A volcano or a meteor impact: What created this large mysterious Siberian crater?

August 5, 2013 SIBERIA Having an official task to draw up a geological map of the region, a young geologist ended up running into something so unique, outstanding and mysterious that it would still puzzle scientists more than six decades later – the Patomskiy Crater. A host of theories have been put forward in the intervening years: that the crater was created by an ancient civilization, or by prisoners at a top secret Stalin labor camp, or by volcanic activity, or by a meteorite, or by an underground hydrogen explosion, or by a UFO. And even more tantalizing: by two UFOs.  Stories have been handed down by native people – who knew about the ‘cursed crater’ long before Kolpakov revealed it to the outside world. Among these accounts, were warnings that this ‘Devil’s Place’ was dangerous to humans. Questions remain unanswered about a phenomenon that has been called ‘The Most Mysterious Place in Russia.’ For example, why don’t trees grow on the side of the cone-like structure? Radiation levels are low now, but there is evidence they were once very high: why? In August 1949, when Kolpakov reached the very north of Irkutsk region, local Yakut people told him a story about an ‘evil’ place, hidden in the woods. They called it the Fire Eagle Nest, and according to them even the deer didn’t dare to go close to it. Locals told a lot of legends about it, warning people would suddenly start feeling unwell or even disappear, some to be found dead later, some never to be found. As recently as 2005, indeed, the head of a mission to the crater died suddenly within several kilometers of it. Legends didn’t scare Kolpakov back in 1949 but what he witnessed in a distance when he climbed up the hill was shocking.
What pushed up this massive mountain of rocks from the earth? ‘When I first saw the crater I thought that I’d gone crazy because of the heat,’ he noted. ‘And indeed a perfectly shaped mount of a size of a 25-storey building with a chopped off top sitting in the middle of the woods was quite an unexpected discovery. Since the discovery of this mysterious place, later named Patomskiy crater, scientists came up with widely differing theories of its origin: among them, an unknown underground explosion to the fall from space of a mysterious super dense substance unknown to man. Or even the UFO. But not a single one of these theories could fully explain the anomalies of the crater and the processes that still go on inside it. Later, other scientists, namely the geologist Alexander Portnov, came to the same conclusion, arguing that it could easily be former by a piece of space rock that sliced off the famous Tunguska meteoroid that exploded over Krasnoyarsk region, to the west of Patomskiy Crater, in 1908. Another early explanation was that the crater had volcanic origin. The shape superficially suggested this. Amateurs looking at it might see this as a probable theory. They may yet be right. “My NTV quote was a while ago, and since that time we’ve made a number of experiments and analyses that showed that most likely it is a volcano. Yes, the only one like this on this territory,” he said. “It is not a typical lava volcano, but just at some point gas exploded there.” Of course, there are many strange things still about the crater. There is no unified, definite consensus yet about it. Together with geomorphologists we have decided that it is the most likely version.
The strange thing that doesn’t fit the theory, however, is that if it was a gas explosion, it would not have raised the temperature. And there for a while the process of surface heating was certainly going on, there was an increased temperature level. ‘So the hypothesis is quite approximate still, but I do think that geomorphologists opinion is the most correct of all, that it is a gas volcano. “It also shows the typical ways of rising for the gas volcano – when gas keeps gathering inside the chamber, then there is an explosion that rises the ground, and gas starts gathering again. Then another explosion, and again the ground rises.” Alexander Pospeev, a doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, insists the explanation is more prosaic, and less extra-terrestrial. “Even now, the origin of the crater is not discovered, but we can say for sure that it has the earthly origin,” he stated. “It could be caused by the underground release of some fluids such as hydrogen. Maybe some other fluid, that’s what we do not know exactly. But studies have now shown that there is no object like the fragments of an asteroid or some metal object under the crater, as has been suggested.” –Siberian Times
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7 Responses to A volcano or a meteor impact: What created this large mysterious Siberian crater?

  1. fancyideas says:

    Hmmmmmm…… Remember that 58 min video that re-surfaced about a week ago, made by the fellow who said that the ENTIRE NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT was under-laced with micro-sized to sink-hole sized areas that were filled with natural gas? Not only in fracked areas, but also actually forced into the more porous rock that exists underground in 80% +/- of the country. He also said that in a circumstance where ‘everything was triggered at the same time – a possibility not too extreme – there was enough explosive power to BLOW THE ENTIRE CONTINENT OF NORTH AMERICA OUT OF EXISTENCE.

    Soooo….. Is it possible to suggest that other areas in the world might have something similar going on??? Or….Twilight Zone time….is this not a “natural” thing? Recall what an ant mound looks like…… a pile of tiny pebble-like ‘rubble’ that resulted from EXCAVATION to form the underground ant tunnels and chambers.

    The ‘aliens who have lived underground, under the U.S. and in other parts of the world’, should be a very familiar story to most people, even if you don’t happen to be a conspiracy theorist.

    Any UFOers or geologist/geophysicists out there who’d like to “ponder” this possibility???


  2. This appears to be the beginning mound of a vertical bore – hole, with the cone and bubble, much as an earthworm leaves behind, when placed on soft earth, with no hole. The worm bores, and packs the dirt behind, almost exactly as seen here, only on a smaller scale. I would deduce, whatever went in, at this point, did not return to this point, or the dome would have been destroyed. a thought.


  3. Rick3 says:

    Looks like a good example of electric arcing. Lots of examples at thunderbolts.info


  4. Dennis E. says:

    To me, it could be a volcano if you consider the visible lava dome?
    On the other hand I had the thought of an giant ant hill.


  5. tonic says:

    Reminds me of a mud volcano. Without the mud that plants can set root in.


  6. mike0v says:

    Thanks so much for posting this story. It gave me a lead to two days of very enjoyable research and reading.

    There is a large, cylindrical space craft buried under this formation.

    This “crater” is part of a much wider mystery in central Russia. A great deal of research has been done by Russian scientists about this area and their findings can be found on the internet.

    Near this anomaly is the “Valley of Death,” where cauldrons are buried in the ground. These cauldrons house gigantic silos of extraterrestrial origin. Scientists in Russia are convinced that they are part of a massive underground facility whose purpose is to protect Earth.

    This amazing conclusion is based upon very hard work and detailed research, carried out over many years. It is not fantasy.

    In 1908 a meteorite was on a trajectory to impact the Russian taiga near Tunguska. This impact is well-known by many people around the world. What most people don’t know, however, is that the meteorite never impacted Earth. It was destroyed before reaching the ground by the silos located in the cauldrons.

    These silos emerged while the Tunguska meteorite was tracking into our atmosphere. In a synchronous operation, the silos produced massive amounts of energy, creating brilliant glowing spheres. The spheres then raced toward the space rock and vaporized it before it could make impact.

    Earth was spared an enormous catastrophe.

    Sounds absolutely bananas, but these cauldrons have been visited many times by many people. There are pictures of them on the net. The technology used to create them is beyond our current human knowledge. The events of the silos producing energetic spheres were witnessed by thousands, yes, thousands, of people in Russia.

    And the Tunguska event is not the only time the silos have saved Earth from a disastrous explosion. They’ve done it before over hundreds of years. An entire Yakutia mythology was created around these cauldrons which still exists today.



  7. Belinda says:

    Ha! Looks like an ant hill.


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