7 Responses to US Navy readies ‘laser attack’ weapons system for 2014 deployment

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Hmm, there has been talk in the media concerning the planned reduction of Nuclear Weapons in the US Arsenal. I think the President wants 1/3rd reduction. Now, most of you may not remember but Bill Clinton, when he was President wanted to weld shut the hatches on US Missile Submarine Boats and said publicly that the US would not respond until after the 1st Nuke exploded on US Soil.
    In my opinion, he and the current one were/are indifferent to the survival of the country and I will leave it at that.
    Regarding this post. Both the Russians and the Chinese have hyper sonic cruise missiles that travel at about Mach 2.5, twice the speed of sound, or more. They are called carrier-killers. Consider the computer power that will be needed to calculate and fire a ship borne anti-missile missile. Consider the point that the incoming weapon will have the ability at a certain range to activate what is called scram rocket motor that could push the speed up to three times the speed of sound at 20 feet or so above the water. Consider that the incoming weapon could have the ability to evade an incoming missile. This newly deployed weapon will be the only effective weapon against incoming missiles as referred to by Alvin’s except from his book.
    Now, scriptures speak of mens tongues dissolving before they hit the ground and many think, nuclear weapons which true. This is another weapon that will do it also once it is perfected, if a prototype ready to be deployed. Consider this, entire columns of men and equipment, evaporised.
    The US Navy is currently working on another gun system but weapons like this will make atomic
    weapons almost obsolete.
    They will learn how to make it smaller and more effective as they did with nuclear weapons.

    We live in a world of change……..


    • Irene C says:

      So true, we live in a world of change. And that change seems to be happening faster every year. We’re also learning more and more, either for good or for evil.

      But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. (Daniel 12:4)


      • niebo says:

        Wow. Excellent pont, Dennis. An array of these would render everything else obsolete, small arms, men, vehicles, planes, missiles, whether dud, scud, nuke, or otherwise: vapor and ash.

        And, hey, Irene! I have often wondered if the sealing of the book (esp. Revelation 10) concerns the disconnect between “modern” technology (predicted thousands of years ago) and the limitations of “ancient” Hebrew/Greek to describe them. How would an Angel, who knows what the devices/instruments are, explain even a working bicycle to a pre-industrial man? And a laser array? Angel: “Oh, that, that, er, that’s an extra-big helmet! That’s made for a boat to wear. That carries fire. Yeah, Sort of. So, it’s a weapon, not a piece of armor, because if you put it on your head, it would melt your brain because it . . . spits fire. Sort of.”
        Daniel, “Fire? Really? How does that work?”
        Angel, “Well, it’s not fire, exactly, and it’s REAL complicated to explain, but it actually shoots light into the atmosphere, to burn up the sensitive electronics aboard ballistic missiles. Er, I mean, to burn up stuff.”
        Daniel, “So, it’s like a lightning weapon? For, what was that, a baliistic what?””
        Angel, “Er, yes, it’s similar to lightning. Sort of. And nevermind . . . “


      • Hahaha, niebo, you made me laugh! But you raise a very good point in your post, which is how do you explain modern technology to someone who doesn’t even understand electricity, let alone electronics. During WWII and the fighting on New Guinea a tribe of natives was found who had watched Allied and Japanese aircraft flying and fighting overhead and thought they were gods, a misperception that amused the American servicemen who first started building advanced airfields in that area. Arthur C. Clarke made the famous statement that the technology of a sufficiently advanced civilization would be indistinguishable from magic – he, and you, are right.


  2. deniseandros says:

    The enemy has breached our military defenses. I fully expect that Obama would thrill at turning our weapons on our own people. He wants to reduce the amount of weapons in our arsenal so as to make us more vulnerable to enemy attack. He has surrounded himself with radical Muslims, Marxist, Socialist, and Pagans. Soon we will see a crescent flag, black flag, and a flag with Obama’s personal campaign logo, flying over the White House.


  3. Willem-Herman says:

    This is seriously amazing stuff! These lasers will probably look like antiques in the year 2024 🙂


  4. Nizam says:

    This shows the US is determined to lock in its virtual military supremacy over China/Russia and others. It will continue to pay a high price for this dream. It won’t be 100% supremacy believe me.The US maybe able to destroy China/Russia but it wont escape unacceptable damage,try as it might.


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