Oklahoma’s earthquake problem is getting worse

Oklahoma Quakes
February 2015 OKLAHOMA A lawsuit claims that Oklahoma’s great increase in earthquake activity has been caused by pumping waste from drilling operations back underground. The suit involves the largest measured quake in the history of the state, a 5.6 tremor that happened in Prague, east of Oklahoma City in November 2011. As the volume of drilling waste pumped underground has grown, the number of earthquakes with magnitude 3 or higher has increased. In particular, as the drilling has intensified along the northern border, the quakes have followed. The Prague 5.6 magnitude quake in 2011 had one 4.8 magnitude foreshock and one 4.8 magnitude aftershock.
The Prague 5.6 magnitude quake had one 4.8 magnitude foreshock and one 4.8 magnitude aftershock. Altogether there were 63 quakes of magnitude 3 or higher, concentrated mostly in the center of the state, where the 860 million barrels of waste pumping was centered. Drilling activity increased in northern Oklahoma but the 34 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or greater remained concentrated in the center of the state. Waste pumping increased to more than 1.2 billion barrels, with a big increase in the north. Earthquakes surged with 106 magnitude 3 or greater, including a string of quakes in the north of the state, where waste pumping also increased as the statewide volume rose to more than 1.5 billion barrels. The rate of quakes multiplied with 567 jolts at least magnitude 3 with the heaviest concentration in the northern end of the state.  Waste-pumping data for 2014 is not yet available. –Washington Post
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8 Responses to Oklahoma’s earthquake problem is getting worse

  1. joseph says:

    should be easy to tell…just stop pumping the waste fro 6 months..


  2. Ray of Strength says:

    It is unfathomable to me that this is allowed to happen for this waste is surely to have an affect on the water tables in the area…and beyond. More money for the pharmaceutical companies and the health systems involved with such, must ensure the ill health of future generations to make the demand required for that which will be supplied. Or…and, there is something more amiss for “them” to somewhat acknowledge that “fracking” has anything to do with what has been shaking things up… That which “they” would never want to admit becomes the scapegoat for something suggesting a greater impending upheaval…


  3. Wayne Pearson says:

    Hello brother Alvin, how are you? I am wondering if you have any idea why there have been so few MAJOR(6.0 and above) earthquakes recently. In all of January, 2015 there we’re only 4 quakes of this magnitude and only one so far in February, 2015 up until today, February 9th. Also, there weren’t that many either in December of last year. I find this very odd and curious in comparison to the pattern of recent years. I would really appreciate your insights on this matter and your kind response soon. Thank you very much Alvin and God bless you always. Cheers!


    • I think we will see an uptick in seismic activity. Look at the number of new fault systems being activated and the number of volcanoes awakening. We should all be appreciating this relative period of calm before storm clouds roll in.

      all the best,


  4. Tina Tenis says:

    It absolutely blows my mind that the natural gas companies are getting away with pumping millions of gallons of waste back in to the earth and nobody is doing anything about it. Then to add insult to injury they won’t even take responsibility for the damage its doing to the environment. Typical big business tactics, strip the land of all its resources then move on with nothing but devastation left behind.


  5. Yellow Bird says:

    hi a…
    something up with the site? today i noticed for first time a yellow warning triangle on the lock icon before web address in browser bar. never seen this before… yb


  6. Dennis E. says:

    Another comment. This is a true statement in regard to the move of plates and the North American Craton. It is believed that the big one we all expect could happen here…..


  7. niebo says:

    Ran across this @ ZeroHedge and thought it was timely: “USGS Confirms Oklahoma Quakes Are Due To Fracking”


    Here’s the paper that the article(s) cite:


    and the USGS article:


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