Unexplained mystery booms rattle nerves in Oklahoma

Mystery Booms
January 2015OKLAHOMA A spate of mysterious booms that has been shaking central Oklahoma returned for a second day Friday, again rattling houses and frightening livestock. Oklahoma Geological Survey research seismologist Austin Holland said a series of booms, much like a sonic boom, rattled the Norman area starting at 11:19 a.m. Friday. Numerous others had been reported Thursday in the same area at about the same time. Friday’s booms weren’t “quite as frequent” as Thursday’s, Holland said. “It’s quite interesting.” The windows of Anthony Young’s home in the town that’s the outskirts of Oklahoma City rattled. “We thought some nut was out here, you know, with explosives,” Young told KOCO-TV. “It sounded like thunder, you could feel the ground shake, but it was nothing like an earthquake” Both Holland and National Weather Service meteorologist Matthew Day didn’t have an explanation for the booms.
No earthquakes have been recorded in the area, Holland said, noting that “we would have seen them on our seismic stations in the area.” And it’s unlikely that it’s due to a drilling process known as fracking, he said, because the booms were heard and felt over a wide area including Norman, Edmond and Shawnee. Holland’s best guess: It must have been something just above the surface of the earth or in the atmosphere. Day, who’s based in Norman, said a phenomenon known as cryoseisms also isn’t likely. Cryoseisms, or “frost quakes,” occur when water quickly freezes in soil or rock, then expands and cracks. “There are some stories going around that’s what it was, but based on the research we’ve done here, it doesn’t appear what people heard is related to the cryoseism phenomena,” Day told The Norman Transcript. “There’s not enough moisture, and the temperatures are not cold enough. That happens in areas where you have a lot of water flowing through a lot of rock,” Day said.
“We don’t know what it was, we just know what it is not,” according to Day. Holland said the booms occurred on generally regular interval, initially occurring 40 to 60 seconds apart, then about 20 seconds apart. “It’s a mystery to us as well,” he said. –ABC News
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65 Responses to Unexplained mystery booms rattle nerves in Oklahoma

  1. The same loud booms have happened randomly over the past week or so here, near Charlotte NC. Some sound like they are coming from underground while others sound like sonic booms.

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  2. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    I wonder if pockets of methane or such igniting deep below the surface from hot magma rising towards the surface would do this without a signature earthquake?


  3. These mystery booms are possibly the US’s Shadow Government Program HAARP!                                                                           Unexplained mystery booms rattle nerves in Oklahoma |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Unexplained mystery booms rattle nerves in OklahomaJanuary 2015 – OKLAHOMA – A spate of mysterious booms that has been shaking central Oklahoma returned for a second day Friday, again rattling houses and frig… | | | | View on theextinctionprotocol…. | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |


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    • shastatodd says:

      ^ conspiracy theorist


    • Mike says:

      1 The Lamb then broke the seventh seal, and there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

      2 Next I saw seven trumpets being given to the seven angels who stand in the presence of God.

      3 Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. A large quantity of incense was given to him to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar that stood in front of the throne;

      4 and so from the angel’s hand the smoke of the incense went up in the presence of God and with it the prayers of the saints.

      5 Then the angel took the censer and filled it from the fire of the altar, which he then hurled down onto the earth; immediately there came peals of thunder and flashes of lightning, and the earth shook.

      6 The seven angels that had the seven trumpets now made ready to sound them.

      > Could it be that the God’s angels are beginning the trumpet blasts in preparation for the return of His Son?


    • lovekk1106 says:

      IT IS NOT pockets of methane, or secret aircraft, or meteors, it is the Gates of Hell opening. It is well known with in many religions (especially the Catholic Church) the when a gate to hell opens or close, there is a giant boom noise the follows.


    • Michael says:

      Doubtful. HAARP has to have line of site or at least a rebound area, it can’t reach many parts of the world where this is happening over and over. Gate of Hell opening.


  4. Betsy Weggesser says:

    I read something about NASA sending to the spacestation… some kind of contraption that would be used to shoot beams into earth’s atmosphere and into clouds to measure the amount of chemicals in the clouds and atmosphere…Do they NOT GET IT ???..Messing this deeply in Controlling what God Created …will have consequences ….I also believe it will be used in tandem With HAARP which Is now controlling our Jet Steams…Along with the geoengineering manipulation of our weather through areasol spraying of nano particulates of aluminum…barium and other toxic chemicals to the detriment to All Life on Earth…God Help Us All…


  5. archie1954 says:

    I don’t believe these sounds are meteors or other space debris as they are too regular in nature. The most potential source for the sounds is the military or government. For too long the American people have allowed these two entities to get away with murder, literally. Experimenting on the public has been done before. Maybe this is just more of the same.


