What if every volcano on the planet erupted at the same time?

Volcano Volcano

What if every volcano erupted on Earth at once…

Whether it’s glowing lava snaking into the sea or lightning blooming in billowing ash clouds, the sight of an erupting volcano inspires awe and wonder. Now imagine 1,500 of these suckers all shooting off at once. That’s how many active volcanoes dot the Earth, plus an unknown number hidden under the ocean. Every day, between 10 and 20 volcanoes are erupting somewhere on Earth, but scientists say the chance of every volcano on the planet erupting at once is so small that it’s impossible. But what if it did happen? Would Earth as it we know it survive? Not likely, said Parv Sethi, a geologist at Radford University in Virginia. Even if only the volcanoes on land blasted in sync, the effects would trigger an environmental domino chain many, many times more powerful than a nuclear winter, Sethi said. “Things will become so bad that I wouldn’t want to survive on an Earth like this,” he told Live Science.
The two big hazards from a worldwide volcanic cataclysm are ash and volcanic gases. (While the explosions and outpourings of lava would be deadly to people living close by, the number of deaths would pale compared to those caused by the ensuing climate change.) Sethi predicts that a thick layer of ash would blanket the Earth, completely blocking incoming sunlight. “The planet would be pitched into complete dark, and that is going to devastate photosynthesis, destroy crop yields and cause temperatures to plunge,” Sethi said. The ash would linger in the atmosphere for up to 10 years, he added. –Live Science
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8 Responses to What if every volcano on the planet erupted at the same time?

  1. Noirfifre says:

    It is something that I thought of as a girl but as an adult I would settle for a film version.


  2. jpdnotes says:

    there were probably mass volcanoes millions of yrs ago at P-T boundary, but then the dinosaurs radiated out for 100 million yrs. Even during the PT extinction, 30% of the species survived, even though many marine species existing for millions of yrs went extinct. Life on the whole, has a way of blossoming again.


  3. Judy Clarke says:

    They are certainly and without doubt working together(the volcanos). I get alerts and often times 10 or so go off within minutes of each other, so its on the cards they could go off together. Some have ash detected and a code of Red or orange, but the thing is, when one goes off, the others do too, so God knows more about the under-workings of our planet than we do and if they did – it certainly would be an ‘extinction protocol’.


  4. Irene C says:

    Now this is a comforting thought. Think I’ll sleep well tonight. 😉


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Will not happen: Because it would be an extinction level event. He didn’t mention the super volcanoes by name but I am incline to believe that in my life time, I may see that happen and I am and I hope you are, preparing for that day to include the day society collapses.


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