years). This has been known for years that replacement pipes were needed, and because of cost to do it, it was simply ignored. Not a very intelligent decision from my point of view, but I’m not the decision-maker. We are losing so much water due to all of these breaks. You are right, we are in for an interesting ride.


      • Sharilynne drop me a email if you want to be on my updates list
        I am concerned about all the water lines breaking. I was concerned when I heard about the first one last year and with each succeeding break, I became more and more concerned. A friend in S CA is keeping a log of all the breaks and it seems, we are having breaks that are not being reported. Confirmation from persons who live where the breaks happened. She said its like a news blackout of the water issues.. Now the water lines are breaking in Philly PA and they do not need a lot of quake activity there. The pipes and mains began breaking there in January 2015.
        Lots happening on this old blue marble. Thanks for following my site / information years ago. I began my email updates in 1997. Lots of followers in early 80’s 82 to 87 when I lived in Sacramento CA. Look forward to hearing from you.


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