Israel to face Iran’s wrath if U.S. attacks Syria: Could Middle East be engulfed in apocalyptic conflict?

August 31, 2013TEHRAN Israel will face retaliation if the United States launches a military strike against Syria, a senior Iranian military official warned, Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency reported Saturday. “Israel will be hit by retaliatory attacks if the United States launches an offensive on Syria since it [the Jewish state] is the first instigator in attacking [Syria],” Iranian Army Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi said. Iran staunchly backs the regime in Damascus and is Hezbollah’s leading supporter in the region. Firouzabadi accused Israel of spearheading efforts to drag Washington into a war with the government in Damascus. The U.S. has stepped up its war rhetoric against Damascus after accusing President Bashar Assad’s regime of using chemical weapons earlier this month against opposition strongholds outside Damascus. The Syrian government has strongly denied the accusations but vowed to counter any act of aggression against the country. The Iranian military’s top brass also accused Washington of siding with Al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria, warning of consequences in case of a U.S. strike against the war-torn country. “The U.S., which has invaded countries in the region under the big lie of battling Al-Qaeda following the September 11 [2001 attacks], is now fighting in favor of Al-Qaeda in Syria,” the Iranian general said. Firouzabadi also warned the U.S. war rhetoric could bring about massive problems for other powers. “Regional countries backing this cruel war will suffer serious losses,” he said. –Al Bawaba
The beginning of the end? The Iranian leadership’s latest remarks indicate that Tel Aviv would be the first casualty in this conflict, as a target of the response to any American led strike on Syria. Afterwards, Iranian leaders would instigate as much conflict as possible by targeting the Gulf and the whole region. According to Hussein Sheikholeslam, the director general of the Iranian parliament’s International Affairs bureau and a senior Iranian lawmaker, the United States would not dare attack Syria, but if it does, “the Zionist regime will be the first victim.” On Monday, Sheikholeslam was quoted on Iran’s state-run Fars News Agency saying: “No military attack will be waged against Syria… Yet, if such an incident takes place, which is impossible, the Zionist regime will be the first victim of a military attack on Syria.” Iranian officials have also warned other Arab states and regional countries of the negative repercussion that they will encounter if they choose to join the United States. Mohammad Esmayeeli, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, cautioned other Arab countries in the region against allying with the west, claiming that Washington is not ready for a new military operation. Esmayeeli stated, “the U.S, as well as the western and Arab states and certain regional countries are beating on the drums of war, but they should know that this is not to their benefit.” More fundamentally, Iranian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Abbas Araghchi solidified Iran’s stance under Hassan Rowhani’s presidency by emphasizing that Iran is resolved and determined to defend Syria and Assad’s apparatuses. Araghchi stated in a news conference in Tehran: “We want to strongly warn against any military attack in Syria. There will definitely be perilous consequences for the region,” adding, “these complications and consequences will not be restricted to Syria. It will engulf the whole region.” –Al Arabiya
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22 Responses to Israel to face Iran’s wrath if U.S. attacks Syria: Could Middle East be engulfed in apocalyptic conflict?

  1. Bobi Becker says:

    This is totally ridiculous…. What is wrong with all these, supposed humans? Playing childish games with one another, wanting power and control over all the people. Obviously they truly do not care about their people…… Talk about blatant ignorance, arrogance and no integrity what so ever. I believe their is no end to these petty wars with these pathetic leaders of the middle east, and I for one say let them be, let them settle their own childish issues….the ones whom always suffer are the innocents…..


  2. Dennis E. says:

    According to the news reports and the recent President comments, it seems that he may be getting cold feet. It has been his voting history to not be consistent in taking a stand or making a decision
    and be accountable only when it is a sure thing. It seems that his style of decision making has not changed which puts the lives of our military in unwarranted danger.
    Whatever is the outcome here is, I believe the President will not want to have egg on his face.
    He needs no more damage to what seems to be a failed presidency.
    I do not believe a strike will occur before the G-8 meetings.
    He does have time on his side.
    However, it is possible that if he follows through, then this strike, how small is, it could be the trigger
    to set off a regional war in the middle east which tens of thousands will die.
    Just my opinion


      • Dennis E. says:

        Today, 09.01.13 is a more dangerous world then 08.31.13.

