Removal of nuclear fuel at Fukushima plant resumes after holiday break

January 8, 2014FUKUSHIMA, JapanWork to remove nuclear fuel from a damaged reactor building at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant was proceeding smoothly as efforts resumed Jan. 6 after the conclusion of the New Year’s holidays. Work initially got under way on Nov. 18 at the storage pool of the damaged No. 4 reactor building to remove 1,533 nuclear fuel assemblies, but was suspended Dec. 22 for the holiday period. Two officials from the Fukushima prefectural government’s safety management division observed the resumption of the removal work for an hour during the afternoon of Jan. 7. The officials observed Tokyo Electric Power Co. workers lifting a nuclear fuel assembly from the storage pool and putting it into a cask. It was the first fuel assembly removed this year and the 133rd to date. TEPCO workers remove the fuel assemblies one at a time and place them in a storage cask that can hold 22 of the assemblies. The cask is then transported by vehicle to a common pool on the premises. TEPCO plans to remove all 1,533 fuel assemblies by December 2014. The prefectural safety management division said it plans to conduct its next observation of the operation as soon as possible. –AJW
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6 Responses to Removal of nuclear fuel at Fukushima plant resumes after holiday break

  1. Brimmer79 says:

    Are you kidding!!! They took a break for the new year!!! Holy crap!!! This isn’t something that you take a break from. An issue of this magnitude should be taken care of non stop till everything is complete. They are killing our planet, and they take a break to watch fireworks and chug saki?


    • To Brimmer et al.: When things do not make sense according to the light of reason, a thing all of us with a good will have sufficient access to, then we must look to the possibility that something, let’s call it “anti-reason” is at work and has an agenda of its own which, reason tells us, can hardly be good. There may be some karmic justice in the fact that Japan is sending us a boatload of radioactivity, but that is not all that is involved in this case.
      The dangers of nuclear power are a no-brainer and thus is is justifiable to conclude that this was allowed to happen for reasons that only an “evil genius” could understand. But whether it is the powers-that-be in Japan lying and stalling on the cleanup at Fukushima, or us spraying chemtrails over the pristine skys of much of the planet, the fact is that no one in the power structure is listening to the voice of reason–no matter where it comes from, high or low. There is an old word for this; it is called evil, or more poetically “the Devil.” And there is no way to ferret this out piecemeal. We need to clean house (completely, not half way as the status quo will tell you is “reasonable”) in Washington (and elsewhere, i.e., Tokyo) and there is only one force that can do this and that is the people.
      When I was at Kashini Barracks in 1967 Japanese citizens surrounded the base, protesting nuclear fueled ships in Yokohama Harbor, and you could hear the thunder from their footsteps and the chanting, “Yankee go home! Yankee go home!” Frankly it was wonderful.
      The Japanese need to revive that spirit and shut down the country and invite its leaders to commit harakiri. Frankly, when dealing with evil, I don’t see any other way. JWC


  2. They took a holiday!? Now there’s a case where form takes precedence over content. Jesus! JWC


  3. tom says:

    So..something as important as a nuclear crisis …and they take a freaking holiday break…someone is not taking this very seriously….what is the world coming too…i have givin up hope on humanity


  4. It took them how many years to start cleaning up their mess and they take holidays! This is a global crisis, what room is there for breaks?


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