Alternative factor: minor setback could delay LHC start-up by as much as five weeks

CERN Parallel Worlds
March 2015TECHNOLOGY It may have been two years since the Large Hadron Collider went to sleep at the CERN headquarters but scientists are stirring to get it back up and running. Unfortunately all the experiments that have been waiting for the power up will have to wait as a short circuit has delayed the restart of the machine. Indeed, officials say that a minor glitch has forced a delay in the re-start of the world’s largest particle smasher, Europe’s multi-billion dollar Large Hadron Collider.
Actually the team found that a small metallic piece near one of the magnetic components needs to be removed before they can really get the machine going again; and this could take a week or so. But while this mishap is unexpected it is somewhat understandable, as CERN Director for Accelerators Frédérick Bordry explains: “Any cryogenic machine is a time amplifier, so what would have taken hours in a warm machine could end up taking us weeks.”
And even with this tiny snafu all systems are still go; no one on the team seems to be phased by it. As a matter of fact CERN Director General Rolf Heuer explains, “All the signs are good for a great run 2. In the grand scheme of things, a few weeks delay in humankind’s quest to understand our universe is little more than the blink of an eye.” Hopefully removing this small piece of metal will be easy. If the removal process is simple, the machine could be ready to fire up again in just a matter of days. If, however, the machine needs significant repairs it could take as many as five weeks before it will be ready for another attempt. –Pioneer News
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11 Responses to Alternative factor: minor setback could delay LHC start-up by as much as five weeks

  1. says:

    ha ha ! You called this one, Andy ! How right you were. May they continue to have setbacks.

    Char xxx


  2. says:

    Ha Ha ! Didn’t happen. Mom/Dad in the astral. The UM did mention those boomers coming out of the astral. UM was right ! Someone is watching over us in the astral. Imagine, a small metallic piece and it delayed the start-up. Last time it was a bird, time before that, a mouse. Always little things that prevent this monster from starting up. Let’s hope it never does.

    Love and light to you Sugar Pie.

    F. F.

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  3. Richard Lockwood says:

    Pray, the Lord willing, for more problems in their demonic plan Richard


  4. atharris says:

    Looking at the picture in this article, there is a man standing at the front of the platform. The LHC in the backdrop gives the strong impression of a gateway or star-gate….


  5. I wish it would tear up for good and wouldnt work anymore before they destroy us all!


  6. TakeHeed says:


    Their bottomless pit machine got a boo boo…. : P

    Although this is a good thing, Revelation 9 will unfortunately come to pass at some point in the future.


  7. Yellow Bird says:

    a small piece of metal… a Stumbling Stone:

    Yahweh El Olam, El RACHUM


  8. Phyllis says:

    I heard that the plane crash in France occurred near this facility at roughly the same time as the short ??


  9. Yellow Bird says:

    check out this old 2009 article–
    seems the beasty and its predecessors have been beset with troubles since the 1960s:,8599,1937370,00.html

    “The LHC, a 17-mile underground ring designed to smash atoms together at high energies, was created in part to find proof of a hypothetical subatomic particle called the Higgs boson. According to current theory, the Higgs is responsible for imparting mass to all things in the universe. But ever since the British physicist Peter Higgs first postulated the existence of the particle in 1964, attempts to capture the particle have failed, and often for unexpected, seemingly inexplicable reasons.
    “In 1993, the multibillion-dollar United States Superconducting Supercollider, which was designed to search for the Higgs, was abruptly canceled by Congress. In 2000, scientists at a previous CERN accelerator, LEP, said they were on the verge of discovering the particle when, again, funding dried up. And now there’s the LHC. Originally scheduled to start operating in 2006, it has been hit with a series of delays and setbacks, including a sudden explosion between two magnets nine days after the accelerator was first turned on, the arrest of one of its contributing physicists on suspicion of terrorist activity and, most recently, the aerial bread bombardment from a bird. (A CERN spokesman said power cuts such as the one caused by the errant baguette are common for a device that requires as much electricity as the nearby city of Geneva…”

    “…two esteemed physicists… Bech Nielsen of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and Masao Ninomiya of the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, Japan, have published several papers over the past year arguing that the CERN experiment may be the latest in a series of physics research projects whose purposes are so unacceptable to the universe that they are doomed to fail, subverted by the future.”


  10. Yellow Bird says:

    btw… they say a *bird* dropped the bread… the LHC is approx 500 ft below ground… an underground bird… carrying… a baguette.

    so… today i am giving thanks.
    for underground birds dropping baguettes, in 2009.


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