Tower of ash overshadows life beneath Indonesia’s erupting volcano

November 20, 2013INDONESIAThe 8-kilometre-high ash cloud from Mount Sinabung dwarfs this villager in the north of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, on Monday. The volcano rumbled back to life in 2010 after lying dormant for hundreds of years. More than 6000 local people have been evacuated to temporary shelters – some had yet to return home following an eruption earlier this month. Two thousand, five hundred kilometers away on Java, another Indonesian volcano also exploded into activity yesterday. Mount Merapi killed hundreds of people when it last erupted in 2010. –New Scientist
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3 Responses to Tower of ash overshadows life beneath Indonesia’s erupting volcano

  1. Eddy says:

    Inform me and keep me updated.


  2. bobby90247 says:

    I have a “friend” (Facebook) that I’ve known for five or more years now and she lives in Brunei. I didn’t realize how close she is to all these earthquakes and volcanoes till I looked it up the other day. It has literally “frightened” me to know she is so close, if not in the middle of all of this activity.

    NO, we have never met, and I doubt we ever will. However, I DO “care” for her as much as I do for my next door neighbor I’ve known since childhood. Therefore, “I, Pray to God, that she be spared having to endure any hardship that may come her way, in the name of, Jesus Christ…Amen!!!”


  3. JAFO425 says:

    Yikes…. I can’t even imagine what a horrific outcome it would be if or when she really blows her top. Is it just me or is there a real increase in volcanic activity lately. Seems a lot of these sleeping giants are waking ….


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