Solar eclipse, Supermoon, Spring equinox: Friday will see three rare celestial events

SupermoonMarch 2015 SPACEAs the eclipse plunges the UK and other places into darkness this Friday, two other rare if less spectacular celestial events will be taking place, too: a Supermoon and the Spring equinox. A Supermoon, or perigee moon, happens when the full or new moon does its closest fly-by of the Earth, making it look bigger than it normally does. And the spring equinox refers to the time of the year when the day and night are of equal duration, mid-way between the longest and shortest days.  The solar eclipse refers to a phenomenon where the sun and moon line up, so that the latter obscures the former. And while it won’t be affected by the two other events, it is rare that the three events happen even individually.
Most of the time, there are between three and six Supermoons a year. There is set to be six in 2015, two of which have already happened. The next will take place on March 20, the day of the eclipse, and the others will come in August, September and October. Eclipses can only happen at new moon, when the moon appears is entirely in shadow. And the spectacular Supermoon images that are often spotted can only happen when the moon is full, since it can only be seen then. As a result, only the last three Supermoons of this year will be visible — because the moon is new rather than full on March 20, it won’t be seen. But it will be gliding past us closer than ever, and its shadow will be visible as it blocks out the sun on Friday morning.
The equinox will also happen on March 20. While it won’t have any discernable, direct impact on how the solar eclipse looks, it will contribute to a rare collision of three unusual celestial events. On March 20, the Earth’s axis will be perpindecular to the sun’s rays — which only happens twice a year, at the two equinoxes. After that, it will start tipping over, making the days longer in the northern hemisphere. As such, the equinox has long been celebrated as a time of beginning and renewal, by a number of historic cultures, and is linked to Easter and Passover. The equinox will happen at the same time as a solar eclipse in 2053 and 2072, though it doesn’t always appear as close together as that. –Independent UK
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26 Responses to Solar eclipse, Supermoon, Spring equinox: Friday will see three rare celestial events

  1. Christy says:

    Most definately…WELCOME BACK! Missed you!


  2. Pearl Logan says:

    Thank you the awesome information you provide.


  3. Glenn Rice says:

    Welcome back with a good article. These celestial events are God’s billboards to get our attention. The next blood moon is only two weeks after the solar eclipse, and occurs at Passover. Watch and pray, because the Day of the Lord is coming as a thief in the night.


  4. Nice to see your posts again Alvin.. 🙂 Sue


  5. katnea says:

    This is a little off topic, but did anyone hear about how some 2,000 Migrating Snow Geese Fell Dead from the sky between March 14-15, in southern Idaho? The Fish and Game Suspects Avian Cholera? I however don’t buy that theory for one second myself!


  6. Simon says:

    Happy also to see you back in the last days !


  7. EPIPHANY!!! – {6TH SEAL OPENS} – SPRING OF 2015!!!!
    I just had an Epiphany if you will, on Saturday night 10/25/14, when I was looking over the Tetrad Blood Moon Chart. In Revelation 6:12-17 the Bible speaks of the “Sun will be dark like sackcloth & the Moon became like blood”. There is a FULL SOLAR ECLIPSE on 3/20/15 ( Jewish New Year / KING’S ECLIPSE ) followed by the 3rd BLOOD MOON of the TETRAD on 4/4/15 PASSOVER! Or 9/13/15 Partial Solar Eclipse (Feast of Trumpets) & End of the Shemitah Year. Followed by a The 4th BLOOD MOON in the TETRAD ON 9/28/15 on Feast of Tabernacles. I think this is Too Late in the Timeline for Pole Shift to happen then however. I’m leaning Much More toward the Spring of 2015 Scenerio of the 6th Seal & Pole Shift, with Christ’s Triumphant Second Coming in the Fall of 2016. At the End of the Year of Jubilee. Alleluia!!! By my prior reckoning based upon the Position of our Binary Twin Sun now, I had been figuring that Physical Pole Shift would LIKELY Occur by Mid May 2015. For those who have been following my email Alerts you know this is the case 🙂 By checking the SOLAR ECLIPSE & TETRAD BLOOD MOON CHART: I found these Coincidences which (imho) aren’t Coincidences at all 🙂


  8. Gary El says:

    and here I thought Alvin went off the grid


  9. Dennis E. says:

    In the midst of the blood moon terad.
    Also, an interesting development in the recent Israelis election. In case a person may have forgotten or don’t know: we are in a Blood Moon Cycle that has moons that look like blood, occurring on certain Jewish feast days which makes theses Blood moons special. Only has been four in recorded history. In each of the previous cycles, significant events have occurred to the jewish people or to after Israel returned to the land.

    There will be no Palestinian State, only in name, at this time. If the Arabs and their Allies (ISIS/Hamas/Turkey/Iran) wants one, they will have to install one by force………..Get my drift. Get ready.

    Just my opinion……


  10. Joel Peeters says:

    Happy to see that you are still there 🙂
    Take care


  11. ProclaimingGodsTruth says:

    Great article!!


  12. davidh7426 says:

    I agree welcome back…

    Would it be fair to assume that postings are now going to be on a monthly basis, or has the last few months just been a temporary aberration ?


  13. niebo says:

    Hey Alvin!!!!

    While I have not been able to verify an/the original source, I keep running across the statistic that this is a 100,000 year event:


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