  6. Judy Clarke says:

    Sounds like the pre-empt to a massive ‘sink hole’ about to open up. The ground beneath has fallen (the noise heard), so now its just waiting for the top part to disappear into the abyss. Thing is no one can tell where or who is dwelling over it or just how big it is


  7. We will see I think many mysteries and revelations Alvin..

    Happy 2015 to you my friend


  8. Yellow Bird says:

    been reading a lot about these again lately… im always interested because they have occurred in the Pac NW too, at least twice in past years. none this year but… always listening. the sound is unforgettable.

    here are some links to the March 28, 2010 occurrence:

    please note, official word eventually came to be “a pipe bomb”. however, no central detonation site was ever identified, and the range of sound was far larger than any ordinary prankster’s explosion. it rattled windows for miles. and quite honestly, having heard explosions from dynamite, pipe bombs and sonic booms from rocket re-entry… to me this sounded Atmospheric, nothing at all like fireworks or a home-grown explosive device. Closest description i could make would be some sort of huge and lingering sonic thunder heard through surround-sound subwoofers. It first crashed like railcars colliding… but kept going and growing rather than immediately fading away.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      going to have to rephrase the bit about “no central detonation site identified”- there is a spot id’d on the map link, where someone did set off an actual pipe bomb. i believe it was the next night or so. was close enough to hear that bang too, it was mighty loud but wasnt at all the same sound. and folks weren’t commenting on it from miles away.


  9. Wendy says:

    Norman was built on ancient Indian burial grounds.


  10. Dennis E. says:

    You can say that there is underground tunneling?
    You can say perhaps there is spiritual warfare in the elements?
    You can say, methane explosions, possible?
    You can say, it is military pysch operations.
    You can say tetonic plate stress relief/movement?
    I say, something is going on and it’s not going to be pretty.

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    • Peg says:

      The planet is expanding again, thanks to the incoming “Wormwood”. Let your heart not fail you with the signs and wonders still to come. In God we trust, we must.


  11. Irene C says:

    Has anyone considered Frost Quakes? We get them here in Ohio during the winter when temperatures are below freezing. Water in the ground freezes, expands, then crack the ground. The result is a rather loud boom during a normally quiet night. A bit unnerving until one realizes what it is. OK has had some chilly temps lately.


  12. niebo says:

    Loud Boom in Cedar Falls, Iowa, today, too:

    “. . . ‘It was almost like a roadside bomb,’ he added.

    As a journalist I try to avoid quoting people in the wake of a tornado or explosion or disaster who toss out such phrases as “looked like a war zone.” But in this case, Doughty, 28, is an infantry sergeant who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq and felt a bomb explode beneath his M-ATV. So he knows what he’s talking about.”


    And last week in East Tennessee:

    “Hamblen County has had reports for booms since 2013,” Flener said. “In fact, the Center for Earthquake Research (CERI) in Memphis has placed seismic equipment in Hamblen County to try and pinpoint the source, either geologic or atmospheric, but has not come to any conclusions.”



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  13. soldier4yeshua says:

    Massive ‘Mystery Boom’ Shakes Windows from New York to UK


    • Lulu says:

      The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is very active and may be a source for some of the sounds being heard between NY and the UK. It sits halfway between these two locations.


  14. Ray of Strength says:

    You all don’t want to know what is, please, just go about your regular programming…


  15. Dave Hahn says:

    Has anybody recorded these booms if not why not?


  16. EnigmaSeeker says:

    Here is a video compilation on the Mystery Boom Phenomenon. Please share!


  17. JHB says:

    Two possibilities come to mind. 1, The magnetic poles are shifting and whenever magnetic strands touch each other it causes energy to be released. Similar to sunspots when the magnetic lines tangle and release CME’s. 2, The other possibility although sounding outlandish, but I believe possible is inter-dimensional warfare. Spiritual warfare the bible would call it. I’ve read reports that when we exploded the atom bomb it affected other dimensions than this 3rd dimension we live in. Physical Mechanics suggest other dimensions are possible and many others believe in a spiritual word around us we normally cannot see. If we are in the last days, the bible indicates there will be spiritual warfare in the atmosphere taking place. I think this is more likely as explosive sounds are increasingly heard around the world along with metallic sounds reported in almost every country now. Whatever is happening it is increasing.

