Great Awakening? Indonesia warns of rising volcanic activity in East Province

August 22, 2013 –  JAKARTA, Indonesia Indonesian authorities have been warning local villagers in East Nusa Tenggara Province about increasing volcanic activities in the area in recent days. “The people around the areas should continue to practice caution” despite there not having been fresh volcanic activity on Wednesday, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the spokesman of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency. The agency reported on Tuesday two volcanoes in the East Nusa Tenggara Province have shown “increasing activities.” The volcanoes are subsea Mount Hobalt and and Mount Ili Werung. It noted Mount Hobalt erupted Tuesday morning, spewing cloud as high as 6,560 feet above the sea level for around two minutes. “Visually, the water near the volcano turned yellow and bubbly,” the agency said. Meanwhile, Mount Ili Werung, located on the southern part of Lembata Island, started rumbling just before dusk Tuesday for about an hour and a half. But the agency said, at least so far, it isn’t necessary for the villagers to evacuate their villages. Six people were killed in the small Palue Island in the province when Mount Rokatenda erupted on Aug. 10, spewing hot ash and smoke up to 6,560 feet into the air. Nearly 3,000 people were evacuated from the area in the island since it first rumbled in October 2012. East Nusa Tenggara is about 1,297 miles east of Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta. Just west to the province is West Nusa Tenggara Province, famous for the Mount Tambora, whose eruption in April 1815 is cited as the largest volcanic eruption in the world in recorded history. The precise death toll from the eruption remains unclear, but it is believed to be at least 71,000. The eruption caused a “volcanic winter,” a reduction in temperature cause by volcanic ash and droplets of sulfuric acid. It made 1816 known as the year without summer due to the effects of the weather in North America and Europe. –WSJ
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6 Responses to Great Awakening? Indonesia warns of rising volcanic activity in East Province

  1. Faye Brown says:

    These dragons are waking up all over the place … and since Volcanic eruptions is said to have the capability of enhancing global warming by adding CO2 to the atmosphere, some places might be getting hotter … but some places might just be getting colder because it’s also said the volcanic spread of aerosols throughout the stratosphere can cause unseasonably cool weather, brilliant sunsets, and prolonged twilights .. so I guess it’s safe to say the increase of all this volcanic activity will have an effect on global warming AND global cooling …


  2. Ernestisms says:

    Alvin great work as always, I have been captivated by what would appear to be a significant increase in sinkholes on a global scale. It’s almost uncanny. My interest has been further peaked by the link below. It is video footage of an entire row of trees that are being sucked down by the sinkhole in Louisiana. These are fairly large trees and they were sucked down like an afternoon snack. After having an opportunity to review, what is your assessment?


    • V
      Some sinkholes occur naturally, like these massive ones found in the remote jungles of Venezuela. They are some
      of the largest ever discovered on the planet.

      On the one hand, sinkholes occur naturally, as the underlying geology of the land is unsettled – and they can occur from man-made factors like, water waste and the depletion of aquifers- which is happening for several reasons, including increased demand from a growing population, to the extraction of ground water for oil, natural gas exploration, and for the use in cooling towers for nuclear plants. Whatever the causation factor; there appears to be an explosion of sinkholes across the world. Moreso; we having an issue with subsidence on a large scale due to the shifting geology of our planet for various ecological and natural reasons and that should unsettle us as much as it does the ground – that change is accelerating across the planet. And in some cases, land is being swallowed faster now than volcanism and other natural processes can replace it.


  3. there is not one authorative voice telling us what to expect with multiple dozens of newly active volcano’s in the last 6+ years or the hundreds of undersea thermal vents being discovered with every geologic expedition…
    is this just a hiccup by Planet Earth or are there serious changes under way in the Mantle Plumes… mantle convection currents… the core itself ?
    are these scientists waiting for more data or a super volcano eruption to joust them to write papers and present theories about whats going


  4. Lee H says:

    My worst concerns for us all are another Mount Toba, if we did’nt have a nuclear legacy such as Fukushima. Outright hope for us all would not be so diminished!

    I hope this is’nt sounding cryptic, but these days natural disasters are seriously entangled with man made ones.

    My issue is, this planet can survive mass extinctions. Our nuclear legacy requires manned resources to prevent total extinction!


  5. Indonesia : Great Awakening about Volcano’s éruptions & activities : Even if the Volcanoes activities were not so big, and the region was “calm”, all the time, the eruption caused a “volcano’s winter,” a reduction in temperature may cause a volcanic ash and “drophlets of sulfuric acids”….the volcanic ash combined with the sulfuric acid (which is a gas), may directly lead us to the “coronorovirus of MERS or SARS, ” and even to a threat of nuclear legacy, which we will have to prevent by the climate change and control, in order to have a better “civilization”….Mary Cassin Medelman Edelman ….


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