Mexico’s ‘Volcano of Fire’ in Colima spews colossal column of ash over neighboring Ciudad Guzman

Colima Mex 2
April 2015MEXICOMexico’s Colima volcano has spewed a giant 3.5-kilometre-high column of ash that rained down on a nearby city, authorities say. The Jalisco state civil protection agency said a “moderate” quantity of ash fell on Ciudad Guzman, a town near the western state of Colima, where the volcano is located.
A civil protection official said there were no reports of damage or injuries in the city of 100,000 people. Officials urged the population to use masks if they venture out of their homes, remove excess ash from rooftops so they do not collapse and cover water drains. The 3,860-metre mountain, also known as the Volcano of Fire, is among the most active in the country.  –ABC
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7 Responses to Mexico’s ‘Volcano of Fire’ in Colima spews colossal column of ash over neighboring Ciudad Guzman

    • “As the planet continues to over-heat, more volcanoes will erupt in a desperate attempt to vent excess heat building up within the planet’s interior. When the thresh-hold of maximum volcanic dissipation is breached; the planet will tilt towards a chaotic state of catastrophic cyclic destruction, and a magnetic pole reversal will likely follow.” –The Extinction Protocol, p. 510, Alvin Conway, 2009

      When I wrote in 2009 volcanic eruptions would start increasing exponentially – people thought I was crazy.

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  1. Christopher says:

    robert iceagenow/info wrote a book not by fire but by ice stated as a magnetic reversel occurs increses volcano activity he even is concerned that the pacific warming blob could be volcanic as well as other anomally, his words paraphase there are many more volcanoes under the sea how many are erupting are unknown.


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