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  18. Toby Cooper says:

    Its nothing more than operations & training of a classified type of aircraft.
    Just be glad its ours.


  19. Tina Tenis says:

    I haven’t experienced any of the mysterious booming noises where I live in Michigan but I have noticed a lot of strange helicopter traffic over the small town I live in starting about a year ago. I lived here 18 yrs and never heard any weird air traffic. We only have a tiny municipal airport for single engine planes and I even saw 4 military helicopters land there back to back on one occasion. I used to live near several military bases years ago when I lived in Georgia and it was common to hear them there but I’ve never heard andly military sounding helicopters here until recently. The only helicopters I’ve ever heard were either small private ones, police ones or the life flight helicopter and I know the difference in how they sound. To make it even more ominous, you only hear them late at night and I’m not the only one hearing them either. There are no military bases within a 100 miles or more from here which really begs the question what are they up to that they’re trying to keep hidden by doing it at night. It’s obvious to me they’re up to something.


  20. dogg says:

    haarp causing methane to explode in deep pockets. They’re having fun wreaking havoc with the weather, airplanes, and earthquakes.


    • Judy Clarke says:

      If it is HAARP, they have a lot to answer for with: lives lost, homes lost, jobs gone, suicides and life long wounds, and permanent disabilities caused and it goes back to New Orleans, also in Australia with the Brisbane floods. They wont come clean, because they would be had up for murder.


  21. TexasRedNeck says:

    Or maybe it’s just the earth settling after so much oil has been removed from it over the years.
    The easiest explanation is usually the right one.

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    • Eva says:

      Couldn’t, agree more


    • Yellow Bird says:

      well, i dont know of any large amount of oil drilling around my area but a few posts up i shared a story of the mystery boom we had a few years ago. it was a huge sound, not deafening, rather “enveloping”. hair raising, literally. i’m always waiting for another.
      odd thing about it tho… even though loads of people were talking about our occurrence, there were others in the same range who heard nothing at all. like next door neighbors were disputing whether something wierd happened or not. i wonder whether any of the other boom regions experienced that same strange thing?

      as for earth settling you are sure right on that– some years ago i read an article about Palm Springs settling by several inches because so much water had been sucked out of the earth to keep all those mickey mansions and golf courses looking lush & emerald green. ridiculous the things we can do when we have the power to get what we think we want!


  22. Hermies P. says:

    Lots of mystery “earthquakes” in Northeastern CT as well, the past week or so, in a state which is historically earthquake-free. Residents reported a loud “boom,” followed by several seconds of tremors. Although the MSM has dubbed them “earthquakes,” they are obviously underground detonations. My working theory is that the military is fast-tracking an underground bunker of some sort, as the blasts all fall along highway I-395, which leads right down into the Groton Naval Base, home of the nuclear sub fleet, and a stone’s throw from the US Coast Guard Academy. The whole Eastern corridor of Connecticut is military country.


  23. Bert .Dupree says:

    It has been known for a while that he Government has underground tunnel projects, leading to their underground bases, or cities. The loud booms, or rather explosions, are typical of breaking up the rock below the ground, in order to complete their massive tunnel drilling. It should be obvious Oklahoma’s ground is very solid with rock. At night, when I am sleeping, I can feel the drilling vibrations coming from deep underground. I am sure some of you have had this experience, too.


  24. Tracey says:

    Could it have anything to do with the Carbon Sequestration project being conducted in Decature at the ADM Plant. http://sequestration.mit.edu/tools/projects/decatur.html


  25. oldranger68 says:

    The government is just trying to drive you crazy – apparently successfully – as you’re easier to control when terrified and confused.


  26. Unclezip says:

    Oklahoma? It’s Mother Nature, scratching at an itch.


  27. The Architect says:

    They are building shelter underground in the most tornado hit area of the country. Big suprise wow what ever could it be? other than that the general public is not invited there haha

    People way underestimate the contempt your ‘leadership’ has of surface dwellers in this ‘planet’.
    But i am sure they are grateful for all the money you give them ^^
    wonder what they will do with it? oh yeah… they will build cities underground to get away from the topside issue…that issue being their hatred of people.


  28. Gingercake says:

    Has it been overcast where these booms have occurred? My guess is YES. The booms are coming from the sky – a new form of cloud seeding and it’s called chem bombs. They set them off above the already-laid-foundation of clouds so they can’t be seen from the earth. The bombs are much more efficient than chem trails. You might see those, as well. I’m afraid the ingredients of the clouds are not healthy for us, but we have no say in the matter.

