Uncontainable: Ebola spreads to Southern Nigeria with 3 cases confirmed and 60 more at ‘high risk’

September 2014 AFRICA – WHO officials warn that the epidemic is accelerating rapidly. Three cases of Ebola have been identified in the southern Nigerian city of Port Harcourt, the World Health Organization (WHO) says, confirming that the disease has spread outside the capital Lagos, where five people have died. Officials in Port Harcourt — a teeming city of 1.4 million in the Niger delta — are now monitoring over 200 people, 60 of whom are considered at high risk of having contracted the disease. It is a worrying expansion of an epidemic that has now killed 1,900 in West Africa and defied the attempts of under-staffed and under-funded aid teams to halt it. WHO officials warn that the virus is not just expanding geographically but also accelerating. Ebola has now sickened upwards of 3,500 people and in the past week alone almost 400 people have died of the virus, said Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of the WHO at a press conference in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. “This Ebola epidemic is the longest, the most severe and the most complex we’ve ever seen,” said Chan. Experts, she added, “have never seen anything like it.”
Some $600 million in supplies will now be needed to duel with the epidemic, the worst on record, WHO officials said—up $110 million from the estimate given last week, according to Reuters. The increased sum will further test the willingness of the global community to tackle the disease at source. Health organizations such as Doctors Without Borders have already been highly critical of what they say is a lackluster international response. As the epidemic expands, resources on the ground have not, WHO officials said. There is no room in what few hospitals there are in the worst-hit areas; terrified medical staff have stopped showing up to work; and in Liberia the bodies of Ebola victims are being left unattended in the streets. Some who contract the disease are also choosing to hide their illness—in the meantime, unwittingly infecting those around them—rather than be turned upon by neighbors.
Meanwhile, some 150 scientists and experts convened Thursday at the WHO’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, for a two-day meeting to review available experimental Ebola drugs and vaccines and draft testing plans for the most promising. None of the drugs have been tested in humans, but one of them, ZMapp, was given to two Ebola patients who survived their illness. On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded a contract worth up to $42.3 million to ZMapp’s manufacturer, jump-starting clinical trials and fresh production of the drug, supplies of which are currently tapped out. The W.H.O estimates that Ebola will take 20,000 more lives before its transmission is stopped. –Time
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9 Responses to Uncontainable: Ebola spreads to Southern Nigeria with 3 cases confirmed and 60 more at ‘high risk’

  1. Christopher Hoagland says:

    These 2 guys in the picture look like they have been handling infected articles: people, bed sheets, what have you. Well, when you have been touching things such as Ebola, the last thing you want to do is put your gloved hand in your face. So…..he’s infected


  2. suez62 says:

    Why in every picture like this, are there the guys with the protective suits in the foreground, and people in the back with no protection looking on like nothing is wrong? Hmm Photoshopped???


  3. John says:

    The situation with the ebola virus in Africa appears to be the so-called “perfect storm”. It is taking place in an area that is poor, understaffed, over crowded, with a population that is uneducated, in a location where there are open borders, and in an area of the world where wealthy nations have very little regard as to what happens to people in Africa. This looks like the perfect storm that if ignored by the wealthy nations of the world may reach critical mass and actually bring down even the wealthy, aloof, non-caring nations of the world.


  4. JT says:

    It’s about time that the WHO, CDC, etc told us the truth – this Ebola virus is not only contagious but it is also airbourne. They should also tell us what was really happening at the bio-weapons lab in Sirre Leone where the likes of Soros, CIA, CDC, Tulane University, etc were all in cahoots working on this ebola since the 70’s (back then the ebola virus outbreaks were sporadic and only mildly contagious but not very contagious and airborne like it is now)!

    Folks before the Ebola virus gets to your country, there are few things you can do to effectively prepare for any outbreaks:

    1- Boost your immune system with lots of vegetables and fruits
    2- Drink a lot of water
    3- Get plenty of sunshine (vitamin D)
    4- Cut down on processed foods
    5- Buy plenty of vitamin C capsules as you can right now before the panic. Vitamin C can effectively and powerfully destroy Parvo, H1N1 bird flu, Ebola, etc from your system, see excellent article on Vitamin C at http://www.jimstonefreelance.com and Ebola prep tips at http://www.naturalnews.com .

    Good Luck,

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  5. yves says:

    if my memory is good, africa refuse to lease land to usa…. its just a idee…..


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