Ground rips open in northern India, new “volcano-like eruption” reported

June 2014 INDIA – A “volcano-like eruption” in Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh triggered panic among the people of the area. Reports said that flames and a hot liquid stream were seen spewing out of a hill 100 m from Gadiyada village. The village is over 200 km from Shimla. State geologists confirmed that the eruption is a ‘small magmatic activity.’ After the report, a team of Geological Survey of India (GSI) reached the site on Thursday. Fearing that a bigger eruption could damage their agricultural land and houses, residents of around half a dozen villages in the vicinity of the eruption are anxiously awaiting the final report of GSI team. “Gases and liquids are being emitted from holes in a 10 feet area around the hill where the volcanic activity took place,” said Ved Prakash, president of Drang panchayat. He said the eruption, unheard of in this area, caused panic among villagers. This is the first time such a volcanic activity has been witnessed in the state. Chief parliamentary secretary Jagjivan Pal in whose Sulah assembly constituency the area falls visited the spot on Tuesday. He said the flames and the hot liquid emanating from the hill had created panic. “Underground temperature in the area has increased manifold and people say that a steel electricity pole had become red hot a couple of days back,” he added. Pal said a sulphur-like material and black stone is flowing out from the perimeter of the hill. –CANINDIA
India Volcanism The Extinction Protocol
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13 Responses to Ground rips open in northern India, new “volcano-like eruption” reported

  1. g9martin says:

    Just curious, is this a known volcanic area? The report states ‘This is the first time such a volcanic activity has been witnessed in the state. ‘
    I am also reminded of this – ‘Between February 12 and 18, 1943, hundreds of minor earthquakes were felt in the vicinity of Parícutin, a town located about 200 miles due west of Mexico City, Mexico. On February 20, Dionisio Polido noticed a column of smoke coming out a 3-inch hole in the corn field he was plowing. He put a big stone over the hole, and, thinking that he had checked the activity, kept on plowing. But looking at the place some time later, he saw the smoke coming out with much greater force. He then recognized that the thing was beyond his powers and hurried to town to tell of this happening. On hearing his story, the Presidente of the town sent out an investigating committee. When this group arrived at the scene some three hours later they found a great hole from which dark smoke was pouring in dense clouds. That night the first explosion occured. A week later the explosions were following each other about every four seconds. The material thrown up was ash and cinders. Within the week these substances had built up a cone over 500 feet high; in ten weeks it was over 1,000 feet high.’
    I was also considering of the Deccan Traps; ‘It is postulated that the Deccan Traps eruption was associated with a deep mantle plume. The area of long-term eruption (the hotspot), known as the Réunion hotspot,’ – from Wiki; perhaps there is another hotspot, or is this erruption related to the creation of the Himalayas?
    I await further reports with interest.
    Whatever happened to the smoking vents near Naples airport recently, all quiet again?


  2. Dennis E. says:


    Increase in volcanic action………….

    Looking for increase of reports of tidal wave, rogue wave action……..

    Alvin, there seems to be a problem posting on the other web site. Under the lead article.
    Seems to be a security certificate issue, according to Firefox

    Be blessed and welcome back……….. Need these postings……..


  3. ncmissouri says:

    Does this happen in mountainous areas? It’s a new item to me.


  4. nickk0 says:

    Very, very interesting.
    I would like to hear what Geologists have to say about this.


  5. celia says:

    Sounds like the Earth is warming up and getting ready for something big, could this be another Siberian Traps or Krafia Fissure Eruptions starting ?


  6. Frankie says:

    Clearly this is what the strange sounds they are searching for in regards to M370…plates grinding
    My eyes are drawn at the depths of seismic activity for sure something is happening my guess the mouth of the Pacific will open up and reveal the real giant…IMO


  7. Irene C says:

    Fascinating. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this. I guess you could call it a fissure.


  8. Bone Idle says:

    This is not without precedent in this particular area. Previous “eruptions” have occurred in 2007 and 2010. Here’s the explanation for these “eruptions. ” Local authorities claimed the fires then were caused by electric short-circuit in underground cabling which generated enough heat to melt stones”

    Seems to be drawing a long bow with that explanation.

    The Indian Deccan Traps were a result of an enormous and long duration eruption millions of years ago. The Deccan traps event coincides with the era of the extinction of the dinosaurs.


  9. tom sims says:

    could this be like the start of a Yellowstone eruption


  10. Mr Ison says:

    Could it be a new Kimberlite pipe?


  11. Garth Whelan says:

    The unthinkable; this is where the largest mountains on the planet are. Supposing there is an eruption similar to Krakatoa in this area. As you know, when Krakatoa erupted, the magma chamber became empty, and was not able to support the weight of Krakatoa, and it collapsed into the magma chamber. Now, how big an explosion would happen if one of these mountains would collapse in an empty magma chamber? The support of the surrounding mountains might support it, but how strong is the rock formation in the Himalayas? That would create a massive quake.


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