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  29. Azeroth says:

    Glad to see you posting on this site again Alvin 🙂 I have missed your updates.


  30. jo says:

    Take large amounts of aluminum and place into the atmosphere (Chem trailing or dusting if you like)..Then using a large microwave array (HAARP) agitate such metal until it super heats and expands faster than the speed of sound. This modifies the weather and causes sonic booms that can be heard for hundred of miles.
    You could try this at home by placing foil in the microwave and watching it react to the sound waves tho it would destroy your oven.


  31. jaydi says:

    these are military aircraft with light transparancy optical camoflauge doing manuevers.

    look it up on youtube. they will be installing it in cars soon so you dont have a blind spot. soldiers have been using this optical camoflauge for decades now since fiber optics came out.

    farmers who live by top secret air force bases have been saying for a while now they see jets dissapearing as they fly by. same thing mystery solved


  32. Paul says:

    Earth is beginning a period of rapid expansion.


  33. rockruth says:

    I believe it was in early December, circa 11 p.m. one night, a sound like a muffled explosion was heard, with very strong vibrations that shook houses and rattled windows. No explanation as to what it was. Then, a couple of days later, there was a brief report on our local NBC news, that this was reported to have been experienced from about the middle of the US and Canada, and all of the area eastward, even extending to the UK! It was vaguely addressed as a “possible ultra sonic experimental aircraft, being tested by the government.” That seems like a VAST area to be affected by an “aircraft.”


  34. Just a heads-up … for some reason Opera has started blocking your content unless I override it. — Ken


  35. Yellow Bird says:

    reports of Mystery Booms coming in from TN:

    some residents reporting its been happening there off & on for about 2 years (=since 2012)
    officials seem to be arguing whether or not it is Seismic, some reports say yes, others contradict.
    Morristown-Hamblen Emerg.Mgt reports
    “MHEMA received more than 250 reports of the Jan. 6 explosion, covering over an area of 100 square miles, but no damage was reported.”
    A numebr of comments included statements such as “shook my windows” or “thought a car hit my house”… in other words, folks were FEELING them as well as hearing them.
    Residents offer theories from Ice Cannons, to fracking quakes, to dynamiting at the local quarry, to Frost Quakes, etc. officials are not wanting to fess up to fracking, some experts seem to suggest cryoseisms. however, one resident disputed that saying “how can water be freezing deep underground when our pipes have not frozen?” As for the other suggestions… the quarry refuted the dynamite suggestion, and it seems like quite an ice cannon to create a sonic boom that alarms folks up to 50 miles away? besides, residents of the area are used to the sounds/effects of both quarrying and ice blasting… which indicates something unusual about these “booms”

    At any rate, whatever these folks are experiencing, the most recent does not show on this USGS Earthquake Map:


  36. Yellow Bird says:

    couple more reports from Bingham Co, ID… (note, i havent looked into these)
    posted 1/11/15

    also, the Natural News article references several others occuring in IL, NY, and UK


  37. Carolyn says:

    Alvin…you’re back! Were you sick? traveling? so nice to see this great site going again.


    • Thanks Carolyn, wasn’t working on this because I was working on other things…is never ends unfortunately



    • Carol Jenkins says:

      Dear Alvin,
      Just wanted you to know that my life has been very tough since my husband passed away in July. Your website was always a beacon of light for us. For what it is worth your website went down on my husband birthday. November 12 2014, and you started posting again on January the 6th our anniversary of 40 years. To me that was a miracle sign from God. Please keep posting, for I am listening!


      • Carol Jenkins. Thanks for the kind note. I’m humbled that you choose to share this with me. It’s a very special thought. I’m grateful to God for the blessings he imparts that I can share anyway possible. Thanks for being here…and apart of my life experience.

        Blessings always.


  38. Yellow Bird says:

    annnd in other news…

    hurry back again, A- there is so much happening


  39. Yellow Bird says:

    an image that rather poignantly illustrates last year’s warmth:

    caption reads “Runners in Siberia, which experienced record heat in 2014”


  40. L.Edwards says:

    Could this be related to Yellowstone’s Super Volcano?


    • Could it be spiritual warfare in unseen dimensions? Underground government high speed trains? Some other top secret government aircraft? Maybe something entering earths atmosphere, we haven’t discovered yet? As far as I know, I haven’t experienced one of these yet. Nor any of the other sounds reportedly from the sky. I have to wonder if this is ever for real?


  41. James says:

    Wow, imaginations run wild on the boom theories here…probably many sources and explanations, but those who claim to know most certainly don’t.


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