Iowa declares state of emergency as bird flu outbreak spreads

Bird Flu Iowa
May 2015 HEALTH Governor Terry Branstad declared a state of emergency for Iowa on Friday, citing risks from the rapidly spreading bird flu outbreak, Reuters reports. The announcement was made after officials identified the virus’ presence at four new poultry farms. Iowa is the third state to declare a state of emergency, after Minnesota and Wisconsin did so in April. According to Reuters, Iowa is the United States’ top egg producer. Nationally, the outbreak “either has led or will lead” to the extermination of as many as 21 million chickens and turkeys. More than 16 million birds have been infected in Iowa alone, the Wall Street Journal reports.
The measure expands the efforts of the state’s emergency response plan, and authorizes various state entities access to additional resources, supplies and equipment to track and contain the influenza outbreak. It also allows for the removal and disposal of infected animals on either public or private lands and lifts weight restrictions on trucks hauling culled flocks, among other things. In addition, the action allows the state and local law enforcement to set up checkpoints and road blocks anywhere in the state, including areas outside of quarantined farms. The declaration is effective immediately and will remain in effect at least through the end of May. The Journal reports that, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no human infections have thus far been identified, and that this strain poses a very low risk to humans. –Gawker
A mystery where the virus came from or how its spreading
DES MOINES — It’s been five months since the H5N2 bird flu virus was discovered in the United States, and producers have lost 21 million birds in the Midwest alone. Yet, researchers acknowledge they know little about a bird flu virus that’s endangered turkey and egg-laying chicken populations that supply much of the nation. Scientists at the Department of Agriculture, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other federal agencies are puzzled by the H5N2 virus’ spread — even amid heightened bio-security measures — and apparent lack of widespread deaths in largely unprotected backyard flocks. “At this point, we don’t know very much about these viruses because they’ve only recently been identified,” Dr. Alicia Fry, the CDC’s leader of the influenza prevention and control team, said. “We’re following the situation very closely because this is something we’re continuing to understand.”
Bird Flu Map USThe H5N2 virus surfaced last winter in Canada and was first identified in the United States in early December, when it was found in a wild bird on the West Coast. This spring, the virus was found in poultry operations in eight Midwest states, forcing commercial producers to kill and compost millions of turkeys and chickens in Iowa, Minnesota and elsewhere. Scientists speculate that perhaps rodents or small birds, seeking food, tracked the virus into barns. Maybe it’s the work of flies, as the bird flu virus has been found on the insects in a Pennsylvania outbreak in 1983 and in Japan in 2004. The USDA’s chief veterinarian even floated the idea wind may be blowing dust and feathers carrying the virus from the barnyard into buildings through air vents. “To me, the main concern is the disease is moving even with heightened biosecurity,” said Richard French, a professor of animal health at Becker College in Worcester, Mass. “Ideally we’ve got to try and figure out the way it’s most likely moving and try to put controls in place to stop that.” 
Poultry farms’ biosecurity measures include changing clothes and boots before entering barns, disinfecting equipment and vehicles before they approach barns and assigning workers to specific barns. As new operations are infected almost daily, USDA epidemiologists are trying to determine whether the virus came from a wild bird or whether it could have spread from poultry in another barn or a nearby farm. “We are continuing to evaluate how facilities become positive because we also want to be cognizant of any potential risk of lateral spread from farm to farm,” said Dr. T.J. Myers, the USDA associate deputy administrator of veterinary services. “We are doing those evaluations as we speak, and we really don’t have enough data to report on that yet.” –Triblive
contribution by Niebo
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22 Responses to Iowa declares state of emergency as bird flu outbreak spreads

  1. sharonstjoan says:

    Poultry factory farms are cruel to chickens and risky to human health. Not eating eggs or chicken would prevent theses situations.


  2. Terry says:

    It was only a matter of time. I pray that the day never comes when this becomes a pandemic. Thankyou for keeping us informed Alvin.


  3. olden1936 says:

    Kentucky fried anyone?


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Price of chicken going up……


    • Yellow Bird says:

      just looked over today’s grocery fliers for two major chains in our NW area:
      > no advertising for poultry this week, except for pre-frozen stuff.
      > organic eggs went up $2.oo and regular eggs were not advertised at all.
      > price of beef and fish went up $2 – 5.00/lb (!) depending on cut
      > price of pork went up $1 – 2.oo/lb.
      > only lamb (never “cheap” to start with) remained unchanged.


