14 Responses to Utopia by Alvin Conway: new book release

  1. archie1954 says:

    Sounds like a great book. I love history books especially ones about the US and its affect on the world.


  2. gary4katie says:

    Congratulations on the publishing of your new book Alvin and good luck for the future.


  3. katie says:

    Hello Alvin,

    i would like to buy and read your new book Utopia, but must ask about the font size. I bought your book Extinction Protocol, but was unable to read it because the print was too small. I had to give it away unread.

    it is possible to release an an E-book so i can make the print large enough to read.

    thank you.


    • Katie, my apologies. Unfortunately, the font size was minimized with TEP to accommodate the book’s immense size – to avoid it being printed in several volumes. That is being remedied. Utopia is normal print size, and you’ll find it a very fascinating and enlightening read.

      TEP Ebook is in development…

      Thanks for your continual patronage


      • katie says:

        Thank you, Alvin. i look forward to your thoughts about Utopia and how we can get there.


      • M

        You’re welcome, Katie. We can’t get out of a maze until we first realize we’re in one. Understanding the dynamics of the way the world really works lays bear the path to agony and ruin the world has been led to trod down through history. You’ll never see the world quite the same again.

        It doesn’t have to be the way that it is – and that’s what you and I can work to change.


  4. tonic says:

    The boring question. When is it freely available in the UK?


  5. Wiseguy says:

    Alvin, it would be a pleasure to participate to your great and unique journey to our final normal days on earth 🙂

    Yours truly, A.L. Multimedia Designer


  6. “Utopia – the Collapse” ……Two key words, which are “controversial” one to the other ., and are “completing” one to the other …. When we have a situation of “Utopie”,we imply that Everything is already “good”, and developping according to the better, and according to the best we Know … This is the feature of the Developping Society, which implies directly a Development of Human Beings, in all the various fields for his/her mental , spiritual & physical achieving a bettet level .. When the Human kinds, in a Society achieve that level, and thus, they can form a Country,it is allready an “Utopia”.. but the degrees of Utopia, varry according to the Development of the Civilization within the Country, and thus “within” the World … with all the progress which is implied in .. & in order to make it a “better place” to live in ….. But when the “progress” of Human Kind,is “negative” i.e., the progress is against the Civilization, & thus against Society’s Development or against the Development of the Civilizations in the Whole World, we then,will reach, a kind of “Utopia” i.e.,the World’s Society is at its most , it is at the “highest level” of progress, a progress which can have too, a “negative” impact … That is the “time” that-we-have-“Collapse” of the Utopia, we had before, and which we can once again “bring back?”….The word, “Collapse”,implies, that not only the Society, in the Various Countries,can “Collapse”, can disappear, by a “negative progress”, but too, the Human Kinds, can “collapse” from the Society of the World …the result of which, will be the “Collapse of the Creation, the Collapse of Nature, and of all the “Words of God, written in the Bible, part I..”The Collapse of the Civilization, ” will not be only another “Job” Story (the Bible part i °, but it will be the “Collapse” of “the Species” in the World, in the Nature, and of all the Creation-ofGod”, the Almighty, …..Marie-Mary)Myriam Cassin Edelman


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