25 Responses to E-bombs: the looming threat from doomsday terror weapons of the 21st century

  1. J Guffey says:

    Hopefully the US has the means (not being housed on US soil) to do the same to anyone that strikes the US. That could be a deterrent. All nations have allies that hopefully would fire against our enemies in such an event. Could end up with no one having power.


  2. The problem is n korea has a sattalite , that china help develop, there are 2 nkorean subs off the us coast, and all our troops are in 8 different countries


  3. John says:

    No nation would drop an EMP on the United States because we have nuclear submarines secretly cruising all of the oceans of the world. It would not take very long for them to figure out who set up an EMP on the US, and then there would be retaliation from American nuclear submarines. Just like back in the cold war days, the world is playing the game of brinksmanship of total mutual annihilation, and nobody is going to play that game, not even the Ayatollah. What we really have to worry about is the ever increasing production of genetic engineered plants, trees, foods, animals, and microorganisms. This is something that nobody can detect quickly and it has the potential of destroying life as we know it on earth.


  4. Nick says:

    They’ve been saying this since the 60’s and what about all the nuclear test that they did above ground in the US and Pacific Ocean.


  5. If anyone is interested in this, I encourage you to read a book. A novel titled One Second After, written by William R. Forstchen. You can find it on Amazon. It’s a brilliantly written story about exactly this scenario and how people survive, or attempt to.


  6. Interestingly enough even the Bible describes a nation being plunged into darkness exactly as it would after an EMP attack. Revelation 16:10 states “The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness.” What better way to strike prostrate a superior military power than through the use of an EMP? Especially given the preponderance of electronics on all modern weapons systems, such an attack would render any nation’s military superiority useless at a stroke. No nation today is safe from the threat of such an attack, not even America.


  7. Lucy Moore says:

    One thing about all of this, there is an almighty God that controls everything that happens here in this universe and beyond. He is in control. He only allows man to go so far and not any farther.


  8. Joseph t Repas says:

    Yes, the more technologically advanced we become; the weaker we become….sad but true.


  9. Dennis E. says:

    Evening to the friends and family of TEP and hello Alvin, I bet you have been taking some well earned personal time,yes?

    In the 1970’s a Russian pilot flew a top rated Fox Bat fighter (Nato code name), Mig 25 to Japan and requested political aslym. This aircraft had been built to shoot down the B-70 bomber the US was developing and never produced and the SR-71 and F-108. It was very fast, about 3.2 mach and was suppose to fly at 90,000 feet. If you look at the F-15 and F-14 tomcat you can see similiar structural design because we got it from this aircraft we took apart. This is my point. In review of the avionics, instead of transistors, Vaccum tubes were found and thought to be a inferior method of useage. After reviewing the matter, it was dicovered that this aircraft could probably be able to fly/operate even after the explosion of a nuclear/(EMP) warhead. According to reports, vaccum tubes can withstand 1,000 more times more EMP effects than solid state transistors.

    Reports in the 80’s stated that the US Military was hardening its military hardware to withstand a EMP Nuclear Burst. For those who may not understand the EMP threat. How many of you have lost
    TV’s or computers from a electrical storm although they might had been connected through a surge protector and not on. I have…. Same principle…..Or, how about when the power goes off and on very quickly, can cause the same outcome. Think power surge….. On the other hand, I have also read reports that if you turn your car off, wait a few minutes, it would restart?

    Very easy way to take down the US and reduce radioactive fallout. Chaos and confusion, riots and unmentionable crimes. Then Martial law. There is some speculation that the North Korean Satellite circling the earth may have that ability.

    As has been discussed before, in the near future, it will be important for families to pool their resourses and to come together. You can’t have too many batteries or ways to create heat.
    Just my opinion………..


  10. Star Farms says:

    I didn’t like this informaiton being made so available to anyone.  A how-to could have been minimized but how to avoid its consequences be made more informative.



    • Michele B says:

      This has been known for decades. I learned about this in high school physics and I’m 58. Getting this info out and more widely known simply empowers us to be prepared.