  5. Sunflower says:

    “In addition, the action allows the state and local law enforcement to set up checkpoints and road blocks anywhere in the state, including areas outside of quarantined farms.”

    Umm…that is something to think about. Also this part I found of interest
    ” apparent lack of widespread deaths in largely unprotected backyard flocks”
    I wonder if this virus is in the commercial vaccination programs of these large animal prisons. It seems in most all cases it has not effected the backyard chicken.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. pac says:

    Periodic sacrifices of huge numbers of chickens serves “someone’s” blood lust.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      blood lust for fatter profits methinks… shortage = higher prices for the unwashed masses

      but i wonder if Sunflower may have hit on the deeper issue. rumors of bird flu, mass slaughtering of poultry, & higher costs at the meat counter… may just serve to distract us from noticing one more move toward police state 😦

      Liked by 2 people

      • Sunflower says:

        Well, between the Jade Helm operation going on in the southern states and these northern states with road blocks popping up to make sure no one is smuggling sick chickens it really does look bad. Add in volcanoes, earthquakes, quite sun, and economy crashing it makes for a really ugly picture.


      • katnea says:

        I agree with ‘Yellow Bird’ and ‘Sunflower’! That said however, I feel that this whole situation leans more towards the “rumors of bird flu, mass slaughtering of poultry, & higher costs at the meat counter” more then anything else. I also find it very strange to learn that the poultry virus hasn’t hit Nebraska yet as well?!

        Oh and as far as Sunflower’s “Animal Prisons” description goes… here again I feel that she really hit the nail on the head with that title! Yeah I can remember watching a documentary called: “Food Inc.” a few years back. Wow! What an eye-opener that film ended up being! That said, I also remember becoming physically nauseous while watching it as well. In fact the only way I was able to watch the whole documentary was in smaller increments at a time. And while the subject matter broke my heart, I nevertheless became educated as to how this nightmare could be prevented as well.

        Btw- If anyone is still interested in viewing this educational documentary, I believe this film is available for free viewing via YouTube and/or some other free documentary resource.


  7. niebo says:

    What strikes me is . . . I asked my best friend if he had heard anything about twenty million “sick” chickens, and he was shocked to hear about it. Among the “mainstream media” outlets, other than USA today . . . well, look for yourself:


    • Yellow Bird says:

      i agree something does not seem… Kosher… about this whole story. looks like PBS and Russia Times have picked it up… other than a liberal sprinkling of Official Statements, i couldnt see any good sources for further personal review.

      interesting tidbit from the RT piece:
      “At the time of Gov. Terry Branstad’s Friday press conference, 16 million egg-laying chickens had tested positive for bird flu. The state of emergency is effective immediately and will continue until May 31 unless terminated sooner or extended by the governor.”
      i’m having trouble in believing that first statement, and in accepting the 2nd.
      but i did recognize a lot of propaganda throughout the piece. how ironic that RT… didnt?

      likewise, the PBS piece is interesting, especially in that its title asks the Question that its text never attempts to answer. but, you know, we can always trust PBS to give us the whole story, becoz its, you know… PBS. which never accepts funds from government officials (oops, until a few years ago that is)
      not much apparent interest in the story, only 5 comments so far. all 5 are worth reading.

      this chicken story is starting to smell rotten to me.


  8. Wendy Anne Bowers says:

    I live in Iowa, and though I don’t watch/listen to the news much, this is the first that I’ve heard of a “massive outbreak”…

    Could the “disposal” of all these animals be a preemptive measure? Certainly. Could it also be a means of inciting panic and inflating prices? Quite so. Could it be a bio-terrorism plot by those who share PETA’s ideals? Just saying…

    I definitely think it could be a means of opening up a dialogue about improving poultry operations. Too many animals crammed into a small space without the ability or oportunity to go outside is a great way to spread infection and disease. All the antibiotics and hormones they pump into their systems only makes the problem worse. Plus, we still don’t have the whole picture as to how that effects those who eat the meat and eggs!

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  9. Sunflower says:

    It is stories like these that prompted me four and half years ago to start raising my own free range organic poultry. We have not been able to kill any of them for food, but we are able to provide our family and friends with fresh wholesome eggs from happy loved birds. The only way to put a stop to abusive animal farming that is plagued by abuse and disease is to source out food from farmers markets and other local producers of needed products. Being dependent on a corrupt system is putting all of us in great danger in my opinion. Everything you can provide for your household by supporting your local neighbors helps to take away from a greedy collapsing system and helps bring communities together.


  10. SEER SEES ALL says:

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