Mystery respiratory illness infects 7, kills 2 in Alabama

May 22, 2013ALABAMA A mystery respiratory illness has killed two people and infected five others in Alabama. All of the victims have shown signs of fever, cough and shortness of breath, but the Alabama Department of Public Health hasn’t been able to identify the disease. Officials collected samples from all of the victims and sent them to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, but results aren’t available yet. One of the test samples tested positive for H1N1 influenza A, but officials aren’t sure if that’s what caused the illness. “At this point it’s too early to tell,” [Acting state epidemiologist for the Alabama Department of Public Health Dr. Mary] McIntyre told NBC News. “That’s why we called it a respiratory illness of unknown origin.” McIntyre did note that none of the victims had travelled – or been in contact with someone who’d travelled – outside the country recently, which would have put them at risk for several unfamiliar diseases. In recent months, a new strain of Coronavirus surfaced in several countries, including France, the UK and Saudi Arabia, killing 18 and infecting another 15. And there’s been recent evidence that H7N9, a strain of the bird flu has killed 17 and infected 82 in China, might spread person-to-person, though Alabama officials said there was no evidence linking the infections to H7N9. The Centers for Disease Control referred all questions to Alabama health officials. –ABC News
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13 Responses to Mystery respiratory illness infects 7, kills 2 in Alabama

  1. Doug says:

    Here comes the plagues


  2. Marie says:

    First of all, thank you for your posts…I read them daily but have never commented before. This one in particular caught my attention because we recently traveled from Tennessee to Gulf Shores, AL. We returned to Tennessee on May 4th, I became sick on May 9th. Started with a sore throat and sinuses, then eventually moved to my chest. I have a history of upper respiratory infections so I treated this the same as I would any other. What was strange about this one is how long it lasted…it’s now May 22 and I still have some congestion (sinus and chest). I had a pretty bad cough for a few days but it seems to have gone away. I just don’t remember being sick for this long before.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    There seems to be a rise of mystery illnesses these days……..


  4. paula collins says:

    Lyme disease needs to be addressed.


  5. ALBIRRR says:



  6. Scott says:

    My cousin in Kentucky just contracted Lymes disease. Theres something going on.


  7. Colleen says:

    I have had a mild sore throat, nasal stuffiness, small blisters inside of my mouth, terrible bouts of sneezing, mild shortness of breath and lethargy for 5 days. The sore throat is better, but the sneezing and cold sores in nose is still with me. In December and January of this year, I had a nasty upper respiratory infection that lasted for almost 6 weeks. The sore throat lasted over a month. The blisters in the back of my throat was almost unbearable. Doctor told me it was a nasty virus. I am a registered nurse, and know that viruses can kill. Good health to all! And may God keep us safe.


  8. Renee Walton says:

    MyEntire Family Who Has Not Had The Flu Shot Has This What Do I Do?


  9. April says:

    I live in North Alabama and I have had a respiratory illness for 2 weeks. I had fever and shortness of breath – enough to be hospitalized. I tested neg for the flu. The doctors kinda shook their heads as to what could be causing my symptoms. My son, a healthy teen, has had it for 3 weeks and I’ve never seen him so sick. Whatever this is is very deadly. I don’t think I would have made it if not for all the steroids and breathing treatments.


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