        Although many thought that conducting a missile strike would start a fire in the middle east, the President, in stating that Syria had crossed a red line, set by him and he was going to send Syria a message and then back down until he gets congressional approval has embolden Israel’s enemies. He was going to do it without congressional authority but someone told him he could be impeached if he did.

        I am under the opinion now that this hold situation was to set Israel up?
        And this month kicks off the festival season in Israel.


  3. Karl says:

    Just a thought:

    Could the US be purposefully attacking Syria hoping for an Iranian response, so they then finally have an excuse to attack Iran?


  4. Steven J. says:

    As was to be expected, there will be no help for Syria’s innocents – they will continue to die… We will all be “treated” to more horrific scenes – children dead or dying, mothers/fathers crying while holding small lifeless bodies. Oh well, grab another beer and flip the channel to some brainless “reality” show…


  5. Ian says:

    Yes, yes, more talk from the Iranians. I sincerely hope it remains just talk, the Israelis have said they will not (unlike 1991) put their trust in others to defend them. I suspect that is a truth yet to be tested, but the headline of this article is a fair assessment of how matters may turn out if all this jaw-jaw becomes war-war. But just who will be the biggest casualties? Perhaps an Iranian opening shot will invite the Americans to add to their targets.


  6. niebo says:

    . . .7-6-5-4. . .


  7. SheepAlert says:

    Multi-desaster events likely.

    Congress has to aggree. So they can say Americas people wanted this. They always confirm that it should be only a defined strike. So better calculate with the opposite.


  8. Lynne says:

    Dear God please protect the people of Syria and Iran. Please do not let the greed of the selfish and powerful overcome what is right. Barrack Obama you should hang your head in shame the puppet of a not quite hidden regime.
    May the sovereignity of all be upheld may human rights be truly honoured may equality be real.


  9. Brandon says:

    The wrath of Iran? You mean the nation with F14 fighters, yes US planes of old. The nation that has to have other nations refine it’s own gasoline? Iran is a backwards nation. Israel is extremely strong as they are funded by the US.

    Israel has been the aggressor here. They attacked Syria’s “Nuclear Plant” several years ago with no response from Syria. So far this year Israel has bombed sovereign Syrian soil four to five times with no reaction from Syria. Who is the bad guy here I would ask? All the while the lie that Assad used chemical weapons is being pushed.


    • Ian says:

      Yes, Israel bombed weapons to prevent them from being used to bomb civilians – you don’t recall any comments about Syrian civilian casualties do you?


  10. Irene C says:

    God help us all because only God can.


    • I

      The problems plaguing this planet are only in the early stages of a crisis. Soon, what is past will be prologue and what lies on the horizon will be beyond human imagining. The anarchy in the Middle East will inevitably spread across the reaches of the globe like a cancer.

      ‘God help us all,’ is exactly right.


      • Angelsong says:

        It is comforting to know that God’s eye is on the clock and His hand is on the thermostat..
        Thank you, Alvin, for Your faithful updates and may God bless you daily.


      • thank you Anglesong,

        May God’s richest blessings find you


      • J Guffey says:

        I agree Alvin. It will be the “fast growing” type of cancer.

        I have to remind myself God is in control and trust in Him to be with us through anything we must endure. Certain things must come to pass for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. Praying for the lost and the saved.

        Everyone needs to be spiritually prepared now. Even if the Lord doesn’t return for many years, there are still going to be massive deaths from catastrophes that are sure to happen soon. It just pays to always be ready should our next breath be our last.

        Thanks one again for keeping us informed Alvin. God bless you!


      • Thanks J Guffey…

        God bless you


  11. Colleen says:

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse. It does! I am so sad for the trauma these people are dealing with. Nation against nation. Kingdom against kingdom. I hope the Lord comes very soon and puts an end to all of humanities suffering. Lord please help us all!


  12. Bisham Ali says:

    Iran strike on any isreal soil will definetly mark the end of Iran. When Syria tried that with the help of Egipt they were pushed back into the depth of there own county and ended up loosing some part of there lands to Isreal. So sombody should tell iran to stop making so much noise and empty treats they should pray that they dont have to confront Isreal in war……God the innocent in iran


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