7 Responses to 42 Syrian soldiers dead in reported Israeli strike: Syria promises punishing response

  1. John B. says:

    There are reports that the Israelis used depleted uranium artillery shells. This is certainly stacking up to be the prophetic biblical destruction of Damascus.


  2. evelyn says:

    This is bible prophecy being fulfilled! Damascus will be destroyed. People need to wake up and see what’s going on in the world. Earthquakes, volcanoes, storms. God is angry with the inhabitants of the land.


    • gaiamethod says:

      I sincerely hope you are joking! God is not angry with anyone. This is human doing and biological changes which happen periodically with the planet. The planet takes care of itself. We are just ants on the surface of it, destroying ourselves.. The planet will always rebalance itself, its just us humans who see that as a bad thing!!!! ‘God’ has nothing to do with it!


  3. Irene C says:

    While everyone else sits around, wringing their hand about these chemical weapons, developing “red lines” that appear to be mobile, worrying bout being “politically correct” Israel stepped in and is doing something about it. And of course, Israel will be seen as the bad guy.


    • LOL! I love Israel! Don’t mess with Israel! Messing with Israel is messing with the God of Israel, but I suppose we must keep in mind that the coming tribulation is the time of Jacob’s trouble when God will allow the nations to attack and overcome her. I pray for the people of Israel.


  4. Brandon says:

    I saw reports of 300 dead. This is a big deal and a new precedent. I doubt Syria will do anything. What can they do? They can’t even defeat the “rebels” in their own country how to they manage to contend with a little USA in Israel?


  5. Grandpa says:

    The US chess players have been looking foreward to pillaging syria for at least the last 9 months..Some day being the pyromaniac this administration has been to keep others paws from curiously touching the hologram of gold reserves is going to backdraft.


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