  11. Brandon says:

    I think the worst attack that happened in Boston was the one on our freedoms. Over one million people were under martial law, I mean “shelter in place” ordered not to leave there homes. Then there homes were searched without warrants and some even forced out of their homes at gun point. That all set a new precedent. So when we have the next big attack whatever type of bomb it is. We will see more martial law type scenarios.


    • John B. says:

      Look for a dirty bomb or biological weapon. They seem to do things in series. Building that fear matrix Ickes so accurately describes. Fear leads to paralysis, and then panic reliance on the authorities. Be strong people. Firm in Faith in God, and His mercy.


    • Dzadzabun Maidzadzu says:

      Great post. I like.


  12. Scott Wheeler says:

    All I can think any more is that in soooo many ways we are so screwed……Jesus needs to come back soon.


  13. mike says:

    One of the main reasons i bought propane powered generator and a carburated pickup. No chips in either. My worthless 76 pickup will be gold on wheels god forbid.


    • katnea says:

      Hey Mike – You may need to install some kind of wood burning (gasification) contraption inside your carbureted “gold-on-wheels” pickup? There wont be any electricity after an EMP event and I fear that nobody will be able to extract the needed fuel out of the underground tanks to run your ‘chip-free-carbureted’ engine and/or propane generators.

      Having said that…I believe the best solution would be to buy a SOLAR powered generator and/or hooking up your pickup with a wood burning engine. Its unfortunate and shameful that solar powered generators are so expensive to buy…but they are. We can thank the greedy “Gas/Oil-Cartels” and many of our leaders for creating clean free energy stumbling blocks year after year. (sigh) I remember when the newly elected President “Ronald Reagan” moved into the White House and immediately TORE DOWN all the solar panels that President “Jimmy Carter” had previously installed! How sad and pathetic is that type of behavior? = /

      Anyway… I do agree with you that a chip-free vehicle ‘may’ come in handy as one never knows…eh? (smiles)


      • Beam me up Scotty! says:

        Good thing I invested a wood burning steam boiler that I plumbed it to a home made steam turbine 30 KW generator. After the steam turns the generator and the condensate drains though a steam trap that is plumed to hot water base board that runs through the house and a heat exchanger inside a domestic hot water tank.


  14. Your article did not even mention the worst part. Every nuclear power plant under the EMP shadow would go critical simultaneously, with little opportunity for emergency shut-down procedures downstream, since mass communications thereafter would be by motorcycle courrier or hardened military networks (once all that had been arranged, weeks after the blast), and more diesel fuel for emergency generators already onsite would be very hard to come by (fuel tanker electronics would fry). Assuming every power plant’s complete control system/generators had already been 100% reliably shielded against EMP (you wanna bet?). One such failure = Fukushima or worse. Do the math.


    • John says:

      This is another reason why a rogue nation or an ayatolla type is not going to EMP the USA, because if they did, then they would seal their own slow death by world wide radiation. Think about it, if all of our 100 plus nuclear power plants went dead and they all went into meltdown like Fukashima, then world wide radiation would kill most every living thing on the planet.
      We should be more concerned about GMO’s altering our own human DNA.


  15. katnea says:

    I also agree that Nebraska would be among the first EMP targets due to its central location etc. Nebraska had also been the home for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) just a few short years ago as well. Even so…the way I see it…. if an EMP destroys all of our electrical grids… the military may cease to exist anyway. Who wouldn’t understand that NO WATER means rapid and total anarchy nationwide? (sigh) I’m also pretty sure that our Government leaders have already taken this doom scenario into consideration long ago. If worst comes to worst… our Government leaders and/or Elites will crawl down into one of their multiple D.U.M.B. and ride out any catastrophic EMP and/or Bio-Chem nightmare that the rest of us will have to face. I rather die topside then to be in the Elites shoes when they eventually die and are held accountable for their actions.


  16. tonic says:

    The more we rely on technologies, it seems, the more and more vulnerable we are to total collapse. If a bunch of humans are capable of designing and building a weapon like this, then there is probably another bunch of humans who want to try it out.

    Then again, are missiles immune to this, their guidance systems…….. have chips.?


  17. Ejaz Kalhoon says:

    pakistan? really? aren’t they allies to U.S?


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